Tuesday, December 31, 2013



September 10, 1931 - Today's hot and windy again. Harry went to sleep this afternoon, and I let him sleep.  I wrote letters to Bernice O., Walter, Ervin and Mildred Andersen.  I got a letter from Mildred today.
September 11, 1931 - Annie, Ola, Annabelle, Ray and Mom all came after me tonite.  Everything was messed up when they came but Annie said it looked just like school always did.  We all had watermelon up home when we got there.  Mother, Ray and I played pinochle this evening.
September 12, 1931 - I got my permanent this morning.  Mother and Ray washed this morning and I ironed my dresses this afternoon.  Ray and I went to the dance at Hoskins tonite and we both had a real good time.  Helen Hanson told me something she'd heard about R.K. and I, which makes me gladder than ever that we broke up.

Well No. 1:  It sure didn't take Harry long to become teacher's pet.  One comment about liking her and now he gets to sleep during school.  What a player.

Well No. 2:  Rumors!!  Not nice.

Well No. 3:  I think that it's " . . . told me something she'd heard about R.K. and me . . ." but I'll give Grandma a pass.

Nice watermelon photo, don't you think, Mom?

Monday, December 30, 2013

How sweet

September 7, 1931 - I got a surprise in school today.  I was teaching Harry the word "like" and having him tell me things he liked.  He was naming them off and then he looked at me and said, "I like you."  I think I blushed it surprised me so much.
September 8, 1931 - School was like a nightmare today, it was so hot, windy and dusty.  I went home with Ronald Dedlow tonite.
September 9, 1931 - So hot and windy today that we hurried through our classes and dismissed at 3:30.  I wrote letters to Loretta, Mrs. Smith, Jane, and Aunt Mildred tonite.

It sure didn't take Grandma long to make a fan of one of her students. 

I have nothing else at the moment.  I took a week off from work and today was my first day back and my brain isn't yet totally engaged.

And speaking of sweet, just look at the photo I picked.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mission Festival?


September 4, 1931 - Drawing period this afternoon was terrible.  Mother and Ray came after me tonite.  I went to choir practice tonite.  Florence was there and we had a lot of fun.  Donald Podoll and Roger Bartlett are singing in the choir now!
September 5, 1931 - I washed and ironed my clothes this morning.  I washed my hair, too and it looks terrible.  Florence, Edwin, Ray and I went to a barn dance at Widdlemon's tonite.  We had a pretty good time.  Florence and I were lost in directions.  Edwin said his folks were going to Rochester this next week.
September 6, 1931 - Mission Festival today.  I went to church this morning and afternoon.  It was awfully warm, especially this afternoon.  Mother and Ray brought me back tonite.  I got here just in time to go to church with the kids.  We had ice cream when we got back.  Mildred came home from the hospital last nite and is walking around as spry as a chicken.

Can anyone enlighten me on what a Mission Festival was/is?  Seems it was an all-day affair.  The first thing that leapt to my mind was a revival, but I don't think we Lutherans do much revivalizing.

Was Grandma kinda sweet on either Donald or Roger, or did two new choir members warrant and exclamation point?  From my days in the choir at church, extra voices would have gotten my vote.

I hope Dale doesn't see this since he is not keen on the architectural style of the addition to the church.  I did not have a photo at the ready of the church before the addition, though.

Friday, December 27, 2013



September 1, 1931 - I can't seem to get the names very straight yet.  I went to league tonite with Evelyn, Mike and Bud.  It was at the home of Raymond Jochens.  I had a real good time.  We played games outside and also in the house.  Mayme called up today and asked how I was getting along.  There's a dance in Hoskins tomorrow nite.  I could go with her if I wanted to.
September 2, 1931 - Well I finally got my reports finished.  I had to make a list of all the books in the library.  Evelyn and Mike went to Norfolk tonite to see Mildred and also to take in the show.  They asked me to go along, but these reports kept me at home.
September 3, 1931 - It isn't half bad to walk to school.  It's been real nice this week.  Ronald Dedlow asked me to go home with him tonite but I said I couldn't.  I had to get the drawing work ready for tomorrow.

Hmmm.  How many books could there have been and how long do these reports take?  Perhaps Grandma was still in a bit of a funk about Ralph.  (Listen to me, a psychologist....)

The walk to school was a few miles, I am guessing.  In nice weather, I bet it wasn't bad to walk.  Somewhat like walking around a section, something I hear people liked to do on occasion.

Grandma only had eight names to keep straight, but I am right there with her since I have trouble with such things, too.

I have no particular reason to use this photo of the clematis, other than that I like it very much.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Fatal . . . tee hee

August 29, 1931 - I finished getting my clothes fixed up today.  Tonite I went over to the church to attend the farewell party for Marvin.  We played games and had a real good time.  There were about 24 there.  It was about 12 o'clock when I got home.
August 30, 1931 - We went to church this morning.  This afternoon Annie and Ola came and we came here.  We stopped at the schoolhouse first and Annie helped me get out my books.  Nobody was here tonite.  I lit the lamp and read a magazine until they came home.  They had been to Norfolk to see Mildred.  She was operated on for appendicitis last nite.
August 31, 1931 - The first fatal day of school!  It wasn't so bad.  And I didn't cry either after all the pupils had gone like they said I would.  We had school all day.  I have 8 pupils, 2 girls and 6 boys.

I am guessing Marvin is Marvin Trautwein, the naughty boy who used notes for his speech at high school graduation, even though he was not supposed to.  I wonder where he was going that warranted a farewell party.

I think it is interesting that Grandma was told she would cry after the pupils left on the first day.  I wonder if that was experienced teachers talking or someone at the college.  Regardless, I can't imagine it is a widely-held belief nowadays.  Unless, the crying was tears of joy.  (I am kidding.)

Sorry for my lack of posting in the last week or so.  One wouldn't think that Thanksgiving being just slightly later than other years would throw off my Christmas preparations so much.  Especially since I start my shopping in the summer.  And now, I have a head cold which makes my brain fuzzier than usual, but I shall soldier on.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Making up new words

August 26, 1931 - Ray was home today so we washed.  We worked on my dresses this afternoon.  I went down town tonite with Florence.  We saw Loretta, Helen and Esther.  I had a real good time with Loretta.
August 27, 1931 - I ironed this morning while Mother sewed.  We drove out to Dora's new home this afternoon.  From there we went to Ola's.  We stayed there for supper and Mother drove back into town.
August 28, 1931 - Mother and I took the Ford and went to see Mayme.  The mile east of Hall's was just freshly graded and we had a terrible time.  We went over to my school and Mayme helped me with my lesson plans.  I went to choir practice tonite.  After that Ray, Hansi, Willie and I went out to Loretta's for her birthay.  We kids played games outside and I had a gorgerifous time.

Gorgerifous -- I like it.  Need to remember to use it some time.

I am afraid I have too much on my plate to have brain power left to think of something to add.  So, instead I will just find a photo and post this and move on.  Somehow I have boxed myself in to making too many Christmas gifts, some of which are for others to give so there's no wiggle room there.  But it's fun and it's all good.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Getting ready for school


August 23, 1931 - I went out to Annie's this afternoon and we went through her school work and I picked out what I wanted.  This evening I went up to Oman's to see Mother.
August 24, 1931 - Mother came home this noon about 10:30 and it seemed wonderful.  I felt like doing something then.  I started getting some of my school clothes ready today.  We went up to Hazel Prince's awhile this evening.
August 25, 1931 - Mother and I worked on my dresses today.

I looked in the Winside history book for an Oman, but did not find one.  I did find mention of Anna Boyd's husband Jean who, interestingly, was a barber.

Seems like Grandma Anna coming back home was the tonic Grandma needed to get over her break-up with Ralph.  She seems a bit giddy there compared to recent entries.  Moms have a way of doing good without really doing anything in particular.  The photo was taken well before 1931, but they sure look like the Three Musketeers there; all for one and one for all. 

Monday, December 16, 2013

And there it is . . .

August 20, 1931 - Ironed and straightened up the house this morning.  Mother left about 11 o'clock to work at Roxie's today.  F.S., Esther M., Lilly and Sophia came up after me about 2 o'clock.  We had a good time this afternoon.  Had supper at about 5:30.  The free act was pretty good.  The dance was punk.  The music couldn't be heard half the time.  R.K. and I had a quarrel about his being drunk and now the tan Ford won't be honking at my door anymore.  Ervin, Claus and Edna R. were here for the dance.  Ervin took me home.  3 o'clock when I got to bed.
August 21, 1931 - Mother went over to take care of Grandma Oman.  She'll be there three days. I slept all morning.  Willie B. stayed with Ray last nite and Ray took him home this morning.  Ola and Annie came about 1:30 and we went to Norfolk.  Grussmother went along.  On our way home we stopped and looked at my school.  I think I'll like it very much.
August 22, 1931 - I am still tired so I didn't do much work today.  I slept most of the afternoon.  After I'd gone to bed this evening Florence and Edwin came.  I dressed and went with them.  We went to the barn dance at Drager's east of Norfolk.  I had a punk time.  It doesn't set well with me to have to be a third party.

We had been wondering how Grandpa figured in to things with Grandma seemingly pretty tight with Ralph.  Now we know.  And look at that face . . . seriously, what woman could resist that?

Anyone know who Grandma Oman is?

Mom commented that her first school was also District 86.  Whereabouts was that school?

Too bad that Florence and Edwin made a point to come after Grandma to take her to have some fun and it didn't work very well.  Nice of them to try.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Done visiting

August 17, 1931 - Right after breakfast we went to Annie and Jimmie's.  We had dinner there and right after dinner went back to Alvina's.  Francis Nielsen came home with us.  We left Andrew's at 1:20 and got home a little before six o'clock.  Ralph came up this evening and Ray went to Hoskins with him and watched them play Indian baseball.  I didn't go 'cause Mom said I should stay home.  We talked about the happenings over the weekend when they came back from Hoskins.
August 18, 1931 - We are all pretty tired today.  Grussmother baked white bread and Momma baked coffee cake.  I went down town this afternoon and mailed the three films I took while we were visiting.  I visited with Florence about an hour and then got a reset from Anna Boyd.  To bed early tonite.
August 19, 1931 - I baked 2 apple pies, a cake and made a batch of doughnuts this morning. Mother washed out dresses, etc.  I didn't go down town tonite because I didn't feel peppy enough.

I don't remember Grandma ever making doughnuts.  I bet they were good.

I need to contact the distant Andersen relative to figure out some of these people again.  My brain turns to mush after too much family relationship information since I don't keep up on it enough.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Off visiting


August 14, 1931 - Mother finished her dress today.  We cleaned up the house and got our clothes lined up.  Mother and I each got a marcel tonite at Anna Boyd's.
August 15, 1931 - We got up at 5 o'clock and left Winside at 7 o'clock.  We were in Fremont at 11:00 a.m. and saw Uncle Hans' on their way home.  We got to Mildred's at 12 o'clock and had dinner.  We went to Kennard this afternoon and saw Aunt Sophia.  Tonite to the Silver Wedding dance at Washington.  I went with Mildred and Henry Krueger.  Had a real good time.  Francis Neilsen has been down here a week and is going home with us Monday.  We're staying at Andrew's tonite.
August 16, 1931 - We had dinner at Carrie and Pete Olson's.  Walter came over and we went to Blair to see the swimming pool and bridge.  I drove and Ray, Raymond, Mildred and Edna Olson went along, too.  We had lunch and supper at Alvina's.  Tonite Ray and I went with Howard and Walter to a dance at the German Hall.  We had a real good time.  Ervin Ruschman was there.  He cracked 3 ribs today when he was playing ball.  We're staying at Alvina's and Adolph's tonite.  We visited with Aunt Carrie and Uncle Nels before supper.

I am guessing the photo is of the Alvina Grandma is talking about.  She would be Maren Pedersen Andreasen's niece or first cousin to William Andersen.  Cute little doggie she has there.

My quick internet search revealed that a Marcel hairstyle looks a lot like fingerwaving, but maybe there is a nuance I am missing.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

More produce


August 11, 9131 - Mother worked on Mrs. McIntyre's things today while I ironed.  We also made apple butter this afternoon.
August 12, 1931 - Uncle Max was here this noon.  He said we could have some field corn to can if we wanted it.  We went up there this afternoon.  Got some apples from Uncle Hans' first.  Our little Ford was packed with corn coming home.  We were down town a few minutes this evening.
August 13, 1931 - We canned corn today.  Ray was going to help us but Ola wanted him so we did it by ourselves.  We canned 24 quarts and 15 pints. Ralph came up tonite and we went up to Uncle Hans'.  We stopped at the farm and took Flossie along.  The boys had been batching up there today so we did their dishes for them.

I'm sure it wasn't that full, but I have a mental picture of an old car with corn piled up clear to the ceiling in the back seat with some ears poking out the almost-closed windows. 

I consider myself a nice person, but doing two guys' dishes just because -- I don't think so.

Here I am in Grandma's kitchen making sure no harm comes to the frozen goods.  The home-canned goods were mainly down in the semi-scary, cobweb-filled, dark basement so I was willing to let all that go unprotected.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Painting R.K.?


August 8, 1931 - I worked as usual this morning.  Tonite Ray, Pete, Clara, Edwin, Florence, Ralph and I went to a barn dance east of Norfolk.  We had a real good time.
August 9, 1931 - Mother stayed up until 11:00 last nite cutting quilt blocks from scraps of outing flannel.  She pieced the entire quilt on the machine today.  Edwin, Florence and Ralph came up tonite and we went out to Raymond and Alice's.  We had lots of fun looking at the catalogues and painting R.K.
August 10, 1931 - Mother started making herself a new dress today but Mrs. McIntyre came up with some sewing, so she had to quit working on it.  To bed early tonite.  We washed clothes this morning.

Was Mrs. McIntyre likely the wife of the doctor in Winside?  It seems I remember hearing about a Dr. McIntyre.

That is some mad quilting . . . staying up until 11:00 cutting and then piecing an entire quilt in one day.  Of course, maybe it wasn't a particularly intricate quilt pattern, but still.

I read it twice, she says "painting R.K."  I wonder what on earth that was all about.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Peaches and sweet corn

August 5, 1931 - Ray, Mother and I went to Norfolk this morning.  We got a bushel of peaches, a sack of sugar and other odds and ends.  Mother worked on her quilt this afternoon and I worked on mine.  Aunt Mary and Uncle Charlie were here for supper.  Ralph came up and we went down town.  Loretta, Helen, Esther and I had the most fun, the best we've had for a long time.
August 6, 1931 - We worked on our quilts again today.  We've been eating peaches today and they taste awfully good.
August 7, 1931 - We canned peaches all day today.  Tonite Ralph, Pete and Clara came up and we went out to Ola's for awhile.  They were just eating supper and I had a roasting ear with them.

I know I've used the photo before, but I really like it especially Uncle Raymond's little toes all curled up.  That's rather what I do when I have a good ear of sweet corn.

I remember "helping" Grandmas can peaches.  She poured boiling water over them and then the peels came right off.  I was usually impatient and tried to get the peels off before they had sat long enough.  That was pretty silly because the longer they sat, the easier they were to peel.  Patience is a virtue, but difficult when you are a kid chomping at the bit to have fun.  Even if fun is removing the peel from a peach in one piece.  And as good as fresh peaches are, Grandma's home canned peaches were even better.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Quilt work and more quilt work


August 2, 1931 - We went to church this morning.  Ray went up to Uncle Hans' with Ralph and Edwin.  Uncle Hans and Aunt Lena left for Missouri this noon.  Dora and George were up this afternoon.  Mom and I canned 15 pints of beet pickles this afternoon.  We boiled them yesterday.  Went out to Ehler's with the boys and washed the separator.  Ehler's are gone for the weekend.  R.K., Ray, Willy, Edwin, Florence and I went to King's to the dance tonite.  The hall surely is pretty now.
August 3, 131 - The middle of this afternoon Mom got the quilt piecing craze.  She hunted up all her old scraps and got started.  She made two blocks this afternoon.
August 4, 1931 - We cleaned 4 old hens and pickled them this morning.  This afternoon Mother made 12 more quilt blocks.  I worked on my quilt, too.

I wonder if Grandma's definition of a "quilt piecing craze" changed over the years, because she could certainly crank out some quilt blocks.

Pickled chicken?  I do not believe I have ever heard of that.  Canned stock or canned chicken, but not pickled.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Bumps in the road

July 30, 1931 - I went to Wayne this morning with Mr. and Ed Schellenberg, went to Miss Sewell's and had my certificate registered.  This afternoon Ray took Mom and I to Walkers and I got my contract.  Janson wasn't home so I'll have to get him some other time.  Ralph, Ray and I went to the pavement dance at Stanton.  Irvin M. and Helen C. were there.  We had a real good time.  Ray took Esther M. home.
July 31, 1931 - This morning Ray and I cracked and picked out a cupful of black walnut meats besides all we ate.  We got some ice tonite and went out to Ola's and had black walnut ice cream.  Mother and I canned 11 quarts of beet pickles this afternoon.
August 1, 1931 - Florence called up this forenoon and said Janson was home.  Mother and I took Ray out to Ola's and then took the Ford and went to Schellenberg's.  Florence took their car then. Janson wouldn't sign but Strate did, so I've got my school.  We had a terrible time.  Florence and I were tired and crabby tonite and the boys surely found it out. Edwin stayed with Ralph tonite.

I wonder what Janson's problem was, but it sounds like all was well in the end.

I guess the girls were cranky enough that Edwin and Ralph had to have an all-night recovery together to commiserate about them.  Ha!

Black walnut ice cream . . . if that doesn't sound dreamy, I don't know what does.  Well, maybe beet pickles.  I like those, too!

I don't know that I've used this photo before, but thought I would for two reasons.  Uncle Ray is in it (Grandma, too, of course) and Grandma will soon be teaching kids and these are kids.  I am sooooo clever sometimes.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Oh, Happy (and hot) Day!


July 27, 1931 - We got up early and were out to Ola's by 6:00 o'clock this morning. Ray helped John Gotch today.  We used Ola's car and went to Wayne this morning to see Miss Sewell about District 86.  Didn't get home until about 4 P.M.  We went to see Aunt Mildred and Aunt Mary.  We were at Annie's awhile this evening.  I called up Mr. Schellenberg and asked him if he'd go with me to see the board members of District 86.
July 28, 1931 - It was awfully hot last nite.  I slept outside until 12:30 and spent the rest of the nite on the lounge.  We washed this morning.  This afternoon I went with Mr. Schellenberg and he took me to see Mr. Walker.  He isn't sure if he'll take the directorship or not.  Strate and Janson weren't home.  We had supper out to the farm.  Back in town at 7:00.
July 29, 1931 - Ray and I slept outside last nite until 5 o'clock this morning.  Grussfather stayed out until 5:30.  I worked on my quilt this afternoon.  I got a card from Mr. Walker this afternoon saying I could have the school if I would teach for $70 a month.  I'm so glad!!!  Schellenberg's took us out there this evening and then I didn't get my contract because I forgot to bring my certificate along.

I think three exclamation points are appropriate for a first teaching job!  Way to go, Grandma!!  And for $70 a month to boot!

Sleeping outside to escape the heat -- I have no idea how fortunate I am to have grown up mostly with central air conditioning.  There was a photo a while back in the Lincoln paper about a heat wave sometime in the city's history; it might well have been during the 30's, if I recall.  The photo was of loads and loads of people sleeping on the grass all around the State Capitol Building. 

I took a chance that I could find the photo.  I do not know if this is the one since it doesn't show as many people as I am remembering.  It is, however, a photo from the hottest day ever recorded in Lincoln; 115 degrees during the day and a low of 91 degrees that night in 1936.  Crazy.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Lead on a job


July 24, 1931 - I did my big ironing this morning.  And it was a big ironing.  I worked on my quilt this afternoon and finished Mom's buffet scarf.  Florence came up after me and we went to choir practice together.  Ralph was here awhile after choir practice.
July 25, 1931 - We cleaned up the house today.  I worked on my quilt this afternoon.  Ralph, Edwin and Florence came up tonite.  We went down town and found Claus and Ervin and Earl Frost.  They had just got to Winside.  "Pat" and Ervin went to Carroll with us to the dance.  We had a pretty good time.  Florence stayed all nite with me.  Mrs. Schellenberg told me that District 86 didn't have a teacher yet.
July 26, 1931 - We got up at 8:30 this morning and went to church.  Ray didn't go, Glen Frink was here just then and they were arguing about a baseball glove of Ray's.  After dinner all the folks went up to Uncle Max.  Ralph, Ervin, Pat and Edwin came up about 3:00.  Florence and Edwin left about 4:00 with Hans.  The boys didn't go until about 5 o'clock.  We went to the show here.  It was Norma Shearer in "Strangers May Kiss".  We were all too sleepy to enjoy it.

Missing church because of a discussion about a baseball glove?  I don't imagine too many kids think to try that one. 

Below is the plot from the movie.

Lisbeth (Norma Shearer) is a modern woman who thinks that marriage is old fashioned. She has two men in her life; Steve (Robert Montgomery), who wants to marry her and Alan (Neil Hamilton), who wants her to travel with him. Despite all the warnings by her friends and family, Lisbeth goes to Mexico with Alan where she is happy until she finds out that he has a wife in Paris and that he is leaving for his next job without her. Devastated, she spends a few years in Europe being the life of the party. While her reputation is well known, her life of gaiety has not made her happy.

I looked up Neil Hamilton and learned that he was Commissioner Gordon on the old Batman series.  And of course, Robert Montgomery was Samantha Stevens' (well, okay Elizabeth Montgomery's) father.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

The blues and bluing


July 21, 1931 - I went to Wayne on the morning train to see if I could find a place to work for my room and board.  I was at Aunt Mildred's for dinner and down to Aunt Mary's a little while after dinner.  I walked 40 blocks or more this afternoon trying to find a place and didn't have any luck.  I stayed at Aunt Mary's tonite.  And do I feel blue!
July 22, 1931 - I didn't have any luck this morning.  I saw Aunt Mildred down town this morning.  I went home on the noon train.  Ray went to Wayne today and got a Sedan body for his Ford.  I finished one of Annabelle's dresses this afternoon and Mom and Ray took it out to her this evening.  Ray made some root beer yesterday.
July 23, 1931 - I finished Annabelle's other dress today.  I did a big washing by hand this morning.  A bunch of my dresses, some of Ray's shirts, 2 of Grussmother's aprons, 2 of Mom's dresses and some silk underwear.  Mother went down town this afternoon and I got the pictures that we took the Sunday Mildred Andersen was here.

I am pretty sure I would be blue after all that effort, too.  I wonder if the exertion of what it used to take to do laundry helped get any frustrations out.  I still remember the big tubs on the back porch, the wringer washer and especially the bluing!  I thought it was magic.  I seem to remember a bottle with a cork in it, not like the photo.  That made it more magical.  I was somewhat afraid of the washer; thought those rollers would take my arm off if I got too close.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Not a baseball bat


July 18, 1931 - I cleaned up the house today.  Irvin and Chris Ruschman were supposed to come tonite but they didn't.  We went up to Carroll but there wasn't any dance.  We didn't stay.  When Mom came home she saw a bat on the sidewalk.  We caught it and it's the funniest looking thing I ever saw.
July 19, 1931 - Uncle Hans' birthday.  We went to church this morning.  The folks went up to Uncle Hans' today.  After dinner Ralph came and Ralph, Edwin and I went up to Carroll.  Flossie was at her uncle's.  We were up there until after lunch.  I went up to see Mrs. Smith a few minutes.  We went to Uncle Hans' and at about 9:00 all of us kids went over to Uncle Max's and had ice cream.  Aunt Emma gave me a new dress.
July 20, 1931 - I was awfully tired today.  We went out to Pryor's this evening.  We had a taste of spring chicken and was it good!  Florence and I had a good talk.  She gave me some pieces for my quilt.  I worked on Annabelle's dresses that I'm making for her.

Wow.  I can't imagine Grandma in her later years finding a bat to be funny-looking rather than maybe, hideous.  I wonder what they did with it afterwards.

Didn't I post a while back about no mention of going to church?  I guess I'm psychic or something because now here Grandma is writing about it.

Grandma seems to have been very fond of Mrs. Smith.  I do not remember her talking about her myself.

Seems to me the folks in 1931 ate a lot of ice cream.  Here it shows up again and I know there is more of it coming in future posts.  I rather miss homemade ice cream.  You can buy it (made right in the store in old-fashioned ice cream makers) in Lincoln, but I don't think it is the same as what we used to make with the crank machine that seemed to a little kid so take forever.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Lots of doin's


July 15, 1931 - We did half of the ironing today.  Uncle Hans, Aunt Lena, and Lyle came back from Excelsior Springs today.  They were here this afternoon and for supper.  Aunt Lena's face is getting better.  Uncle Hans was just about eaten up by the "jiggers" while they were down there.
July 16, 1931 - I finished the ironing this morning.  Cut out some blocks for my quilt this afternoon.  We were going out to Pryor's this evening but they weren't going to be home.  So we went out to Ola's.  We came in to the band concert.  Ray is going to help Ola tomorrow so he stayed out there tonite.  We got some material for some dresses for Annabelle that I'm going to make.
July 17, 1931 - It rained last nite.  I went down town this afternoon and saw Marvin T. and some other kids that had been at the Ladies Aid Picnic.  I went out with them.  We played Indian Base Ball.  I won a prize for dropping the most clothes pins in a quart fruit jar.  I went to choir practice from 8 to 9.  Ralph was here and we went to Uncle Hans' for Edwin's birthday.  We had ice cream and cake.  Mom was at Hoyt's today.

Okay, does anyone know what problems Aunt Lena had with her face that required an out-of-state trip?  Gosh, the things I learn, or semi-learn, from these diaries.

Indian Baseball?  I am pretty sure that name would not hold up nowadays, but I wonder what that was. 

Here is a quilt for your viewing pleasure.

Monday, December 2, 2013



July 12, 1931 - We slept until 11:30 this morning.  Ray, Mildred, R.K. and I went out to Schellenberg's this afternoon.  Edwin and Hans were there.  We took pictures.  Tonite we took Mildred back to Wayne.
July 13, 1931 - We washed today.  Mother went to Laura Christensen's funeral this afternoon.  I fixed a stocking for Mrs. Schellenberg.  Tonite Grussfather, Ray, Mother and I went out to Ola's.  Today is Ray's last day with Thorvald Jacobsen.
July 14, 1931 - Ray and Grussfather chopped down one of the cottonwoods over home.  I took my first lesson in baking bread and coffee cake.  I had real good luck.  R.K. came up this evening and we went out to Ralph and Clara's.  We talked about "old" times.

I did not figure out who Laura Christensen was from the William Andersen relatives.  Maybe someone reading knows who she was. 

What??  Grandma wasn't born knowing how to bake fabulous breads and coffee cakes?  I wouldn't have guessed.  I suppose, at my age I should make good on my threat to have Mom teach me to bake bread.  I can do quick breads, but for some reason yeast breads scare me.  Maybe because I have tried and failed on my own.  I think I know what I did wrong, but why waste time and resources when my dear mother can teach me?

Does anyone know where the cottonwoods would have been?  I do not recall seeing any at Grandma and Grandpa's place.

Nice that Grandma knows that at her age in 1931, she needed quotes for the word old when speaking of times.

Here's an older, but not old enough photo.  Is that an apricot tree or was the one closest to the house more to the east than the one here?