Thursday, August 29, 2013


August 4, 2002:  Slept until 9:00 this morning.  Was really tired.  Nancy came in the afternoon.  She fixed grilled cheese sandwiches for our supper.  Took my shower -- she went home early -- was tired!
August 5, 2002:  Still rather tired.  Played cards in Party Room this evening.  Dolores came after that and we had some good games of Rummikub.
August 6, 2002:  Mary took me to the school for my hair-do.  I called Greta in evening since we didn't get to talk much Saturday.  Marie H. and Bernice L. have died.

Grandma and Nancy both tired -- it must have been a wilder weekend than it sounded even on paper.

The formerly sick goat, Andy, is truly much better.  Either we bonded during his sick day or he was playing me, but when I went out for one last check on him last night, he tried to follow me out of the pen; something he never does.  So, we went for a 20 minute walk at 11:00 p.m.  He was very alert, tried to check out two of the cats who opposed the notion, ate some weeds, and acted quite tickled with himself. 

This morning, he greeted me with his usual hello.  And when I left to go to work, the two of them were butting heads and carrying on as usual. 

Mom had some peelings and scraps for me today.  I didn't want to give the goats too much since I am trying to get them back to their normal diet.  But, they got a few peelings.  The ducks were the big winners of the day and made short work of their treats.

I still didn't lay hands on the Army photo of Uncle Raymond, but I thought it fitting to use this photo of some of the siblings.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Almost too much excitement, then and now

August 1, 2002:  Talked to Myrtle this morning.  Tom here this evening for the usual tasks -- laundry, shower and Rummikub.
August 2, 2002:  Made rhubarb swirl for tomorrow.  Not a "blah" day.  Dolores came right after dinner and we played Rummikub.  Zoya came about 3:00 -- brought some Pepperidge Farm snacks. Delores left then.  Later Marilyn M. came -- she brought some "egg rolls" -- first time I had some -- really good.  Zoya and I played Rummikub before Marilyn came.  Was a very enjoyable day.
August 3, 2002:  Tom came for me at 11:00 a.m.  Merilyn had to work today.  We went to Nancy's for the July birthdays.  Bill's and Jayson's couldn't come -- had a wedding in Omaha.  Greta, Mary, Mitch, Anna, Dale and family, and Jeff M. all there for dinner. The men helped Dane move some furniture.  We gals and kids went over to Dale's new house -- really nice.  They will be spending tonight there for the first time.  Quite an occasion.  Mary, Mitch, Anna, Tom and I had lunch with Nancy before we went home.  A wonderful day!!!

Well, I got a bit confused with the above retelling of 2002 events.  I think the men probably helped Dale move some furniture since Dane would have been 14 years old and hadn't moved out of the house yet.  And I think the last bunch of us had supper before we went home; lunch was probably with the big bunch.  But, it sounded like a grand couple of days for Grandma, so maybe she was thinking faster than she was writing.  Or else, equally possible, I am just missing something obvious to everyone else.

The internet at home is up and running!  As it turns out, three volunteer trees, one by the east pasture gate and two in the goats' pen had grown enough to block the radio signal from Ceresco.  So, the very nice internet guy that came out (ex-Army, which explains it) helped John cut down the trees.  Then we had a 100% signal.  Yay!  I told John to leave the branches in the goats' pen where they were because 1) it was 98 degrees out, and 2) the goats love eating leaves and bark.  That turned out to be a bit of a mistake.  The goats had a great time to be sure, but one of them apparently does not have an "off" switch.  He was bloated-looking last night but acted okay.  This morning when I went for chores, he was down instead of standing like he always is.  I had read previously that sick goats can go downhill very rapidly and die without much warning.  So, I consulted some online friends and have been tending to poor Andy ever since.  We went for a couple of walks to get his innards moving and of course, had to take Barney along so he wouldn't cry.  I have massaged Andy's belly and generally have been checking on him every 30 minutes.  I think he may be out of the woods; for awhile there he was straining like he was throwing up, but instead of anything coming out, his cheeks would fill a bit and he would chew, like a cow chewing cud.  I am thinking that meant he was re-arranging things, so to speak.  I also heard some loud bowel sounds around that time.  Lesson learned with excess leaves.

Here's a photo of the sick boy and myself last night before he got sick.  [Oops, noticed after originally posting that this is Barney, not Andy.  And for the record, Andy seems to be doing much better.]

Sunday, August 25, 2013


July 29, 2002:  Played [??] in party room this evening.  Dolores came afterward and we played Rummikub.
July 30, 2002: Mary took me to Beauty School for my hair-do.  The new girl Angie is faster and more on time than Kitty was.  Dale's birthday is the 30th.
July 31, 2002:  I baked three loaves of frozen bread.  Went to Book Club this evening.  Brought home "Once Upon a [??] by Bob Greene -- about North Platte during World War II.  Jayme's birthday.

The title of this blog is because I finally am online (at home) and trying to hurry this up, and what happens? -- for the first time I can remember since beginning this blog, I cannot decipher two words of Grandma's handwriting in the same post.  I can look up the title of the book, perhaps, but the card game is totally lost to me.  Oh, well.  I don't suppose it is terribly important.

Today many of us were up at the Winside Cemetery (one of my favorite spots, you may remember) to inter Uncle Raymond's ashes.  Lynn and Lorraine came from Oregon with the ashes and led us in a somewhat short, but informal and fitting send-off for a man we all loved very much.  I told Mitch about it and he was sharing a beer with all of us all the way from Arizona.  Afterwards we went to Lois's for sandwiches and such.  A very nice time was had.  Lorraine brought some photographs that were Uncle Raymond's and we got to choose the ones we wished to keep.  There were definitely some I had not seen before and that is always fun.

Found the book -- Once Upon a Town, about the marvelous canteen the town of North Platte pulled together when the trains came through full of men going off to war.  I remember reading a newspaper article about it.  One of the things the ladies doing the cooking and baking did was to have birthday cakes available for however many soldiers were having birthdays when they came through.  One man took a cake even though it wasn't his birthday.  He was shamed so by the others that he ended up giving it back.

Since Uncle Raymond was part of The Greatest Generation that served during WWII, it would be very fitting if I could post a photo of him in his Army uniform.  I am sure I have seen one.  However, I do not have it scanned and ready to go, and I am tempting fate and my internet as it is by making this somewhat long, so I am posting a photo of Uncle Raymond and Grandpa eating some sweet corn.  Works for me.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Two trips

July 26, 2002:  Called Zoya in a.m. about her trip to Germany.  She came in afternoon and we played Rummikub.  Delores here in evening for more Rummikub.  The kids came home midday from their trip.
July 27, 2002:  Had a long telephone talk with Nancy this morning.  Greta called right after dinner.  She had sweet corn to freeze this p.m.  Mary came in late p.m. to get my surplus fruit salad and cake.
July 28, 2002:  Today is Nancy's birthday -- also little Sarah's.  She came in the late afternoon -- brought KFC chicken dinners for us.  I showered and then we played Rummikub.  She told a lot about their vacation.

I think Germany is probably a fun trip, but my first priority is Denmark.  Unless, of course, Mom's ancestry DNA thingy comes back and we aren't Danish after all but Lithuanian instead.  Then, I would want to to to Lithuania.

I found out via the internet not too long ago, well the 4th of July actually, that some Danes have a big 4th of July celebration.  Not for some holiday or commemoration of their own, but for the United States' holiday.  Seems some transplanted Danes came back to the old country and bought some land.  Well, here I will leave it to an article I found to tell the story.

     It may surprise some Americans to know that the Fourth of July is not just celebrated in America, but around the world. And the biggest celebration of American Independence Day outside the United States takes place in the hills of Jutland in Denmark, where thousands of people have gathered every year since 1912 to celebrate the day in true American style.

     In a story that was repeated throughout Europe in the 1800 and 1900s, many Danes bid farewell to friends and family who set off for America to build a new life for themselves, often never to return. The Rebild Society was founded in order to provide a place for Danish Americans meet with the friends and loved ones they left behind in Denmark.

     The place they chose was the peaceful hilly moorland in Jutland known as Rebild Bakker (bakker means hills in Danish). A collection was taken up by Danish Americans to purchase 190 acres of the property, which was then presented to the Danish government as a national park for the purpose of Danish born Americans to celebrate Independence Day and other American holidays there. The park is open all year round to the public who are free to enjoy its natural beauty.

     Rebild Bakker park is visited by over 400,000 people each year, making it one of Denmark’s top tourist attractions. As well as being an area of natural beauty, the park offers visitors many American-themed attractions such as a replica of Lincoln’s log cabin, which serves as a Danish emigrant museum, telling the stories of the 300,000 or so Danes who left their homeland for America in the 1800 and 1900s. There is a replica of a totem pole given to Franklin D. Roosevelt called Kolteen after an Indian chief located at the park, as well as statues of well known Danes, Danish Americans and President Taft. These include Max Henius, who founded the society, Victor Borge, who served as an honorary president of the society, and Jens Toldstrup, an important member of the Danish Resistance movement during the Second World War.

     The Rebild Society has its own flag, which was designed to combine the American and Danish flags, along with a constellation of stars symbolising emigration and the night sky which we all share.

     The first celebration of American Independence Day at Rebild Bakker in 1912 proved to be a rather inauspicious start to a long and well loved tradition. First, the celebrations were delayed until 5 August, due to the country being in national mourning following the sudden death of King Frederik VIII. The weather proved to be terrible on the day, with rain coming down in buckets. Still, between 10,000 to 15,000 people gathered on the hills, huddling under their umbrellas, where they cheered the new king and celebrated American Independence.

     Over the years, the celebrations continued. Each year, the celebrations feature keynote speakers from both the United States and Denmark. American speakers over the years have included Walt Disney, Walter Cronkite, Pat Boone, Dionne Warwick and even Richard Nixon. Danish speakers have included Queen Margrethe, her sons Crown Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim, film director Bille August, and former Prime Ministers Poul Nyrup Rasmussen and Anders Fogh Rasmussen.

     The nearby city of Aalborg hosts a festival called American Days to coincide with the Fourth of July celebrations at Rebild Bakker, including concerts, exhibitions and tours of the area. Besides the keynote speakers, there are parades, singing, activities for children, and plenty of food and drink on offer to celebrate the Fourth of July at Rebild Bakker.

     The American Independence Day celebrations at Rebild Bakker bring together Americans and Danes to celebrate the bond between their two nations. Although they may now live an ocean away, Americans of Danish heritage have not forgotten where they came from and many return to their homeland to celebrate and visit with the friends and family they have left behind.

That clinches it.  Whenever I do go to Denmark, I will have to go over the 4th!!  Here's just one photo I found from one year's celebration.

Friday, August 16, 2013

A permanent and some splurging

July 23, 2002:  Bill came for me at 1:00 p.m.  Got to Wahoo by 2:00 and Jenny gave me a permanent.  Had supper and then went to the Dollar Store.  I splurged there.  Bill brought me back to Lincoln.  Jayson's were there for supper.  That Sarah is a real busy body.
July 24, 2002:  Was tired today.  Didn't feel too good so didn't go to Book Club.
July 25, 2002:  Tom and Merilyn here for supper -- had fried chicken.  Tom did laundry and I showered.  Played just one game of Rummikub.  Tom had been up since 4:30 a.m.!!!  Myrtle called in a.m.  Verna M. called -- Bud in hospital having knee surgery repaired.  He's to go home Saturday or Sunday.

I can believe Sarah was a busy body -- she was days away from her second birthday at the time of Grandma's visit; I imagine she put on quite the show.  Now, 11 years later, she is a lovely young lady.  Being called a busy body at this stage would not be a good thing.

The internet at the house is still being splotchy and I cannot do anything with this site at work (I sense a conspiracy), so I have been hindered in my ability to post anything.  I wanted to let you know I had not forgotten.

It is a bit blurry, but here is a photo of Sarah being her super cute self.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Deviled eggs

July 20, 2002:  102 degrees today.  Called Greta this afternoon.  It's hot and dry, too, in Winside.  Mary came for the eggs -- the kids stopped in Winside for dinner and had eaten all the eggs already!!!
July 21, 2002:  I called Ray this morning to tell him Bill would like those wrenches of Howard's.  Tom came at noon for me to shower.  He and Merilyn were moving Linda to a new home.
July 22, 2002:  Tried to call Nancy P.  First the line was busy and then I heard the answering machine.  Went to a membership meeting tonight.  Delores came afterward and we played Rummikub.

I just realized I had Delores (under one of Grandma's other spellings) as a label and that I have been forgetting to add her on the several posts where she has been mentioned.  Ah well, I can start now.

I somewhat remember all the eggs getting eaten before we hit Winside.  And in our collective defense, they probably shouldn't be out at room temperature very long or they might go bad.  And well, Grandma's deviled eggs were always really good.

I have know knowledge whatsoever of the wrenches, but I hope Bill got them eventually.

Here is another photo from that vacation.  This one was taken after a hike where Anna was the leader.  It was a bit hot that day and my fellow hikers were a bit weary.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


July 17, 2002:  Called Arlene R. this a.m. -- had a real nice visit.  Nancy came from work and brought me some shower soap.  We took a walk around the building to see the flowers.  I went to Book Club this evening. 
July 18, 2002:  I called Irene D. and told her my dream of the "picnic" potato recipe.  Tom came for supper -- the usual laundry, shower and then Rummikub.
July 19, 2002:  I called Wilva as she's been hospitalized several times this summer.  She still isn't too well. I fixed deviled eggs for the vacationers to take along tomorrow.  102 degrees today.

The vacationers were Nancy, myself, Mitch and Anna.  This was the trip to South Dakota, North Dakota and Canada.  Lots of good times were had, as always on those trips.  The ones that leap to mind on this one were the gravy-butt episode, Chicken Man, and "I'm the leader!".  Explanations on request for those not familiar that would like the gory details.

Here we are at the first state line photo op of the year.

Monday, August 5, 2013


July 14, 2002:  Nancy came early in the afternoon.  She vacuumed while I showered.  We played Rummikub and visited a lot.  Helen called while she was here.  It was 108 degrees out there during the day and now later it was 99 degrees!!!!
July 15, 2002:  Played cards tonight.  Afterwards Dolores and I played Rummikub.
July 16, 2002:  Mary took me for my weekly hair-do.  I had a new girl -- Angie.  I think I'll like her.

I am sure Aunt Helen and Uncle John did not enjoy 108 degrees, whether a bit more used to it than we in the Midwest or not.  I was reminded of Aunt Helen yesterday.  Her grand-daughter, Michelle, posted a photo of herself on facebook.  She directed it to her Aunt Trina and said she was wearing her grandmother's necklace.  So, I took that to mean it was Aunt Helen's necklace.  A lovely photo, all the way around.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Hanging out with Tom

July 11, 2002:  Called Myrtle this morning.  She's still rather weak.  Tom came for supper.  He attended to the laundry, I showered and we played Rummikub.  A most enjoyable evening.
July 12, 2002:  Nancy took me to the doctor for a 1:00 p.m. appointment.  She went back to work after she brought me home.  Mitch and Anna here in evening.  We played Rummikub and Sorry.
July 13, 2002:  Called Greta this afternoon.  During the summer church is at 10:00 so we'd not have much time to "gab" if I called Sunday morning.

I am finally able to access this site (dodgy at work, and intermittent internet at home) and now I have no deep thoughts to share.  Go figure.

I must add that I agree an evening spent hanging out with Tom would be most enjoyable.  As you can see from the photo, Dale must have thought so from an early age.  I must have been pondering at that moment.