Sunday, April 19, 2015

School is back on

August 27, 1932 - Raining this morning.  I finished lining up my school work this a.m.  Mom made sauerkraut.  Ray took me to the school house this afternoon about 4 o'clock.  We stayed until 7:00.  We were down to Walker's a few minutes.  Ray went to Carroll tonite.  I stayed home.
August 28, 1932 - Packed my suitcase this morning.  Ray and I went up to Uncle Max's and Mom went with Ola's.  We had dinner there.  In the p.m. the school kids came over for Sophia's birthday.  We had lunch, sandwiches, pickles, ice cream and cake.  Ray brought me to Walker's this evening.  All had gone to church except Mrs. Walker.  Loretta Hoffman birthday.
August 29, 1932 - First day of school and it surely seems nice.  I've just got 7 pupils.  The League entertainment committee had a meeting here tonite.  We're having a farewell party for Aileen Schmidt at Wittler's Thursday nite.  It's to be "hard time", with a prize for the best costume.  Sophia Stahl's birthday.

I've been neglecting my Winside history and since 1901 is a long entry, I'll do it now when I have no particular comment about Grandma's comings and goings.

     January 3, C. W. Trenn butcher shop burned.
     January 10, A. H. Carter has started his closing out sale.
     January 12, a new 3c coin, authorized by Congress will be made of nickel and have a 1/4-inch hole in the center.
     January 12, thirteen years ago today the weather was of a very similar quality.  The sun shone brightly and the ground was covered with snow, which was melting rapidly.  About two o'clock in the afternoon there was a sudden change.  The wind swept down from the north and in a very short time, visibility was next to nothing.  Heavy wraps were but slight protection the same as it was in January, 1888.  Many lives were lost as well as stock.
     May 1, this morning as Ed. Ross, brother of Mrs. Mary Needham, came in town at the early hour of five o'clock, he discovered Theodore Erich sitting on the sidewalk in front of Frank Wieble's store.  The man was holding out his left arm, his hand lying on the walk beside a heavy hatchet.  Ed asked the man why he cut off his hand and he replied that, "The Bible says, if your hand offend thee, cut it off."  Dr. Muirhead was called to stop the flow of blood and others were called also, as they thought the man must be out of his head.  Dr. Leisenring, J. M. Cherry and L. A. Reynolds were called in from Wayne to examine him.  He was pronounced insane and was sent to the insane hospital.
     May 12, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Rellman lost their farm home by fire early this morning, three miles east and one mile north of town.
     July 11, Winside won the baseball purse of $35.00 from Hoskins.
     July 18, Madison Junior League team won from our local lads 16 to 15.
     July 26, Sarah A. Pullen Hart passed away.
    August 15, First Old Settlers Picnic in Bressler Park, Wayne.
     September 2, Chairman L. S. Needham appointed Walter Gaebler and H. E. Siman to look up the assessed valuation of property in Winside, in view of issuing water bonds.
     September 19, Presbyterian services held regularly at the school house.
    September 19, Memorial services were held today. President William McKinley's favorite song, "Lead Kindly Light," was sung.
     September 21, E. R. Gurney stumping for the Republican ticket, spoke in a country school house.  Mr. Gurney with his usual ease in adapting himself to the circumstances said:  "Gentlemen, I am a farmer, I was born a farmer, in fact I grew up between two rows of corn."  A youngster in the back part of the room exclaimed, "A pumpkin, by gum!"
     October 18, first number of the lecture course season.
     November 1, Walter Gaebler moved his house a few feet south in the center of his lots.
     November 14, Winside won the bowling match from Wayne with a score of 2,303 to 2,008.  Those on the team were:  Siman, Lowry, Redmer, Hayes and Gaebler.
     December 18, thermometer dropped to 28 degrees below zero.
     December 19, town board ordered Lound and Price, owners of the Winside Roller Mills, to raise their smoke stack high enough to get rid of the terrible smoke nuisance or suffer the consequence.

As near as I can tell, that 3 cent coin with a hole in the middle did not come into existence.  Or at least no one is talking about it online.  I wish our money did have holes, so I could make a Mr. Potato Head similar to the above photo.

The only other thing I can add is that I hope all went as well as possible for poor Mr. Erich.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Questions a-plenty

August 24, 1932 - Aunt Mary, Uncle Harry and Ralph were here for dinner.  Menkeys left this p.m.  Ray painted his car this morning.  I took charge of the R.N.A. Juveniles in Mom's place at Mrs. McIntyre's.  Mom went to Wayne tonite to Rieses's.  Tomorrow they're going to Kennard to see Uncle Nels who is quite sick.
August 25, 1932 - I worked on my school work all day.  Ray traced some patterns for me while I copied some songs for him.  Grussmother is sick and was in bed all day.  Got a card from Mayme, and she said Lloyd Behmer's charivari dance is tomorrow nite.
August 26, 1932 - Ray had to walk out to Farran's this morning to help put up hay.  Mom came home about 8 o'clock.  Uncle Nels was up and around.  He said, "I fooled them.  They thought I was going to die, but I didn't."  Ray and I went to the dance tonite and we had a good time.  Nancy Andersen's birthday.

Still needing to know who the Menkeys are, if anyone knows.  And who are Mary, Harry and Ralph . . . Kahlers?  I have a decent map going re the family tree, but I am still missing some information.

I didn't know one could just up and paint their car one morning.

What kind of songs was Grandma copying for Uncle Ray?  And why?  Did he play piano or anything like that?

Friday, April 10, 2015


August 21, 1932 - To S.S. and church.  Annie and Ola and kids and Martha were here for dinner.  We looked at my new books and talked in P.M.  Mom went out with Ray to do chores.  They went to Uncle Hans' and got Louis to stay with Ray.
August 22, 1932 - Mom worked on my dresses today.  I dug out all of my school junk and started sorting it.  Went down town a few minutes this afternoon.
August 23, 1932 - I worked on my school things this morning and Mom sewed.  This P.M. Mom, Grandma and I went to Norfolk with Ola and Annie to see the Legion Parade.  We stood 3 hours before the parade started and then it lasted an hour.  I got a new winter coat at Brown's.  When we got home Mr. and Mrs. Carl Menky from Kansas, Mama's cousins, were here.  Ray came home this P.M.

Who are the Menkies, anyone?

And here is Grussmother's sister, Martha.  I do not know if that is the Martha in question -- probably isn't -- but I recently cropped this photo to use with my family tree, so I'm using it again to take full advantage of my efforts.

Monday, April 6, 2015

More Old Settlers'

August 18, 1932 - Went down town for the parade this a.m.  Had picnic dinner with the Brogrens, Kahlers and Ruschmans.  I was with Ogretta Washburn all p.m.  I saw Mayme and Lloyd at the waterfight and went to the dance with them.  Had a punk time at the dance, the pavement wasn't very good.  Edna and Ervin Ruschman and LeRoy Frost came up this morning for the picnic celebration.
August 19, 1932 - Mom is bothered with sinus trouble today.  We both layed [sic]around and slept most of the day.  Florence Schellenberg was here a few minutes this afternoon.  Mary Riese birthday.
August 20, 1932 - Canned 4 pints of tomatoes and 17 quarts of apple pickles. Ray came in this evening.  He's doing chores, etc. at Charlie Farran's while they're gone on a visit.  They left today and are coming back Wednesday.  Annie and Ola went to a party tonite and left the kids with us.

Layed?  Goodness.

Sounds like 1932's Old Settlers' wasn't a huge success for Grandma or Grandma Anna.  And Uncle Ray had to work during part of it.

I am thinking this may be a fairly timely photograph.  I have it on good information that the two kids here are Annabelle and LeeRoy.  And I believe LeeRoy (I think that is how Grandma spells it, but then with "layed" in view right now, I can't be sure) was born in October 1931.  He looks a bit younger than he might have been in August of 1932, but I'm going to call it close.  Cute little buggers, aren't they?

Thursday, April 2, 2015

NOW it's Old Settlers' Time

August 15, 1932 - Washed this morning.  Ray turned the machine for us.  Ray, Mom and I went to Raymond & Alice's this evening.  Mom is making a cap for the baby.  Ray and I went over to Walker's a little while.
August 16, 1932 - Mom and I ironed this morning.  This afternoon we went to Mayme's.  Mayme and I made out our orders for school supplies.  Went to Hoskins on our way home and ordered a few things from Mr. Templin.  Had a flat tire just west of town.  Ray helped Ola today.
August 17, 1932 - I finished the ironing this morning while Mom sewed.  Washed my hair this afternoon and got a finger-wave from Anna Boyd.  I was down town a few minutes this evening.  Walter K. came home today for the Old Settlers' Picnic tomorrow.

My guess in an earlier post about Old Settlers has been disproved, and I have no other guess as to what was going on previously. 

It sounds like just Grandma and Grandma Anna had the flat tire, since Grandma mentions Uncle Ray helping Ola but not helping them with a tire or going along on their trip.  I wonder if those two gals changed it themselves.  You would think Grandma would mention if someone came to their aid.  Hmmmmm.