Monday, November 30, 2015

Just thought of something . . .

December 1, 1932 - Cloudy and cooler today.  Raymond, Art and Rudolph were up to school this evening.  Art didn't seem to look so bad to me.  He doesn't know how long he's going to be around Winside visiting.  Allan Bruse birthday.
December 2, 1932 - Warm and sunshiny.  I walked home, and Ray came just as I got to the mailbox.  We were out to Ola's for supper.  When we got back into town I washed and finger-waved my hair.  Then Mom, Ray and I played Pinochle.
December 3, 1932 - Went out to Ola's, finger-waved Tillie's hair, and brought Annabelle back with me.  Mom and I made her a jumper and blouse.  I went down town to help at the bazaar, went to Wayne in a truck to vote instead.  Went up to Uncle Hans' to the dance with Annie and Ola tonite.  I surely had a good time.  Ola Brogren's birthday.

I do not know which Art this is, but something must have been going on with him for Grandma to comment on how he looked.  Perhaps there will be clues somewhere down the line.

Regarding my just thinking of something -- I realized just this moment that Grandma hardly ever mentions her or Grandma Anna or Uncle Ray being ill.  Either they were very hardy or weren't sick enough to mention, which in a way is very hardy.

I am not looking forward to too much snow and cold, but this photo of a country road in the snow and sunshine made it not seem too terribly bad.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Belated Thanksgiving information

November 28, 1932 - So tired today.  Got teased today about the "business trip to Cushing Iowa" two weeks ago.  That's what the Norfolk paper said about it a couple of days ago.  Went to bed quite early, didn't even stay up to hear the minstrels.
November 29, 1932 - So nice and warm, just like a spring day.  Harry H. was up at school this morning before school started.  Mike, Mote, and Evie went to a committee meeting tonite.
November 30, 1932 - Nice again today.  Rudolph and Raymond stopped at the school house tonite.  I went home with them.  We had supper at Raymond's and then went over to Ola's.  We played Pitch.  I got home at 12 o'clock.

What's this with folks just dropping by at the school house?  And what minstrels were there around to listen to?  I have more questions than answers.

I missed anything Thanksgiving-ish for 1932 (it was on the 24th that year, a couple of posts ago), but I stumbled upon this tidbit for today's post.  The above is from the New York Times in 1932, pricing out the cost of a Thanksgiving dinner.  The article read, in part:

     “All the ingredients of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner are less expensive this year and families of moderate incomes should be able to afford the best on the market, it became apparent yesterday. Experts in the Bureau of Home Economics of the Department of Public Markets figured that a New York housewife would be able to serve an old-fashioned turkey dinner, with all the fixings, at a total cost of not more than $5.42.”

I was a bit thrown by the oranges and bananas, but shrugged it off.  Then I found a menu for the USS Altair, a Navy vessel of some sort and their Thanksgiving dinner included . . . oranges and bananas.  Also on the menu, cigars and cigarettes.

Who knew?

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Contest? And a recipe

November 25, 1932 - Mom, Ray and I went with Irene Gaebler and Mrs. Unger to Wayne this morning to vote in the contest at Wayne.  I baked a cake this afternoon.  Ray and I went to the surprise party for Florence S. this evening [her birthday].  She was surprised.  We danced in the dining room and front room. I had a good time.  
November 26, 1932 - We went to Norfolk this morning and did our Xmas shopping.  I went to the library this p.m. and read awhile.  Tonite 35 young people went to Wayne in one of Ed Granquist's trucks to vote in the contest.  We were crowded but it was fun just the same.  Ella Eckert Willers' birthday.
November 27, 1932 - Ray worked down at Nieman's filling station this p.m.  Tonite Ray and I went up to the school house and started a fire, took my suitcase to Walkers, and then went to the dance at Hoskins.  Had a pretty good time.  Art and Rudolph Kahler are here again.  Art went to York with Walter.

I do not know what the contest is that allows multiple votes by the same person.  It must have been something fun and/or important for multiple trips to Wayne.  Especially, taking a truck with a whole passel of kids.  Hopefully Grandma will clue us in later.

Since it is Sunday, and since Grandma mentions baking a cake, I will add a cake recipe here.  It is in her handwriting but there is no reference as to who she may have gotten the recipe from.  Also, I do not recall her making this particular cake, but my memory isn't what it used to be.  Without further ado, I give you:

Coconut Pound Cake

1 1/2 c. Crisco
5 eggs
1/2 t. salt
1 c. milk
2 1/2 c. sugar
3 c. flour
1 t. baking powder
1 c. coconut

Cream Crisco and sugar 10 minutes. Add eggs one at a time beating 5 minutes after each addition.  Sift flour, salt and baking powder together.  Add alternately with milk to creamed mixture.  Blend in coconut.  Turn into a well-greased and floured tube (Bundt or angel food) pan.  Place in cold oven.  Bake at 350 degrees for 90 minutes.

I should make this; I bet the duck eggs will make for an extra-special texture.