Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Old Settlers

Wed., August 28, 1935 - Put the apples away and cleaned up the house.  Met Mom at the train tonite.  Ray and Willie came back tonite at 12:00 from Dalton.  Ray took Willie up to his home.
Thurs., August 29, 1935 - Old Settler's Picnic.  Dora and George from Blair, Meta, Lyle, Annie, Ola and kids here for dinner.  I was down town from 4:30 to 6:30.  Had a dandy talk with Carrie Hansen.  Howard was here this evening.
Fri., August 30, 1935 - We all got up late this morning.  Mom, Ray and I went to Norfolk this p.m.  Dora was visiting Grandmother all afternoon.

I wonder what Old Settlers was like in 1935.  I am guessing Winside didn't rate a fancy schmancy ride like The Whip shown above, but isn't it neat?  Look at the painting on the side of the cars.  Wow.  Photo from

Monday, September 18, 2017

Tired of canning

Sun., August 25, 1935 - To S. S. and church.  Ola brought some apples just as I left for S. S.  After church Alma and I rode out to Troutman's with Mr. Freese.  We took some fruit from the Rebekahs to Neville who had her tonsils taken out last week.  Howard came in tonight and we went up to Aunt Emma's.  We brought home over a half bushel of cucumbers.  She's going to bring more Thurs.
Mon., August 26, 1935 - Canned 2 quarts of tomatoes and salted down the pickles.  Mrs. Jordan and Mary Claire here this evening to see Mom about sewing.  Gilbert and Hazel brought us a half sack of Whitney crabs and a small dishpan of grapes!  Aren't they nice!
Tues., August 27, 1935 - Baked bread and cinnamon rolls.  Canned 14-1/2 quarts of pickled apples.  Ola and Annabelle were here this afternoon.

I don't know if Grandma was tired of canning, but I'm certainly getting there.

Friday, September 15, 2017

She's an Energizer Bunny -- more canning

Thurs., August 22, 1935 - Canned 2 quarts and 2 pints of tomatoes.  Boiled some apples for apple butter.  Meta and Melvin, Alma, and Mrs. Loebsack were here this afternoon.
Fri., August 23, 1935 - Felt punk today.  Boiled apples for jell.  Uncle Hans here in p.m.  He, Grandma R., Lillie and Hans are going to Dalton this weekend.  Alma and I went to lodge and came home from lodge together.  Rebekah picnic at Pete Christensen's September 8.
Sat., August 24, 1935 - Canned 4 quarts and 2 pints of tomatoes, 3 quarts of apple juice and 4 quarts of apple pulp.  Ola here a few minutes at noon.  Rained tonight but Howard came up anyway.  Got a card from Aunt Emma saying we could have pickles if we wanted them.

I think it's time for some Winside history, this installment is for 1911:

     January 5, the Halstead stock of dry goods and groceries has been purchased by George Gabler.
     January 19, Fred Bright bought the Lloyd Prince interest in the Winside Dray and will take possession February 1.
     February 2, T. A. Strong has taken over route No. 2 succeeding Dick Waddell.
     February 9, Mesdames Grace Cavanaugh, Lydia Needham and Lute Miller of the Woman's Club, went before the town board to present the Free Public Library idea to them.  The board will act on this next month.
     February 11, Helen Hoffman's school, the Rew District, made $58.00 clear on their box supper.
     February 16, the band played a few selections in the band stand this afternoon.  The day was warm and just like summer.
    February 23, W. D. Whitaker is the new agent of the railroad.
     March 2, H. O. Sipp and family have moved to Gordon, Nebraska; Godfrey Shabrum and family to Sheridan county; Art Larken and wife to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada; W. J. Templeton and family to Wessington, South Dakota.
     March 2, Fire destroyed the Wm. Thies pool hall.
     March 16, Mrs. R. B. Crawford was granted a divorce claiming non-support.  Her husband owned the business section of Winside from 1884 to 1886.
     March 23, Library benefit play, "Grand Opera at Persimmon Ridge," was given to a packed house.
     April 13, J. R. Mundy moved to Aurora, Illinois.
     April 14, Sam Reichert drove home his new International automobile.
     May 4, George Gabler is the first merchant to deliver his groceries by auto.
     May 25, most of our autoists can get up enough speed to go up a hill on "high" except when they are accompanied by a young lady.  Then for some reason they are obliged to use the "low."  This is said to be no fault of the machines.
     June 8, Walter Gaebler has a new Mitchell auto.
     June 23, those taking the 8th grade examinations today are:  Gladys Mettlen, Naomi McDaniels, John Mettlen, Clarence Henderson, Minnie Stamm, Mary Von Seggern, Katie Dimmel, Caroline Dysart, Leo Farran and Alta Prince.
     August 10, the horrible looking telephone wires on main street will be placed in a cable this month.
     September 14, depot platform has been taken up and is being replaced by brick.
     October 12, rummage auction sale was held to benefit the library.
     November 2, Champ Clark spoke three minutes from the rear of the train to an unusually large crowd.
     November 2, Prof. Bicknell arranged a debate in the opera house on the question, "Which has done more to determine the destiny of a nation, Lincoln or Jefferson."  A .W. Stockham and M. H. Boyle supported Lincoln and Walter Gaebler and Dr. B. M. McIntyre, Jefferson.  Mrs. I. O. Brown sang two selections and Tot Chapin rendered a piano solo.  Jefferson debaters won.

A few findings --  I found a very short summary of the play: "Wax figures" with vacant stare and jerky movement sing killing songs. Uproariously funny.  I guess we'll take them at their word.  Also, from wikipedia:  James Beauchamp "Champ" Clark was a prominent American politician in the Democratic Party from the 1890's until his death.  He represented Missouri in the United States House of Representatives and served as Speaker of the House from 1911 to 1919.   I read elsewhere in the Winside history book a piece about Dr. McIntrye.  It portrayed him as quite the good person.  I'll get around to adding some of those biographies once I've finished with the year-by-year information.

I've used the photo before, but here's a nice one of the Pete Christensen family.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Told ya

Mon., August 19, 1935 - Annie came about 8:00 this a.m.  We stopped for Marian Jordan.  Today we canned 23 pints plus 16 quarts of corn and 4 quarts of apple sauce for us and 29 quarts of corn for Annie.  We had a dandy rain tonite, started about 7:00.  Stayed all night.
Tues., August 20, 1935 - Edwin brought me and the canned goods home this morning.  I canned up 3 quarts of apple pulp.  Typed again this afternoon and evening.
Wed., August 21, 1935 - Washed and waved my hair, baked bread, and canned 3 1/2 quarts of ripe cucumber pickles.  Went down town with Alma.  Howard was here when I came home.

See?  Lots of canning.  I know the basement was somewhat roomy, but it seems like they would be buried in canning jars by now.

For no particular reason, here is one of my favorite photos from a long-ago family reunion, or maybe 4th of July picnic.

Monday, September 11, 2017

More canning

Fri., August 16, 1935 - Canned 5 pints of tomatoes.  Went to Hans Ehlers' funeral this afternoon with Ola's.  Tonite Hazel and Gilbert Jochens brought us some apples.
Sat., August 17, 1935 - Cleaned the house and canned a quart of tomatoes.  Howard was here tonite and took me down town to do my shopping.  The Iversen and Rew girls are leaving Tuesday on a trip to the Black Hills.
Sun., August 18, 1935 - Slept late this morning.  Washed the jars for the corn and peeled apples for sauce.  Went up to Alma's this evening.  Had some ice cream there.

Spoiler alert -- there is even more canning coming up.  Basically, lots and lots of canning.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

A productive three days

Tues., August 13, 1935 - Alma brought our roaster back this morning. I peeled and cleaned the cucumbers.  Typed school stuff this afternoon and evening.
Wed., August 14, 1935 - Canned 4 1/2 quarts of ripe cucumber pickles and 3 pints of tomatoes.  Went down town with Alma to the free movie.  Saw the Iversens afterward and they brought us home.
Thurs., August 15, 1935 - Washed today and canned 3 quarts of apple pulp and 1 pint of apple butter.  Got letters from Ray and Mom today.

Based on this and previous diary entries, it seems those Iversen siblings hung out with one another quite a bit.  And why not?  I always thought they were lots of fun!

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Little bit of canning

Sat., August 10, 1935 - Alma came up this p.m. with the news that Hank Lautenbaughs have a baby boy and Mom should go there tomorrow morning.  Howard and I went to Wayne tonite.
Sun., August 11, 1935 - Mom left on morning train.  Howard came at 9:30 with roasting ears and Irene's typewriter.  I typed school stuff this p.m.  Howard here again rather late this evening.
Mon., August 12, 1935 - Baked bread and canned 6 qts. of pickled beets and 1 pint of tomatoes.  Annie and Ola here tonite - brought us some apples, ripe cucumbers and a head of cabbage.

A few clicks and I see that the Lautenbaugh baby was named Dean and he lives or once lived in Bellevue.  The Lautenbaugh family moved to Iowa at some point, but that's as far as I can get.

I did not think anyone ever canned just one pint of anything.  Canning, in my memory, was always a big quantity endeavor.  The things you learn . . .  The photo is of Laplander learning there is a guinea behind her.  Do know that nothing awful happened in the moments and minutes after I snapped the picture; everyone went peaceably on their way.