Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Melting snow

"November 4, 1992:  Helen is still sick -- was worse over the weekend.
November 5, 1992:  Has been cloudy all week and cold.  Howard had the pickup "tuned up" -- oil changed, new filters and spark plugs, etc. -- all to the tune of $69.60.
November 8 & 9, 1992:  Warm enough to melt almost all the snow.  Ground is black again.  Have passed the halfway mark in piecing the Storm at Sea quilt."

Hmmm.  I just noticed something.  Grandma tends to note the costs of house repairs and mower repairs and now the tune up for the pickup, but I haven't seen her note the costs of quilting fabric and supplies.  Funny!

Aunt Helen had been having a rough patch there.  We know she pulled through, but she was such a little thing that her being sick seems doubly hard on her.

We've seen other photos from this same day with these same people in them, but I thought this was a particularly good one of everyone.  Except maybe Uncle Raymond who was caught in mid-chuckle it looks like.


Monday, July 30, 2012

Election Day

"November 1, 1992:  Tom, Merilyn and Greta here for dinner.  Tom loaded up wood.  Merilyn picked out star quilt pattern.  She'll get material.  Started to snow in p.m. 
November 2, 1992:  Snowed most of night.  Not too cold.  Nearly three inches of snow.
November 3, 1992:  Voted today.  Clinton was elected president."

Grandma doesn't comment much on world events, but every now and then she does.  There is another coming up in 1993 that rather surprised me but you, dear reader(s), will have to wait to find out what that is.

Here's a photo of a very small woodpile, at least by Grandpa's standards.  I have to remember to ask Tom about Grandpa measuring logs to make them all the same length . . .

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Halloween, twice

"October 29, 1992:  To Norfolk in evening with Greta -- visited Irene.  Workers brought their youngsters for Trick or Treat.
October 30, 1992:  Pinochle at Elsie J.'s.
October 31, 1992:  Light rain in p.m. and evening.  Only 17 here for Trick or Treat.

I hadn't heard about the nursing home employees bringing their kids for Trick or Treating.  What a nice gesture.  I'm sure a lot of the residents/patients enjoyed the little faces.  I like the word "youngsters", by the way.

I don't know that Grandpa ever wore this nose for Halloween, but he certainly could have.

I have plenty of childhood memories of Halloween.  One recently came to mind when the father of one of my Norfolk elementary school friends died.  I don't remember what I wore for clothing, but one year I had a mask of a lady with red hair.  Not real hair, but shaped on the mask like the face.  I remember the face was rather normal-looking, but serious, too.  I guess maybe it looked very funny on a little girl because this particular dad laughed and laughed when I came to the door and made me come in and show his wife.  Funny what you remember from when you were a kid.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Flu shots

"October 21, 1992:  Back to Pierce today and got our flu shots.  Played Scrabble with Helen.
October 22, 1992:  Finished marking all the pieces for the Storm at Sea quilt.
October 28, 1992:  [Unsure of Grandma's writing here] washed on a.m.  Busy Bees at Nell's -- meeting postponed from last week because Junith was visiting."

Hmmm.  I'm drawing a blank here.  Which is extra bad since I am about 12 hours later with this post than I meant to be.  And it's Nancy's birthday and I only got to leave a voice mail.  But it's the weekend and that's good enough for me!  And since she made a card for my birthday with this photo as part of it, I'll post it for her big day.  It's kinda like a card, right?

Friday, July 27, 2012

Busy, busy

"October 17, 1992:  Dane here in a.m.  Baked, etc. in p.m.  Went to German Dinner at auditorium in evening.
October 18, 1992:  Lois, Gaylord, Mark, Jeff, Nancy and Irene here for dinner.  Lois brought Irene.  Greta, Dane, Helen and John here in p.m.  Killing frost last night -- 20 degrees this morning.
October 20, 1992:  John and Helen took us to Pierce for flu shots -- no doctor there so couldn't get them.  Went on to Norfolk and visited Irene -- then to WalMart's and I bought a new Tappon microwave.  Charles J. plowed the garden."

A busy few days there between having guests and baking and going downtown and cooking a dinner and travelling and shopping.  No wonder Grandma didn't plow the garden herself -- too tired!

Since Aunt Irene got a couple of mentions, she gets to be featured in my Photo of the Day.  I have that wooden rack on my desk and it has a few birds on it.  One of the birds in the photo looks familiar -- I may have gotten it from her things or else I have one very similar.  I'm becoming a bit of a bird lover and bird collector myself as of late.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some cookies for Aunt Helen

"October 10, 1992:  Baked cookies and took some to Helen.  She has a virus infection in the inner ear -- is very dizzy and tired.
October 14, 1992:  Guest day at WELCA.
October 16, 1992:  Bertha R. entertained the Pinochle Club.  I received high prize.  Nancy came in evening.  Dane stayed with Greta."

Speaking of baking cookies, I may just have to stir up a batch of Little Grandma's sugar cookies ( think the famous family recipe is hers anyway) to take to the county fair.  I mean, why not?  Just have to be organized enough to find the ingredients and get it done.  Much prefer staying inside and baking than working outside in the humidity, that's for sure.

I recently posted a photo of Grandpa and Aunt Irene, so now I will give equal time to Aunt Helen.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Roll what?

"October 4, 1992:  To church.  Cooked the Roll Pilce I started last Saturday a week ago.
October 6, 1992:  Colder, cloudy and rainy today after several weeks of Indian summer.  Defrosted the freezer.  Cut the patterns for Storm at Sea quilt.
October 7 & 8, 1992:  Started raining slow but steady Tuesday (the 7th) night -- rained all night, all day Wednesday and up to noon Thursday.  We had nearly 3.5 inches of rain.  Started cutting quilt blocks -- had to write to Nancy to buy more material."

I had to call and ask Mom what Roll Pilce was again.  I am in no way sure of the spelling, but I put it as Grandma had it.

Mom was kind enough to give me her Storm at Sea quilt.  I don't recall what colors Nancy's is, but I am guessing blues.  Mom's/mine is green -- my favorite color.

For no particular reason, here's a photo of Dale and I drinking milk and reading the paper.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A quilt, some Scrabble, and some pies

"September 25, 1992:  Finished binding a quilt that Arlene R. quilted for Sharalyn B.
September 27, 1992:  To church.  Helen and John here in p.m.  Helen and I Scrabbled.  She has an ear infection caused by a virus.  Is very tired and dizzy at times.
September 28, 1992:  Baked a cream pie and a pumpkin pie.  TOPS meeting in evening.  Spent the week cleaning desk drawers!!"

A cream pie just because!?  How great.  I thought Grandma only made them for holidays or special occasions. 

This probably isn't the quilt in question, but it's a quilt and some quilting ladies.  The third one from the left looks a lot like Rick's grandmother.  Wish more of those nice ladies were smiling.

Monday, July 23, 2012

More running around

"September 22, 1992:  Greta, Nancy and I went to Dale's place of work.  He gave us a real tour of the place.  Also saw where Mary had worked and Nancy's working place.  Some more shopping.  Left Lincoln about 3:00.  Stopped in Wahoo for parsley, apples and carrots from Jenny and at the Warehouse for a few items.  Home by 6:00.  Howard had painted back steps.
September 23, 1992:  Put three apple pies and one apple crisp in freezer -- also sacks of parsley.  In evening to a meeting in auditorium about new garbage collection."

Geesh!  Grandma gets back from a four-day whirlwind trip of southeastern Nebraska and the first day home she put together three pies plus more and then goes to a meeting in the evening?  Nicely done.

I wonder what Grandpa did all those days by himself, besides painting the steps.  It is weird to me to think of him rattling around the house all alone.  I don't think he minded, it is just an odd thought for me.  Maybe he stayed outside a lot, taking the outsides off of black walnuts for instance.  Pretty sure he is doing that in the photo as opposed to just happening to be standing there.  The piles of husks and the blackened gloves give it away.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Victor Borge on the TV!

"September 19, 1992:  Greta and I left at 7:15.  Stopped in Wahoo -- went to Warehouse and Leo's.  Had dinner with Bill and Jenny.  On to Lincoln to Dale's.  Nancy came and we went to Tom's.  Nancy and I had supper there and watched the Victor Borge VCR's.  I stayed at Tom's all night.
September 20, 1992:  Nancy took me shopping.  Tom had supper with us.  Merilyn had gone to Kearney for a meeting.  Greta, Mary, Rick and Mitch came in evening.
September 21, 1992:  Greta came to Nancy's.  We went to Wahoo.  Bill, Jenny, Jayme, Sandy and Hazel and we three went to Lied Jungle in Omaha.  Very enjoyable.  Ate at kitchen run my Roger and Carol Miller Bargstadt.  Did some shopping.  In evening went to Dale's.  Greta stayed with Mary."

Mom must have been on vacation from the bank because we have a Saturday through Monday represented here.  Not a bad deal to go on vacation and get to see me.  The Victor Borge tapes (not VCRs -- sorry, Grandma) are so funny.  I never tire of watching them.  I think all reading this will recall that he and Grandpa died on the same day.  Two great Danes gone up to the Pearly Gates together.  And, Mitch did a piece of Borge's for his thespian group audition.  Good humor is ageless.

I haven't posted this photo for a while so I am doing it now.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Trip to Norfolk

"September 15, 1992:  Got a permanent in a.m.  Bonnie F. drove me to Pierce to Dr. Voss to renew my prescription -- then on to Norfolk to do some shopping. 
September 16, 1992:  Busy Bees went to Becker's at Norfolk for dinner.  I rode with Irene F.
September 18, 1992:  Pinochle Club at Elta J.'s."

I don't have anything to add, so I am posting this photo which includes "Tommy" smiling.  I think he's wearing a favorite shirt, but not sure.  Looking at it again, Tom is the only one who looks truly, over-the-top happy.  Bill is just fooling all of us; he isn't happy so much as plotting something.  Nancy, too.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A-visiting to Wahoo

"September 12, 1992:  Jean, Dorothy Jo and Hank here in p.m.
September 13, 1992:  John and Helen took Howard and me to Wahoo to have dinner at Bill and Jenny's.  A delicious dinner of course, and a good visit.
September 14, 1992:  TOPS met here in p.m.  Have changed meeting night from Wednesday to Monday."

Not much to work with here.  I do like the mention of a delicious dinner.  And how Jean and Hank, usually referred to as such, had Dorothy Jo inserted in the middle there.  Quirky, Grandma.  Quirky.

With visiting and good times in mind, here is a photo of two gents certainly looking to be enjoying themselves.  I believe it is Nels Petersen on the left, Little Grandma's brother and Peter Iversen on the right.  Also, they have a little friend there between them.  Cheers!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Poor Dane again, maybe

"September 6, 1992:  Greta, Howard and I left at 6:30 for Lincoln.  Greta took us to Nancy's and then went to Mary's.  Nancy had dinner for us and Tom's.  In p.m. to Dale's for Dane's birthday.
September 9, 1992:  Went to Ladies Aid.
September 10, 1992:  Irene D. came in a.m. and shampooed the carpet.  Jean and Hank stopped for a few minutes in p.m.
September 11, 1992:  Irene D. came and vacuumed the carpets."

I have to wonder if this is the party for Dane when we all hid in the garage.  Dale or Lynn said something to Dane about his bike being missing and maybe stolen and they lured him in to the garage to check where we all promptly scared the poor kid to death.  If it wasn't this birthday, it was maybe the next one as I remember he was pretty young.  It's a wonder he isn't scarred for life.  Turns out he was more scarred by watching a show about a kid being abducted that he watched after Dale fell asleep and couldn't change the channel.  But I think I wrote about that before.

Here's a photo of Grandpa anxiously awaiting the trip to Lincoln.  (Actually it was taken in 1989, but he sure does look like he's anxiously awaiting something.)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Uncle Ray visiting

"August 31, 1992:  Soon to be a week with no rain -- fairly cool at night.
September 4, 1992:  Pinochle Club here.
Spetember 5, 1992:  Ray came this morning.  Visited all day -- went to Norfolk in evening so he could get an early start in a.m. to get Aileen at Neligh and then on to Winner.

Boy, I sure do dislike it when work gets in the way of my most important job of updating this blog.  I mean, really!!

I know we are currently here in 2012 well over a week with no rain.  And no rain in sight, unfortunately.  It is somewhat cool at night, so that helps a bit, I suppose.

Here's a photo of a reasonably pleased Uncle Ray and a very thrilled Grandma on some other visit of some kind of which there is no mention of on the back of the photo.  So there you have it.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Poor Dane

"August 28, 1992 (cont. because Mary missed this part in yesterday's post):  Nancy came this evening.  Left Dane at Greta's.
August 29, 1992:  Dane here in morning.  Nancy and I played Manipulation.
August 30, 1992:  Went to church.  Bishop Jessen preached -- stayed for pot luck dinner.  Dennis W. here in p.m.  Had a real nice visit.  Nancy left here at 5:00 on her way home."

Hmmm.  Grandma rather makes it sound like Dane was unceremoniously dumped at Mom's and that she and Nancy ignored him all morning whilst playing cards.  And, to make matters worse, it appears only Nancy left on the 30th, leaving Dane to his own three-year-old devices to find his way home.  Hardly the way to treat the Golden Child.  Look at him there in the photo, so sweet and trusting . . . love the foot position.

Monday, July 16, 2012

1992 had some weird weather

"August 25, 1992:  Rained last night and today, over 1.5 inches.  Helen and I played Scrabble here in p.m.
August 26, 1992:  Cool -- had furnace going.
August 27, 1992:  Merle and Arnold Knicker came in morning. They have an Apollo RV -- real nice.  Greta came in evening to visit with them.
August 28, 1992:  I made Danish pancakes for Merle and Arnold.  They left about 9:00 a.m.  Will go to Indiana -- then on to New England to see fall colors -- hope to be home in time to vote!!!"

I don't know who was the most excited for the Knickers to be able to vote, them or Grandma but I love the three exclamation points.  I never talked politics with Grandma and Grandpa.  I have no idea how they felt about such things.  If comments were made when I was young, I have forgotten them.  I get a kick out of couples that go vote religiously even though they know they are cancelling out each others' votes every time.  I am also reminded of Nancy's story of when she did some phone survey work as a part-time job.  More than once the wife she was talking to had to consult with her husband to find out who she was voting for before she could answer Nancy.  Now, that's not good.  But voting is good.  Very good.

A photo toast to voting courtesy of Grandpa and Aunt Irene.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


"August 21, 1992:  Pinochle club at Marie H.'s.  Arlene R. took me to club.  I won high prize.
August 22, 1992:  Baked a zucchini cake, two batches of zucchini bread, one batch banana bread.  Also fixed more tomatoes for Greta.  Merle Knicker called, will be here Wednesday or Thursday.
August 23, 1992:  Hot today.  Didn't go to church -- real tired today.
August 24, 1992:  Warm."

Gotta love zucchini.  It can be used for sweet things like cakes and cookies but also in meat and veggie dishes.  I read that dehydrated zucchini was real tasty.  I dehydrated a big bunch only to find I detested dehydrated zucchini.  Lesson learned.  Planning on a garden next year -- finally.

I don't think Dane and Grandpa ended up picking any zucchini, but they were outside and that's close enough for me to pick this photo for today.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tomatoes and refrigerator fixed

"August 18, 1992:  Finished binding Jenny's brick variation quilt.
August 19, 1992:  New compressor put in refrigerator, cost $195.
August 20, 1992:  Fixed six bags of tomatoes for Greta to freeze."

I guess I could have said in the title that a quilt was fixed, too, but that would be weird.

I've been working out in the heat today with no breeze, so that is all I have.

I bet it was hot that day on the Oklahoma border, but I don't remember it being so.  Nice socks, huh?

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hot and not-so-cold stuff

"August 15, 1992:  Lester took Raymond to Omaha this morning.  His flight left at 10:30.  Something's wrong with the refrigerator -- the ice cubes melted.
August 16, 1992:  Gene J. came at noon.  Need a new compressor!  Greta, Mary, Mitch and Rick here in p.m.  Gaylord and Lois came, too.  Gaylord brought Howard a wood burning stove."

This must be the wood burning stove that went in to the Honda House.  What a great addition that was!  Just ask any of the cats that used to hang out there.  It's hard to truly describe the Honda House to people.  It was a get-away, a club house, a tool room -- all kinds of things rolled in to one.

Best photo I have on hand with the Honda House in it, even though it is in the background.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Uncle Raymond still visiting

"August 12, 1992:  Went to WELCA meeting.
August 13, 1992:  To John and Helen's for dinner.  Greta, Lester, Dorothy and Raymond there, too.  Ate at 11:00 so Greta could be there.  I stayed for afternoon and Helen and I Scrabbled.
August 14, 1992:  Raymond and I visited Irene -- she seemd to be feeling good."

In a hurry, otherwise I would go back and see if I've yakked much about Uncle Raymond on here previously.  I will just say that he recently had his 99th birthday.  So glad that some of the Nebraskans made it out to visit him last year.  I think it was just last year anyway.

I know I've used this photo before, but it is such a great one of Uncle Raymond (well, and others in the photo, too).  It is how I remember him best, smiling and having fun.  I hope he is doing the same thing on his 100th birthday.

My apologies for not being a little more wordy with these posts.  Waiting for life to settle down a teensy bit or else for me to find a quieter time and place to do these posts where I can think a bit more creatively.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Chillin' and then not

"August 7, 1992:  In the last two days we've had a good 1 1/2 inches of rain.  Still using two blankets to cover with at night.
August 9, 1992:  Greta, Dorothy, Helen and I went to Stanton church for joint services.  Then to Norfolk and took Irene to eat at the Village Inn.  Hot today -- no rain for 2 days!!
August 11, 1992:  Rain and wind last night.  Put the border on Jayson's quilt top."

I wonder what temperature Grandma considered hot given the days and days of cool.  As my one science teacher taught me, temperatures are constant but "hot" and "cold" changes with a person's perspective.  I can't remember his name.  He was very funny and wore cool shoes.

Here's a cool photo I found.  I recognize Aunt Margaret, Aunt Myrtle, Little Grandma, and Aunt Clara.  The woman on the right with the purse on her lap and the one standing with her head turned I am unsure of.  The one standing could be Mom but I wouldn't be the farm on it.  Maybe half the farm.  I really like Aunt Clara's smile.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Busy, busy

"August 1, 1992:  Raymond at Elmer's for dinner today.  Finished piecing the two quilt tops for Mitch and Kyleah -- a 6-inch square quilt pattern.
August 2, 1992:  Went to church.  Had dinner at Greta's.  Helen, John, Raymond and Irene there.  Raymond and Lester got her from the home and took her back.
August 6, 1992:  Finished piecing the diamond 9-patch quilt top.  Raymond took Howard and me to the Black Knight for supper."

Well, this is much better.  All kinds of things happening with the "fam" for those six days.  Not that I have much to add, but there it is.

Photo wasn't from that day but it's got Aunt Irene in it and Mom, kinda.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Nothing to see here

"July 28, 1992:  Cloudy and rainy -- over two inches of rain last night.
July 31, 1992:  Sunny day -- July has been a cool rainy month.  Used air conditioner once and ceiling fans two or three times.  Needed a sheet and blanket at night.  49 degrees one night -- never in the 90's.  Only six clear days in July."

I think this is the first time I have had no event or family news or something akin to that to comment on.  For that reason, I will post a somewhat dreadful yet compelling photo that hopefully no one will see. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

July birthdays

"July 26, 1992:  Greta, Raymond, Howard and I left Winside at 6:40.  Arrived at Dale's at 9:15.  Nancy came after Raymond, Howard and me -- went to Tom's and had dinner there.  Then to Dale's for the p.m.  Mary, Rick, Mitch, Bill, Jenny, Jayme, Jayson, Lora were there.  Celebrated birthdays of Jayme, Tom, Nancy and Dale and Bill and Jenny's wedding anniversary.  Had a wonderful time.  Dale had finished a fence around the yard for the children -- a wonderful job.  Howard put up new rain gauge that John gave him.
July 27, 1992:  Warm and sunny."

I remember this day and it was a wonderful time and a wonderful fence.  At some point we quit getting together for the July birthdays, not sure when.

Photo is obviously from another time, but some of the same characters.  Especially Bill, he's a real character.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bathroom photo shoot

"July 24, 1992:  Pinochle Club at Leona B.'s.
July 25, 1992:  The past week has been cloudy, rainy and cool.  Turned the furnace on two mornings -- so cold and damp in the house."

Okay, since it's nine o'clock in the evening and I am just now getting this done, I am going to keep it short.  If I don't have to give it a lot of thought, then I'll be sure to finish and click "post".

Here, for no particular reason, is a photo of Aunt Irene in a bathroom, probably taken for no particular reason.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Silly temps, silly Grandpa

"July 18, 1992:  49 degrees at Norfolk last night -- coldest since 1922 on this date.  Greta took me to Norfolk to open house for Edwin's 80th birthday.
July 19, 1992:  Greta took Helen, Dorothy Jo and me to Pilger to church -- the three churches had services together.  Howard, Raymond and I played Kings Wild in p.m.
July 20, 1992:  We snipped and cut up beans for Greta to can."

49 degrees?!?  I would welcome that in a heartbeat right now.  For about 15 minutes and then I would want it to warm up a bit, but not to the 102 we are supposed to see today or whatever crazy number they are forecasting.

I found some more pictures and are itching to use them, but nothing in Grandma's journal has any correlation to the photos.  I may have to go rogue. . . .

Since we recently had the family reunion, here are two photos from the 1991 reunion.  The photo-taking session was over and Grandpa was pretending to not be able to get up.  So, his dutiful nieces, Jean and Marjorie, came to "help".  Dane is "helping", too.  Mainly moral support, I think.  I have seen that particular expression on Grandpa's face a million times.

Then this is what happened after Grandpa realized I took a picture.

I've also seen that expression a million times.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Picking beans

"July 14, 1992:  Greta picked two pails of green beans.
July 15, 1992:  TOPS.  Greta picked another pail of beans.
July 16, 1992:  I helped Greta can beans tonight -- 11 pints.
July 17, 1992:  Greta canned 11 more pints in morning.  She and Lester met Raymond at Omaha airport about 9:00 p.m."

Grandma reported that I picked peas awhile back.  I think I would rather do that than pick beans.  Beans blend in even more than peas do.  They pretend to be thick stalks and hide from the picker.

The photo is a tad too late to be timely, and I am certain this is not the same screen painting frenzy that was in previous posts.  But it shows what went on.  Those might be some of my mudpie dishes at the foot of the tree, but I'm not sure.  It also looks suspicuously like painting supplies.  For some reason, though, my mind went back to the fabulous time I had making mudpies.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cards and quilting

"July 9, 1992:  Pinochle Club at Stop Inn -- play off party.  I had low score -- was on winning side for a change.
July 11 and 12, 1992:  Over an inch of rain.
July 12, 1992:  I finished piecing Jayson's quilt top at 3:00 p.m.  Helen came then and we Scrabbled until 7:00."

This shows how much I know about Pinochle -- a low score is good.  I suppose that is handy information.

Maybe Nancy or Mom do, but I don't know what pattern of quilt Jayson got.  Will have to find out and dig for a photo.

First fizzle, and now a great word, Scrabbled.  I like it.

What a lovely coat Grandma has in the photo.  Why she is standing on a pile of dirt and that guy behind her on a concrete block, I have no idea.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Air conditioner

"July 5, 1992:  Rain this morning.  Nancy left for Lincoln about 4:15.
July 7, 1992:  Dorothy Jo and Betty Jo came here soon after dinner -- later we went to Helen's.  Had the air conditioner on tonight for the first time this year.
July 8, 1992:  WELCA this p.m."

Wow.  That's a bit crazy to have early July the first day for the a/c to be turned on.  Glad it worked out that way, but it's hard to imagine this year especially.

Grandma didn't say so, but I am guessing Nancy left at 4:15 p.m., not a.m.

Here's Grandma speaking at Dale's graduation in 1977.  No particular reason for posting it -- just hadn't used it yet.

I found this letter and wish I would have added it when I was posting about December 1991, but it's never too late.  Just a letter, nothing terribly special, but I saved it.

December 27, 1991

Dear Mary, Rick and Mitch,

Wasn't Wednesday a wonderful day?  I surely hope Rick didn't get too tired.  It was so nice to see him moving around so easily.  Of course, we didn't know when he was hurting.  Anyway, weatherwise/healthwise it was a wonderful Christmas Day.

Well, I've read my book "Miss Adams, Country Teacher" -- a most delightful book to read.  Now I'm going to let Rose Thies read it.  I know she'll enjoy it.

December 30, 1991

I must have been sidetracked -- hope to finish this now.  It looks as if today will be another cloudy, dreary day.  We'd like to see the sun again.  I hope Howard thanked you for the Certs -- sometimes he's forgetful -- but he was glad to get them.

It was so much fun to see Mitch walking around.  I'm anxious to see him manipulate the step here from the dining room to the porch.  It was fun to see Dane master it and will be just as much fun with Mitch.

I'm going to start working on quilts again.  I won't put one in the frame until after my birthday.  I have lots to sew in the mean time.

Happy New Year to you guys.

Love, Grandma and Grandpa

Monday, July 2, 2012

Found the book!

"June 30, 1992:  Norris, Vicki and Ann N. visited here in p.m.
July 3, 1992:  Nancy came at noon.  We fixed food for tomorrow -- played Manipulation in evening.
July 4, 1992:  Picnic at Dorothy Jo's.  Those present:  Norris, Vicki, Ann; Ramon and Linda; Myrtle, Gaylord, Lois, Mark and Jeff; Irene; Bernie, Carol, Kris and Ryan; Marvin, Betty Ann; Linda and Christopher; Gary A., Jennifer and Karen; Kevin and Mary; Betty Jo; Rick, Mary, Mitch; Greta and Lester; Helen and John; Nancy; Howard and I; Bob, Mary and Michelle.  Lloyd in hospital for tests, an irregular heart beat."

Grandma had a new line in her book for each family unit so her list looks more impressive.  But it was still a pretty good-sized bunch that year.  And we just had our early 4th this last weekend.  Wunnerful.

I have pictures of Christopher from this particular 4th, but I gave them to Linda a while ago.  And of course, I don't know where the photos I kept are at the moment.  This photo is of a different branch of the family tree and may or may not have been taken on the 4th but I simply love it, so I am posting it.  I don't care if I've used it before or not.  Love it!  Love it!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Travellers return

"June 24, 1992:  John and Helen home again from their trip to California.
June 26, 1992:  Pinochle Club at Ella M.'s.
June 28, 1992:  After church Dorothy Jo, Greta and I at Helen's for coffee for Greta's birthday.
June 29, 1992:  Over an inch of rain this morning."

I am close to matching 1992 dates with 2012 dates.  We just had a wonderful supper recently for Mom's birthday.  No coffee as I remember, but good times.  Now if we could just get an inch of rain to alleviate this heat.

Should be posting a baby photo of Mom since we are talking about her birthday, but I can't resist this adorable photo.