Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Picking corn

October 17, 1932 - Lovely day.  Played ball at noon.  Read this evening.  The folks started picking corn today, so we got up long before the sun did this morning.
October 18, 1932 - I went over to Alice's tonite right after school.  I stayed for supper and Raymond took me home.
October 19, 1932 - A real strong wind all day from the west.  Up early this morning and to bed early this evening.  Lena Walde Bruegger's birthday.

The corn-picking day was a Monday, so I am guessing Grandma got up early, but didn't necessarily pick any corn since she had to go to school.  But . . . maybe not.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Rebekah Lodge

October 14, 1932 - Played ball at noon and recess.  Mom and Lena Nieman came after me.  We stopped and got Mayme.  She got a permanent from Anna Boyd tonite.  Lloyd came after her.  I went to Rebekah Lodge tonite.  Alma L. and I walked home together.  Stopped at Lindbergh's a few minutes.
October 15, 1932 - Did the usual washing etc.  Went down town this evening and got some library books.  Talked to Marjorie a long time.
October 16, 1932 - Mom and I went out to see Carrie Hansen, but she wasn't at home.  We went over to Pryor's.  Had lunch there.  We went to Ola's and got Ray, then.  He brought me back to Walkers.

Well, we have Rebekah Lodge mentioned in this post, but no Iversen reference this time.  Must be patient, I guess.

For a photo I simply did a search for "1932" and came up with some pretty neat-looking Tinker Toys.  I like the siren.  And I am not sure if Tom has long hair, or if that is (more likely) a hanger of some sort.