Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No way!

February 22, 1932 - Sunshiny at times today and cloudy at other times.  Put up the flag for G.W.'s birthday.  We played baseball this noon.  Went to bed early tonite.  Wrote to Bernice May.  Ronald asked me over to dinner for next Sunday!  Ready to go to bed and Herbert Neitzke's came over and Evie and I had to dress and go down to visit.
February 23, 1932 - Foggy today.  We played ball this noon.  Evie made some divinity tonite but it didn't get hard.  Bud and I were picking at each other all evening.  I've been thinking about when we went to Des Moines four years ago last summer.  I wonder where Richard Snyder is now.
February 24, 1932 - Clear and thawed today.  Played ball this noon.  I washed my hair tonite and Evie gave me a fingerwave.  Mote inked and hektographed some material for me.  Dorothy J. is planning on having her party tomorrow nite.  I wonder if A.W. will be able to get here or not.

Surely the flag was put out every school day, not just on special days.  Or maybe Grandma meant they put the flag up at the Walkers.  Hmmmm.

I can see Grandpa's boot scraper there in the photo.  Boy, I could sure use that nowadays with all the rain we've had at the house.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Angel food cake!

February 19, 1932 - The fire wasn't started this morning.  Thawed some more today. Mote and I played 2 games of "Over the Top" tonite, but I lost both times.
February 20, 1932 - Washed stockings this morning.  Baked my first Angel Food Cake today and it was good.  Mote and I tried to make a Yellow Angel Food but it wasn't so good.  Quilted this afternoon and took a bath this evening.
February 21, 1932 - To church and Sunday School this morning.  Bob and Willard came over this afternoon and want to give a play.  They appointed me "boss" and said we girls should pick out a good play.  We sent for copies of two.  To church this evening.  Mailed letters to Jane and Aunt Mildred.

I do not recall Grandma ever not making a great angel food cake.  I am not sure what a yellow angel food cake is, though.

I grabbed this pic from some old negatives we found in Grandma's stuff.  I am thinking the baby is Mom, but if that's Grandpa holding her, he looks pretty thin compared to other photos of him when he was young.  Can someone set me straight on this one?  Thanks!!  Actually, maybe that isn't Mom . . . I can't tell, I guess.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Guilt-free and quilt-free

February 16, 1932 - Fire started at school this morning.  Started snowing this forenoon.  About 3 o'clock Bob and Lloyd came after the kids.  I dismissed school and went home with Nurenberg's.  Evie has her "Double Wedding Ring" in the frame and I quilted a little.  We played Rook tonite and had ice cream and cake.  The wind is blowing pretty hard.
February 17, 1932 - Fire started again.  The wind isn't blowing as hard as it did yesterday.  Only Laurence, Alfred, and Raymond were at school today.  The roads are all drifted shut.  I wore a pair of Mike's overalls to school and coming home I tried the deepest snowbanks.  I slept from 7:30 to 9:30 on the Midland daybed.  Then got up and listened to a choir sing.
February 18, 1932 - Fire started again!  All the kids back in school today.  I made out report cards and my monthly report.  Hektographed some work for tomorrow and then Mote and I played "Over the Top".  They opened the road today, and it's easier walking.

I was thinking this morning on my way to work about these diaries of Grandma's and what she would think of this blog and us discussing her comings and goings back in the day.  I think, since she doesn't disclose deep dark secrets, that she might like to be reminded of sitting on prune boxes and testing deep snow due to wearing overalls.  I bet she would have some embellishments about some of this that would be fun to hear.  So, I've decided to shut away any thoughts that all this might not sit right with Grandma.  I think she would enjoy it.

I looked to find out what game "Over the Top" is and came up empty.  Rats.

The photo is of some anonymous quilt-maker's quilt as I couldn't find a photo of a double wedding ring that Grandma made.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Who is Mote?

February 13, 1932 - Mother has been down to Katz' since Wednesday.  I washed my clothes this morning.  I went down and talked to Mother, then down town awhile.  I got a letter from Jane Jeffrey.  Ray and I played Rummy awhile and went to bed early.  Snowing tonite.
February 14, 1932 - Snowing and blowing this morning.  Got my clothes dried and started for Hoskins about 9:30.  Got to Hoskins and had to walk the rest of the way. I pasted pictures in my album.  We played Rook this evening.
February 15, 1932 - My fire was started for me this morning.  The road to the school is about all blocked.  Dorothy J. won't have her party tomorrow nite, I bet.  Got a valentine today and don't know who it's from.  Mote got one too that the return had not been included.  We played Rook. Mote and I had a friendly fight.

Neither Mom nor Nancy know who Mote is.  I've looked over the handwriting carefully and I am pretty sure it is Mote and not Mate.  Perhaps it will become clear later.  It must be someone at the Walkers' place since that is where Grandma stayed during this time.

I'm confused.  Grandma started to Hoskins and then had to walk.  Did she ditch a car somewhere or how did she get as far as she did before having to walk?  And the poor thing, how far did she walk in snow and maybe blowing snow?  She survived, we know that, so I guess it's not a big deal, just a curiosity we will never have the answer for.  Or more correctly, for which we will never have an answer.

The photo is Hoskins, circa 1913.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Marvel Faye

February 10, 1932 - Thawed some more today.  Walkers brought the phonograph up to school.  Mike, Mrs. W., the girls and I went to Prayer Meeting tonite in the Ford.  We girls sat in back on prune boxes and held on tight.  Got a letter from Mom.  Aunt Midge's baby girl born on my birthday.  Died right away.  Buried in Carroll Friday.  Named Marvel Faye.
February 11, 1932 - Thawed again today.  Tonite we girls manicured our fingernails.  I washed my hair and Evelyn fingerwaved it.  All in preparation for the grand party tomorrow nite.  Fixed the valentine box tonite.
February 12, 1932 - We had our valentines in school.  I got some real pretty valentines.  I went to the party at Maas' tonite with Arnold.  We played Bunco.  I just about got bobby prize.  Got home at 2 o'clock.

I don't know that I have ever heard about Marvel Faye, but I figured she should have top billing over Valentine's Day parties and riding on prune boxes, even though the prune boxes sounded interesting, albeit uncomfortable.  And my poor brain -- is Aunt Midge Aunt Mildred, Uncle Chris's wife?  I did a findagrave search to see if there was a photo of her gravestone, but I came up empty.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Another suitor?

February 7, 1932 - Went to Sunday School and church.  Lydia Wittler came home with us.  We took pictures this afternoon and played Rook.  Went to church tonite.  I came home with Arnold Wittler.
February 8, 1932 - The schoolhouse was pretty cold today.  I got my records today and tried them out this evening.  We played games that we are going to play tomorrow nite.
February 9, 1932 - Thawed today.  League meeting here tonite.  Dorothy J. came over and is going to stay all nite.  Willard is having his party this Friday nite and I'm going with Arnold Wittler.  Took records to school today.

That's two mentions of Arnold within three days.  Oh, well.  We know how this story goes, so it isn't a big thing.

Since the other photo of Grandma was one not familiar to at least two of my dear readers, here is another photo of young Ms. Andersen.  I am wanting to make sure you see all the ones that I have available.  I have seen that expression on her face more than once!

Thursday, April 17, 2014


February 4, 1932 - It is quite a bit warmer today.  I went home with Ronald tonite.  Mr. Jonson came after us in the sled.  We played Pinochle and 500 Rummy tonite.
February 5, 1932 - Real warm today.  Mr. Jonson took us to school in the sled.  Ray came home today and stopped at the schoolhouse a few minutes.  Fritz and Willard didn't have their party tonite.  We played Rook and Touring.  Talked quite late after we were in bed.  Got silk pajamas in mail from Mom for birthday.
February 6, 1932 - Walkers washed today and washed some of my clothes for me.  I went to Norfolk with Charlie Jochens.  Got my check in Hoskins first.  I saw Mayme and had a good chat with her, got some new shoes and dresses.  Studied Sunday School lesson tonite, took a bath, and went to bed.

The short article I read about Touring was interesting in that as the real-life lengths of trips in cars lengthened, subsequent versions of the game reflected more miles in the playing cards.

Please forgive my brevity.  I wanted to get back on track with posting after my weeks of fun with root canal problems, so I am just getting this one out of the gate, so to speak, and hope to be more verbose in the near future.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Happy 20th birthday!

February 1, 1932 - The schoolhouse was quite cold this morning.  The fire was started, too!  Tonite we all went over to Nurnberg's for Charlotte's birthday.  The drifts are steep between here and there.  Slept with the girls tonite.
February 2, 1932 - The girls moved my bed into their room today.  Now it'll be warmer getting up in the morning.  Got a card from Jane and letters from Mom, Loretta, and Mildred Andersen.  Early to bed tonite.
February 3, 1932 - Got a letter from Mayme.  Mom called up after school and wished me a happy birthday.  Ray and Hans went to Wausau in Ray's bug.  Walker's invited some kids over tonite for my birthday.  We played Rook.  Marie, Bob, and Charlotte Nurnberg; Dorothy and Gilbert Jochens, Fritz, Harry, and Willard.  Dorothy stayed all nite.

It sounds like Grandma had a nice time on her birthday.  Very nice of the Walkers to host a party.

I dont' know when or where the photo was taken, but I rather like it.  Grandma has her attitude on it looks like!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lots for me to learn on this one

January 29, 1932 - Today has been the coldest day this winter.  A strong wind from the northwest.  I went to school and I think I froze heel and knees.  Only Raymond came.  Willard had a fire started.  I came home at noon.  Read this afternoon.  We played Rook tonite.  The roads are blocked.
January 30, 1932 - I washed some of my clothes, mended, washed my hair and Evie finger-waved them.  I pasted pictures in my album and fixed my hektograph.  Cold today.  We played Rook this evening.  I slept with the girls last nite and am going to again tonite.  And fun!
January 31, 1932 - A month ago today it started snowing and we haven't seen the ground since.  We played Dominoes and Rook this afternoon and evening.  Evie made "kid" candy.  Evie and I cut out things for an illustrated letter.  I'm going to send one to Mrs. Smith.

Admission No. 1:  I had to look up what a hektograph was.

Admission No. 2:  I do not know what "kid" candy is.

Admission No. 3:  I am curious as to how early dismissal of school worked in 1932.  Did Grandma just send Raymond on his way?  (I imagine that may depend on how old he was.)  Did she walk him home if he wasn't very old?  Was there a phone to tell his parents he was coming?  Since it sounds like it was a pretty bad day weather-wise, I just can't see a schoolteacher just saying goodbye at the door and the two of them parting ways.  Nowadays, of course, there are texts and alerts and all kinds of ways to notify parents of an early dismissal.

In looking up hektograph, I found a rather interesting article on wikipedia.  I won't reproduce it here since it is somewhat lengthy (even just the super neat stuff), but refer my dear readers to the site to read for themselves if they are so inclined.

I have been forgetting to mention that this particular diary has lots of birthdays written in the margins, so if anyone is wanting to know or verify a family birth date, I may be able to help.

Friday, April 4, 2014

In the schoolhouse?

January 26, 1932 - It was snowing this morning, but quit before noon.  Tonite we went sleigh-riding.  Mildred, Harry, Willard, Charlotte, Marie, Bob, Hazel, Gilbert, Raymond and Lloyd Johnson.  Bob and Lloyd went to town and got weiners, bread and apples.  We had a weiner roast in the schoolhouse.  Bud and Mike weren't feeling good and stayed home.
January 27, 1932 - Mike, Mildred and Mrs. Walker went to choir practice tonite.  I wrote letters to Mother, Mayme, Florence F., Florence S. and Jane.  Frieda Bossard called up tonite and said she wasn't taking her school back next year.
January 28, 1932 - We're supposed to have more snow tonite and it acts as if we'll get it.  Evie came home today.  I ordered the Fullerton records tonite.

I guess it was okay or Grandma: 1) wouldn't have done it, and 2) wouldn't have written about it, but I am surprised that they were in the schoolhouse during non-school hours.  Perhaps they weren't very uptight about that back in 1932.

I find it sweet that Grandma wrote letters to Grandma Anna when she saw her pretty much every weekend.

The painting here isn't showing a winter scene, but I thought it was rather cheery.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Some new names

January 23, 1932 - I read all of the new magazines.  Also washed up my clothes and cleaned the house.  Mother and I went down town this evening.  We saw Peggy.  She's been in one cast or another since a year ago last November.  She has to keep this one on about three months and then she'll be out for good.
January 24, 1932 - Mother and I went to church this morning.  This afternoon Ray came in and we went out to Annie's.  Verne F., Martha, Edwin and Florence came out there.  We had ice cream.  We went sled riding tonite in the east part of town.  R.K. and Ervin came in, too.  Ray brought me back to Walker's tonite.
January 25, 1932 - Today has been a real nice day.  The school house was pretty cold this morning.  Aywaldt Walker's were here this evening.  I went to bed about 9 o'clock.  Too much exercise last nite made me tired.  Evie is at Meierhenry's doing some sewing.

I do not think I know who Peggy is, nor Aywaldt Walker.  I think I have that the way Grandma wrote it.  Her handwriting is good, but some letters can sometimes throw me for a bit of a loop.

For not particular reason, here are Grandma and Uncle Ray the day of their confirmation.