Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Dental and ducky fun

June 2, 2002:  Nancy came in early afternoon.  We ate, then she cleaned the bathroom and ironed for me.  I showered and then we played Rummikub.  I talked to Greta in a.m.
June 3, 2002:  Today is Jenny's birthday.  I played cards in evening.
June 4, 2002:  Bill came a little after 9:00.  My appointment at the dental school was 10:00, so we had plenty of time to visit.  Chad is the student who will be practicing on me.  Seems like a real nice young man.  Deadened my jaw and cleaned my teeth.  My mouth was so numb I couldn't eat until 2:30!!!  Bill laughed at me when I tried to talk.  Dolores came in evening.  We played Scrabble and Rummikub.  Zoya here a few minutes - she brought some of larger pieces of mail for me.

I don't know about anyone else, but I can pretty much picture Grandma with her mouth not working right from being all numb and Bill laughing about it.  I can also picture Grandma laughing about it, too.  Well, as much as she could with a numb mouth.

On a personal note, I am pleased to report that I have finally found the key to getting the ducks to use the fancy-schmancy deck and pool we built for them . . . mealworms.  If you put some on the ramp (after adjusting the ramp a bit more for the ducks' stubby legs) and put some in the water (mealworms float!), and then go away, the ducks will go after the worms and slowly find their way up the ramp and in to the water.  The first duck gets all the worms, but the others hear the happy noises from above and figure it out as well.  I am one proud ducky momma right now.  A few more days of worm training and I will take away their kiddie pool, aka source of much mucky muddy messiness.

The photo is of Grandma in a totally different situation in which she was laughing and being laughed at, even though she wasn't when the photo was taken.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Of course

May 30, 2002:  Tried twice to get Myrtle. Then Lois called that she had taken Myrtle to the hospital in Wayne.  Myrtle's good leg was swollen and both were painful.  Tom here tonight -- had supper.  He took care of laundry and I showered and of course, we played Rummikub.  Merilyn called and said she had bought a new cat!!!
May 31, 2002:  94 degrees today.  I hope all summer won't be that bad.  Last winter was so mild I only wore my extra warm winter coat once.  Nancy came at supper time.  We stopped at Popeye's for chicken dinners -- went to her house to eat.  Then we sat on the deck and enjoyed the lovely evening.
June 1, 2002:  Hot again today.  Mitch and Anna here in evening.  We played Rummikub -- then watched cartoons on TV.  They went to sleep fairly early.

Nice that Grandma recognized the massive amounts of Rummikub playing that went on back then.

And that must have been some kind of record; Tom and Merilyn were without a cat for a whole nine days!!!  (My turn for exclamation points.)  I am just funnin', of course.

And here's Tom with Nancy's favorite cat, Satch.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Back home

May 27, 2002:  Greta and Nancy went on the bus with the Boy Scouts and Legionnaires to put poppy wreaths on soldiers' graves.  They went to seven cemeteries.  At noon, dinner in the Legion Hall.  In p.m. out to cemetery to pick up the flowers and planters.  Back to Lincoln at 8:30.
May 28, 2002:  Mary took me for my hair-do.  Very tired and did nothing but lie around the rest of the day.
May 29, 2002:  Still tired -- didn't go to Book Club meeting.

Well, after not posting for a little over a week, one would think I would have something profound to add here.  Unfortunately, I do not.  I do know that I am not 90 years old yet, but I can have two tired days in a row in the circumstances are right.

The photo has nothing to do with anything really, but I couldn't hold back using it.  Love the clothes and also my shoes, the hair, the cars -- all of it.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jelly mystery

May 24, 2002:  Still haven't found out who gave me the jelly.  It wasn't Helen D., Gertrude or Wayne B.  Mary had lunch with me and I showered.  Chilly today -- had to turn on the heat.
May 25, 2002:  Nancy and I to Winside in the morning.  Dinner at Greta's was liver and onions -- really good!!! In p.m. Greta, Nancy and I went to cemetery to put the flowers on the graves.  There were 14 graves for my side of the family and 20 for relatives and special friends on Howard's side.  In the evening to the Alumni Banquet.  A very good attendance.  I received a prize for the oldest one who had been in a senior class play.  No dance this year so people could stay in the auditorium and visit.  Had a really good time.
May 26, 2002:  Greta made delicious cornbread for breakfast.  Went to church.  In p.m. the girls studied the Power of Attorney information.  Greta shortened Nancy's slacks, we decided on pattern for quilting my hexagon quilt and we played Rummikub.  We had Omaha steaks for supper!  Yum!  Yum! Good.

So much to like about this particular entry; praise (but no surprise there) for Mom's cooking, a visit to the cemetery (still one of my favorite places), exclamation points, and a productive day on the 26th.

Question:  are "we" still decorating 34 graves?  I didn't remember that I had that many to do when I stepped in one year to put out flowers.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

RIP Sneakers

May 21, 2002:  Tom called this morning.  They are flying to Las Vegas today -- then renting a car and going to Laughlin.  Sneakers hasn't been well -- Tom took him to the vet and Sneakers was put to sleep.  Mary took me for my weekly hair appointment.  Received a notice from the doctor's office about the blood test.  Seems my blood sugar count is a little high -- I'm supposed to watch my diet!!!!
May 22, 2002:  Started living here a year ago???  Called Dorothy Jo and Ray today -- their birthdays are tomorrow.  Maryan C. brought me a 6-inch blue and white tile with pictures of Dutch windmill, canals and boats. It was made in Holland.  She thought it would look nice with my blue plates.  Went to Book Club tonight.  I found a glass of homemade jelly by my door when I came back.  Talked to Nancy -- rained this evening -- some thunder and lightning.
May 23, 2002:  Myrtle called this morning -- no rain there last night.  I called around and I guess Helen D. may have made the jelly.  I left a message on her answering machine.  Nancy brought "Submarines" for our supper.  She attended to some laundry for me -- we played Rummikub.

Poor Sneakers.  He was a really cool cat.

I hate to disagree with Grandma but she moved to Lincoln in October, not May.  And if she meant half a year, she was still off a little bit.  Maybe that's why she added so many questions marks -- because it was a question, and not a true statement.  A quiz, actually.  Hmmmm.  Did she foresee a blog in the future?!

I don't recall blood sugars being an ongoing problem for Grandma so either they weren't that bad, or she quietly watched her diet, or she said the heck with it and ate what she wanted.

The word submarines in quotes.  Too funny.

Here's a photo showing some of the people Grandma mentioned.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

I'm confused

May 18, 2002:  Nancy came in a.m.  We went to a bank to get cash for me.  Ate at noon at Howard's Pantry.  Nancy then bought flowers.  We went to her place.  She went for Dane and Anna who were at Dale's.  They helped her set out the plants.  She brought back hamburgers for us after she took the kids home.  Then took me home.
May 19, 2002:  Nancy came early p.m.  We ate lunch -- I showered -- she vacuumed.  Then we played Rummikub.  She left fairly early.  Maryan C. stopped to tell me the elevators weren't working.  She stayed awhile and we had a nice visit.  Nancy found the Pinwheel quilt in the basement storeroom.
May 20, 2012:  Played lazy today.  Listened to tapes from Lester.  Went to a general meeting in the lobby this evening. After the meeting we had angel food cake and strawberries.  Dolores came and we played Rummikub -- we each won three games.

I am wondering what occasion would put Dane and Anna at Dale's house without Mitch or Kyleah.  So . . . I wonder if Grandma wrote a wrong name.  In any event, it sounds like May 18 was a nice day.

Here is a totally unrelated funny that got me laughing.  I found in The Curious Gardener's Almanac, that "[i]n days gone by, it was not uncommon in springtime to see a farmer drop his trousers and pants and sit down on the soil.  If the soil was not too cold, that farmer knew it was time to sow his crop."  I know Grandpa was a serious gardener, and therefore was probably a serious farmer, but I am really hoping he used a different method!

And speaking of Grandpa and Grandma, Friday (when I intended to post this) was the 77th anniversary of their marriage.  I imagine they had a little celebration together.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Exclamation points aplenty

May 15, 2002:  Copied some more into my new journal.  Went to music program at school of Anna's class -- in p.m. that was three rooms of first graders!!!  The theme was bedtime songs and lullabies. Mary took me.  Book Club in the evening.
May 16, 2002:  Copied some more in my new journal.  I called Myrtle -- didn't look at the calendar -- it wasn't my turn!!!  Tom here for supper.  He attended to the laundry.  I showered and then we played Rummikub.  My neighbors from across the hall came back from Arizona the first part of the week.  They had been there since October.
May 17, 2002:  Finished copying from old journal.  Listened to tapes most of the day.  Mitch and Anna here in evening.  We watched TV -- they conked out quite early.

I guess having taught in a one-room schoolhouse and then at a small (in comparison) school system such as Winside's, that three rooms of first graders was worthy of three exclamation points.  It somewhat reminds me of some college acquaintances that were floored that I knew our county sheriffs by their first names.  There are many bigger city v. small town stories that are a bit humorous.

On the present-day front, the radishes are sprouting!  Given our weird spring and late garden start, this news, too, is worthy of extra punctuation!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Well, that explains it

May 12, 2002:  Tom took me to Nancy's for Mother's Day gathering.  Merilyn came alone as she had to help Linda.  Bill and Jenny and Jayson's family came in p.m.  Rest of family there for pot luck dinner.  Lynn couldn't be there -- some sort of track meet.  We had a most enjoyable day.
May 13, 2002:  Nancy took me to the doctor in p.m.  Still doesn't know why my right [foot?] is swollen and causes pain at times.  Played tapes that Lester made for me -- some beautiful songs.  Played Seven-Up in evening.
May 14, 2002:  Had my shampoo and set.  Started copying material from old journal into new one Greta gave me for Mother's Day.  Called Lester to thank him for the tapes -- 4 of them.

I had noticed that this most recent journal, unlike others before it, were written in the same ink and in very consistent handwriting.  I would bet that this journal is the new one Grandma is talking about and the one she had been copying in to.  I peeked ahead and found other colors of ink and other variances.  Mystery, small as it was, solved.

Grandma left out a word and I thought it was her foot that she was having problems with.  Maybe we will see as we go along if I am right or wrong about that.

The photo isn't from 2002 since it was taken at Bill and Jenny's, not Nancy's, but I am thinking it may be a Mother's Day photo but the mix of short and long sleeves may mean it was Easter.  I like it nonetheless.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Two having a blah day

"May 9, 2002:  Talked to Myrtle in a.m.  Tom and Nancy here for supper.  I showered and then we played Rummikub.  Nancy washed my double knit dresses.
May 10, 2002:  A "blah" day.  Mitch sick so no kids.  Called Arlene R. for her birthday.
May 11, 2002:  Made a chocolate cake and a lemon dessert for tomorrow."

I guess Mitch could be described as having a blah day, so that is why I decided on two.

I apologize for my lapse in blogging.  I am going to blame it on forces beyond my control since that makes me blameless:  preparation for graduation party, graduation party, graduation itself, having a long-lasting cold, and then recovering in between all of those things.  I am hopeful that I will be back in the groove of things very soon.

The photo is of both Grandma and Mitch (and Dane and Kyleah) not having a blah day.