Friday, January 31, 2014


October 10, 1931 - I got up about 10:30 this morning.  I straightened up the house and washed my silk things.  I started to walk out to Annie's this afternoon, but got a ride to the east corner.  Ray and I wanted to go to the dance at Hoskins tonite, but Mother said we'd better stay home.  Emelia, Art, Dora and Hans Ruschman came back from Rochester today.
October 11, 1931 - I helped Mother with the work this morning.  The baby surely is sweet.  He's so big and so long.  Annie had quite a bit of company today.  There was a free dance in Hoskins tonite. Mother said we could go if I got to Walker's by eleven o'clock.  But Ray didn't want to go, so I was in bed by 9 o'clock!
October 12, 1931 - It rained all day today.  Mr. Walker took me to school this morning.  I went to bed early this evening.  Our new geographies finally came today.  They surely are nice.

Somehow I can kinda see Uncle Ray and Grandma in my mind disagreeing about going to a dance.  I might have it all wrong, but I do have a mental picture.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Wonder if that baby was bewildering . . .

October 7, 1931 - No rain today but it was muddy.  The kids had all calmed down from their short vacation.  The entire family went to church tonite.  I stayed home and studied.  Our order came today, that is all except the Geography books and that's what I wanted the most of all.
October 8, 1931 - Rather chilly today, but nice anyway.  The folks went to church again this evening.  I stayed home and studied and listened to the radio.  I wrote to Mildred and Ervin tonite.
October 9, 1931 - I stayed up to the school house until 6 o'clock cleaning up the library.  I'm beginning to get things fixed the way I want them.  Ray came after me about 8 o'clock.  We went home, got ready and then went to the dance at Schellenberg's.  We had a real good time.  I went to supper with Herman Eckert and home with Lyle Jenkins.  Ray told me tonite that Ola's have a 10-1/2 lb. baby boy, born Wednesday, and named LeRoy Rayburn.

Supper with one fellow and home with another!  Scandalous!

Here's a bit about 1930's radio found on the net:

For the radio, the 1930s was a golden age. At the start of the decade 12 million American households owned a radio, and by 1939 this total had exploded to more than 28 million.

But why was this ‘talking telegram’ so popular?

As technology improved radios became smaller and cheaper. They became the central piece of furniture in the average family’s living room, with parents and children alike, crowding around the set to hear the latest installment of their favorite show.

Radio may have had such mass appeal because it was an excellent way of uniting communities of people, if only virtually.

It provided a great source of entertainment with much loved comedians such as Jack Benny and Fred Allen making their names on the wireless.

It marked the advent of the soap opera, a running story that people could return to, with characters they could sympathise with and love. The series ‘Our Gal Sunday’ - about a small town girl finding love with a wealthy Englishman - had the young women of the country glued to their sets.

Radio programs provided a source of inspiration, with heroes like the Lone Ranger and The Shadow getting embroiled in deadly capers. But they also promoted old-fashioned American family values and gave people a model to live by. On Wednesday nights at 8pm when the public tuned in to ‘One Man’s Family’ they were greeted with the opening: ‘Dedicated to the mothers and fathers of the younger generation and to their bewildering offspring.’

News broadcasts also influenced the way the public experienced current affairs. When the Hindenburg airship exploded in 1937, reporter Herb Morrison was on the scene, recording the events to be broadcast the following day.

But above all the radio provided a way to communicate like never before. Franklin Roosevelt’s ‘fireside chats’ helped the population feel closer to their president than ever.

By the end of the decade radio had exacted quite an influence on the American media. Advertisers capitalised on radio’s popularity and the idea of the ‘sponsor’ was born. Radio also helped establish the national broadcasting networks such as NBC and CBS, still present to this day.

After the 1930s the popularity of radio began to decline at the hands of newer, more visual technologies. But the influence of the ‘golden age of radio’ on the American way of life will never be forgotten.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

There he is again

October 4, 1931 - To church this morning and to Mrs. Adolph Rolfe's funeral this afternoon.  Mother, Ray and I went to the barn dance at Ed Schellenberg's tonite.  We had a real good time.
October 5, 1931 - Mayme and K.C. got here at 8:30 and we got to Wayne for Institute at about 9:00. Mayme and I had dinner at the Gem Cafe.  We came home on the train.  Uncle Hans' got word today that Aunt Lena was worse.  Uncle Hans and the girls left for Rochester this afternoon.  Aunt Nan was here for supper and stayed all nite.
October 6, 1931 - Mother was going to take us to Wayne in the Ford, but it wouldn't work, so we had to use Mrs. Brown's car.  Mayme and I had dinner at the Boyd Hotel.  We came home with Nona Fillmore.  Emelia, Art and Hans Ruschman came today.  They're going to go to Rochester tomorrow. Lloyd came after Mayme and they brought me here.  It started to rain about 7:00 and we had a real good rain.

I will be interested to see what comes of this K.C. person.  I have not read forward to see if Grandma ever uses his name.

I can't get a good enough photo that will enlarge, but here is the Boyd Hotel circa 1908.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Play ball!

October 1, 1931 - I played ball with the kids this morning, noon, and both recesses.  Evelyn cashed my check in town for me today.
October 2, 1931 - I played ball again today with the kids.  Mother and Aunt Nan came during the 2nd recess and visited during drawing period.  They helped me clean up after school.  We stopped out to Annie's a few minutes on our way home.  I went to choir practice tonite.  Florence and I had a real good time talking!  Dora, Aunt Nan and Mrs. Staben were here for supper.  Dora and Mrs. Staben stayed all nite.
October 3, 1931 - Mother did a small washing today.  I washed my hair and Ray took me to Alice's to get a fingerwave.  She was at her folks and we went there.  Mayme and I had a good talk.  I went to bed at 8 o'clock tonite.

I have a photo of Grandma jumping rope sometime in her 50's, but I would certainly love to have a photo of her playing ball.  I hope she had fun and wasn't just doing teacherly duties.

I haven't asked -- who is the Mayme that Grandma mentions often?  I am thinking Mrs. Leo Jensen spelled her name differently, so I am guessing it wasn't her.  I sure did like her and Leo.  I wish I had known them better.

(I know this photo has a permanent place on this blog, but I wanted to share it again this way.  Looks like she's wearing slippers....).  Funny to see the buildings and land behind her.  The property to the east was still a cow pasture then.  I remember seeing a cow every now and then when I was little.

Monday, January 27, 2014

A paycheck!

September 28, 1931 - I was going to examine the kids today but George wasn't there so I'm putting it off until tomorrow.  I went to bed early tonite.
September 29, 1931 - I examined the kids today, but I didn't send any reports home with them.  I went to League at Wm. Maas' with the kids tonite.  They asked me to be a member and voted me in also. We played games in a hay-meadow.  I broke my beads and we hunted them by the use of flashlights. Mr. and Mrs. Walker went to a W.M.S. rally at West Point today.
September 30, 1931 - It's raining to beat the dickens today.  It quit about noon.  I went into town with Mr. and Mrs. Walker tonite to prayer meeting and after that I got my first check.  Oh!  What a grand and glorious feeling.

Looking back, it seems Grandma got paid one month after she started teaching.  I know I would have had trouble waiting a whole month to be paid for a new job.  I bet that is only part of her grand and glorious feeling.  Since she said she had always wanted to be a teacher (and was always the teacher when the kids played school), I imagine she had all kinds of reasons for feeling elated.  There is something extra special for getting paid for something you love to do.

Those were sure some nice kids to look for beads by flashlight for a brand-new member of the group.  I wonder how many they found.  I also, of course, do not know what beads Grandma was speaking of, but here is a 1930's necklace.  I like it!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Question answered

September 22, 1931 - I worked on my lessons this evening.  I washed my hair after I got home from school this evening.  I got a letter from Mrs. Smith today.
September 23, 1931 - Evelyn fingerwaved my hair for me this evening.  I went into town tonite with the kids.  I went to Mr. Templin's and ordered some school supplies.  I saw the play the League is going to give and it's real good.
September 24, 1931 - I fussed around today like an old hen trying to find drawing work for those pupils.  I'm glad I've only got eight and not 28.  It rained all day today.

Pretty normal stuff here.  Mom found out the answer to my question about the difference between a Marcel and fingerwaving.  If my poor memory suffices, she asked ladies at the retirement villa and they said a Marcel is a permanent and fingerwaving is a way to fix your hair, probably easiest to do after having a Marcel.  And since it is early for me to be doing this, I am hoping Marcel is correct.  I didn't look back to be sure.

The photo isn't of a hen -- my first thought for this post -- but instead my favorite boy turkeys that entertained me so much last year.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Now what's this??

September 25, 1931 - It didn't rain today but it was cloudy and cold.  Ray came after me after school. We went out to Ed Schellenberg's to the barn dance tonite.  It was just a neighborhood affair.  I went home with K.C.!!!  We were with Mayme and Loyd.  In all the excitement I forgot my hat at Schellenberg's.  Martha came home today.
September 26, 1931 - I went down town this morning and got my raincoat.  I also had Dr. McIntyre show me how to examine my pupils.  Mother helped me wash out my clothes today.  Ray and I went to the dance at Hoskins tonite and had a real good time.
September 27, 1931 - There was no church this morning.  I studied part of the day and also slept. This evening Mother and I went to the program at the Evangelical Church in Hoskins.  Ray took us but didn't go in because he didn't feel good.  We stopped at the farm and I got my hat.

This K.C. character rated three exclamation points.  Any guesses from anyone as to who Grandma is talking about?

Funny about the hat.  That's absolutely something I would do.

John and Mom and I went out to Aces Haus, a local restaurant with German fare, tonight for my birthday. We had a very nice time and the food was 'delish'.  Mom gave me a cookbook that has some yummy recipes inside, I must say.  Now, just to convince John that something cooked from a recipe can be as good as his "dump" cooking.

I don't have a birthday photo scanned and ready to use, so here is one that was developed in 1963, which likely means that I had had a birthday by the time this was taken.  Close enough!

I'm back!

September 19, 1931 - I went down town this morning with Mother.  I got a new hat and ordered a new raincoat.  Ray and I went to Wayne to the Fair this afternoon.  I found Louise E. and Ester M. and spent the afternoon with them.  We were all in the grandstand together for the performances this evening.  After that Ray and I found Florence and Edwin.  Ray and I got home at 11:30.
September 20, 1931 - We went to church this morning.  Edwin was at our place when we came home.  Ray, Florence and I went with him to McLeon to see Bernice.  Meta, Lyle, Clifford, Marie, Orville, Hans and Lillie were there, too.  Coming home we went over the worst roads we could find.  Uncle Hans came home form Rochester today.  Edwin and Uncle Hans brought me here this evening.
September 21, 1931 - I was tired tonite and went to bed quite early. The kids went to play practice tonite.  The league is giving a short play and program at the church next Sunday night and that's what they're getting ready for.

He tried to dissuade me from my view, but I told John, my dear hubby, that it would take him minutes to fix my blog problem and I was correct.  I am not super computer-stupid, but finding problems and solving them on here are definitely NOT my forte.  So, I'm back, up and running.  Now, once I turn this off tonight, I may have to engage his help again if I get the same problem, but I will know it is a quick fix and summon him directly.

Some of us will remember that Grandma said she never liked buying hats because she didn't like looking at herself long enough in a mirror to select one.  Or something to that effect.  I found that somewhat sad, but since then I have been known to go to work with stuff on my face because I rarely look at myself in a mirror either, so it's not sad, just un-vain.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

I set about to find a photo with Grandma wearing a hat.  This is the closest I came.

And where or what is McLeon?

Friday, January 10, 2014


September 16, 1931 - Mother and I went down to see Aunt Nan this morning.  I slept pretty nearly all afternoon.  Aunt Nan came along with Ray tonite when he brought me back.  Mother was coming along too, but Mrs. Wolfe and Norma came just before we started to get ready.
September 17, 1931 - Kids were all good today after their short vacation.  Got letters from Loretta and Ervin today.  I got a big kick out of Ervin's letter.  Mrs. Walker, Bud, Evelyn, Mildred & Lydia Wittler went to the Madison Fair this afternoon and will be gone until tomorrow afternoon.  So Mr. Walker and I are baching.  It's raining.  I hope it keeps it up the rest of the nite.
September 18, 1931 - It wasn't raining this morning but started in the middle of the forenoon.  I didn't expect Ray to come after me tonite but he did anyway.  I was going to choir practice tonite but it was so rainy and when I talked to Florence she said she wasn't going so I stayed home.  Mother, Ray and I played pinochle.  

I am doing this post from my iPad.  If I log on from my tower, I get an error message.  I may have to bring in the resident expert to figure out what is wrong.  I did a scan with my virus protection, but it didn't find anything. So, in the meantime I will have to go low and slow with this touch, one-finger keyboard.

I, like Anna, sure wish people wrote more letters nowadays. There is just something extra special in getting a letter that is better than getting an email.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Totally lost


September 13, 1931 - I slept late this morning.  Ray and I went out to Annie's a few minutes this noon.  I asked her about some school stuff.  Aunt Nan came today.  We went down to see her just before we left for Hoskins.  Roxie and Peggie came with us.  All except Mr. Walker went to church tonite.  Herbert Behmer's came over this evening.  Mr. Walker got back from Chicago last nite.
September 14, 1931 - Back to school again.  This is the beginning of my third week as a teacher.  The folks here liked my permanent.  I can hardly get used to Mildred with her new glasses.  Mike is going to be gone this week. He's visiting in Madison.
September 15, 1931 - We are having tomorrow off to go to the fair.  Today is Mr. Brown's funeral.  We had a pretty good rain this afternoon.  I got a letter from Walter.  Mother and Ray came after me this evening.  We played pinochle and pinochle rummy before we went to bed.

I think I count seven names of people I am not at all familiar with.  But that's fine.  I'm good with it.

And speaking of schools . . .