Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Only $50

June 13, 1932 - Too muddy for Ray to work today.  He and Mom went out to Ola's this a.m.  I ironed this a.m. and p.m.  Went down town a few minutes before supper.  Tonite Tillie, Harold J., Arlington, Donald, and Buckie came up and we got our stunt planned.  Mom and Ray came home about 10 o'clock.  Arthur Kahler birthday.
June 14, 1932 - Mom and I got Ola's car this morning and went to Hoskins.  Albert Behmer and Fred Jochens are the new board members.  I guess I get the school again but will only get $50.  Ray and I went to the Alumni tonite.  We had a pretty good time.  Anna Laura Cooper birthday. 
June 15, 1932 - Annie came after me this morning.  She went out and worked in the field.  The kids and I took a nap this p.m.  Tonite Ola went to a Farmer's Union meeting.  Annie, the kids, Louis and I stayed at Frinks.  Edna Wagner birthday.

Fifty dollars a month for teaching.  Seems crazy now.  We do have the benefit of Grandma's ledger that is in the back of this particular diary to see how she spent her vast wealth.  She didn't start anything until September and quit by early November -- bookkeeping apparently was not her thing back then.  Maybe the new school year gave her the short-lived motivation.

I find it rather fascinating that Grandma's handwriting didn't change much at all from age 20 until age 80 and beyond; it is easily recognizable.  I think my handwriting from my twenties is quite different from how I write now.

Half of Grandma's first paycheck in the new school year went to repay Grandma Anna and then one-quarter to room and board.  Thankfully it seems she had enough to stay afloat and increase her cash on hand by a good bit.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Handsome fellers

June 10, 1932 - Marked my design on a rug and painted part of it.  Annie and kids came in this noon and Mom and I went with her to the graduation exercises for the 8th graders at Wayne.  Saw Jane and stayed with her.  Went up to the park to the band concert this evening with Jane, Mabel Levi, Elizabeth Woods and Mae Beckenhauer.
June 11, 1932 - Went down town with Jane and a.m., saw Uncle Chris at the garage.  Went down to Aunt Mildred's this p.m.  I had supper there.  Tonite they took me to Carroll.  Mrs. Trumbaur, Mr. and Mrs. Dennis, Jane, Helen Kilmer and Sonny went along.  Stopped at Mrs. Smith's.  Ray met me there and we went to the dance, had a good time.
June 12, 1932 - To S.S. and church this a.m.  Ray went up to Uncle Hans' and Mom went out to Ola's.  Lydia, Evie and Mote came after me this p.m.  We went to Wittler's and watched the boys play baseball.  Went to church to the Children's Day Program tonite.  Arnold took me home.  Mrs. C.A. Andersen's and Grandma Andersen's birthdays.

What's this thing with painting rugs?  I don't recall hearing Grandma talk about that.  What was painted on exactly?  Inquiring minds.

And does anyone know how long Uncle Chris had the garage?  Obviously, he carried on after Grandpa Andersen died, but for how long?

Monday, September 22, 2014

It is Tom, right?

June 7, 1932 - Cleaned the front room and gave the floor a coat of varnish.  Mom went to the Juvenile R.N.A this p.m.  I went to League at C. Jochens tonite with Arnold. W e played outside and had a weiner roast.  Had a good time.  This is Rev. Baun's last meeting with the C.E.  He leaves tomorrow for Sutton, his new place.
June 8, 1932 - Mom worked in the garden this a.m. and went to Ladies' Aid this p.m.  I gave the front room floor a second coat of varnish.  I went down town tonite, saw F.S. and talked with her, talked to Miss Mettlen about the stunt, walked up and down the street with Alina L. and had a good time with her.
June 9, 1932 - We washed today.  It started raining about 10:30.  None of the clothes were dried.  Ray came home about 1:30.  Rained just about all p.m.  Ray and Mom worked on a small rug and I slept.  This evening I made a design for a rug.  Grandpa Henry Kahler's birthday.

Here is the photo that goes with the one from my last post, plus that one just to make the comparison easier.  I'm pretty sure that's Tom being picked on my Bill.  I have no date on the photos, so I do not know the occasion.  But, believe it or not, there was a bit of goofing off going on.  I don't know anything about the cars in the photos either.

I bet putting wash out on the line and have it start raining would be a major bummer.  Or maybe they didn't even get to the line and had to sit around wet for awhile.  Either way, it would definitely put a damper (no pun intended) on my enthusiasm for laundry.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Missing in 2014

June 4, 1932 - Finished cleaning upstairs and moved things back into the bedroom downstairs.  Mom and I went down town this evening.  Marjorie M. notified me that I'm supposed to see to a stunt for the Class of '30 at the Alumni Banquet June 14! Some job, I think.  Rachael Bracken birthday.
June 5, 1932 - To S.S. and Church this a.m.  Ray took us out to Pete & Clara's this p.m.  Annie, Ola, Raymond, Alice, Aunt Mary, Uncle Harry and Clara's folks were there.  Pete brought us home.  Read until 10:30 this evening.  Was raining a little then.
June 6, 1932 - Mom went out to Clara's today and helped put away meat.  I put up the curtains in my room.  Went down town this p.m. and talked to Miss Mettlen about a stunt.  Tonite Ray and I went out to Ola's, then up to Dora's place.  Ray and Ola hoed the garden.  Evelyn Walker's birthday.

Between general busy-ness and then being sick for over a week, I have been neglecting Grandma's antics in 1932.  Hopefully I can get back on track beginning today.

I suppose by a stunt, Grandma is meaning some kind of skit.  I will give you a spoiler alert -- she doesn't mention details in the future about the stunt/skit nor whether it went over well or not.  I would have been curious to know what they ended up with.

It isn't a skit happening in the photo of Bill and Tom, but there's something going on . . .

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Wind v. barn

June 1, 1932 - Ironed and cleaned Grussmother's bedroom.  Varnished the floor in her room.  Went down town tonite and asked Anna Pete about her permanents.  Got home just before it started to rain.
June 2, 1932 - Cleaned the west room this morning.  Mom varnished the bedroom floor again.  This p.m. I went down to Anna Pete's and got a permanent.  Went to Frank Kurrlemeyer's chaivari dance at Hoskins tonite with Arnold.  Had a really good time.  (Walked out to Ola's this a.m. in the mud to tell him Nick Hansen wanted him to work today.)
June 3, 1932 - Quite tired today.  We got most of the cleaning finished in my room and the hall bedroom today.  Ray, Mom and Grussmother went out to Bill Koepke's tonite to see how the wind treated their barn.  I stayed home and went to bed.

I am guessing there was some wind damage to Bill Koepke's barn -- regardless I like Grandma's use of words.

I have been neglecting my Winside history, so here is 1894:

     May 4, yearly occupation tax of Winside saloons was set at $700.00.
     July 19, estimate of expenses for the ensuing year, $990.00.  The levy was set at 10 mills.
     December 7, the city clerk was ordered to notify property owners on the west side of block one, Original Town of Winside, to build a sidewalk 4 feet wide as per specification within 20 days.

Well, that was short and sweet.  I must say though it seems a bit nasty to require sidewalks to be built in the dead of winter.  And as if to bring home my point, I found the above photo during a very quick internet search.