Thursday, October 31, 2013

Hell's Angels

April 25, 1931 - Ray came this morning about 6:15.  None of us were up.  We surely worked hard today.  Got practically everything moved.  I took all my things home with me tonite.  The bottom in the back of Ray's car was full to the brim.  Ralph and I went to Hoskins to the dance tonite.  Paul Ross' played.  I had a good time.  Walter came home Tuesday and is going back tomorrow.
April 26, 1931 - I looked over and packed up my things this morning.  All of us went to Uncle Max's today.  Florence, Loretta, Edwin, Ray, Ralph and I went to see Martha this afternoon.  She had lots of company.  Florence, Edwin, Ralph and I went to the show at Wayne tonite.  It was "Hell's Angels", an awfully good picture but real sad.  Ralph wanted to go to a barn dance tonite but I wouldn't go because of Edwin.
April 27, 1931 - My first day to walk 14 blocks to school!  I was about winded.  And then Chinn took us on a 2 mile hike!  I went home for dinner at Aunt Mary's.  I went up to the hall this evening and went to the piano recital with Miriam Bracken.

Did I miss something or just forget?  Martha had surgery, so I have that.  But why not go to a barn dance because of Edwin? 

I read this synopsis of the movie, and I wholeheartedly agree with Grandma that it is sad:

     Roy (James Hall) and Monte Rutledge (Ben Lyon) are very different British brothers. Strait-laced Roy loves and idealizes the apparently demure Helen (Jean Harlow). Monte, on the other hand, is a womanizer. Their German friend and fellow Oxford student Karl (John Darrow) is aghast at the idea of having to fight England when World War I breaks out.

     Meanwhile, the oblivious Monte is caught in the arms of a woman by her German officer husband (Lucien Prival), who insists upon a duel the next day. Monte flees that night. When Roy is mistaken for his brother, he goes ahead with the duel and is shot in the arm.

     Karl is conscripted into the German Air Force, and the two British brothers enlist in the Royal Flying Corps (RFC), Monte only to get a kiss from a girl at the recruiting station.

     When Roy finally introduces Monte to Helen, she invites Monte to her flat. Monte tries to rebuff her advances for his brother's sake, but gives in. The next morning, however, he is for once ashamed of himself.

     Meanwhile, Karl is an officer aboard a Zeppelin airship sent to bomb Trafalgar Square, London. As the bombardier-observer, he is lowered below the clouds in a spy basket. He deliberately guides the Zeppelin over water, where the bombs have no effect. Four RFC fighters are sent to intercept the Zeppelin. Roy pilots one, with Monte as his gunner. To gain altitude more quickly, the airship commander (Carl von Haartman) orders everything possible be jettisoned. When that is not enough, he decides to sacrifice Karl by cutting the cable that secures his pod. He then accepts the advice of another officer; the officer and other crewmen obediently leap to their deaths "for Kaiser and fatherland". German machine gunners shoot down three aircraft; Roy and Monte survive a crash landing. After his machine guns jam or run out of ammunition, the last British pilot aloft dives his fighter into the dirigible, sending it crashing in a blazing fireball. The brothers narrowly avoid the debris.

     Later, in France, Monte is branded a coward for shirking his duty when his replacement is shot down in his place. When a Staff Colonel asks for two volunteers for a suicide mission, Roy and Monte step up. They are to destroy a vital enemy munitions depot their squadron had tried to blow up for days. They will sneak in using a captured German bomber the next morning so that a British brigade will have a chance in their otherwise hopeless afternoon attack.

     That night, Roy discovers Helen in a nightclub with Captain Redfield. When he tries to take her home, she turns on him, revealing that she never loved him, that she was, in fact, not the young innocent he believed her to be. Devastated, Roy joins Monte for some carousing. Monte decides not to go on the mission and nearly persuades Roy to do the same, but in the end, Roy drags Monte back to the airfield.

     The raid on the German munitions dump is successful. However, they are spotted in the act by a flight of German fighters from the Flying Circus, led by Manfred von Richthofen. Monte defends the bomber with a machine gun until their squadron arrives, and a dogfight breaks out. Their buddy "Baldy" shoots down the one German who is still targeting the bomber, but then von Richthofen swoops in and shoots the brothers down. They are captured.

     They are given the option of talking or facing a firing squad by none other than Roy's old dueling opponent. Monte decides to save his life. Unable to change his brother's mind, Roy convinces Monte that he should speak with the German general alone. He offers to tell what he knows on condition that there is no witness to his treason. The general is persuaded to give him a pistol (with one bullet) to kill Monte. Roy fails to get Monte to do the right thing, and has no choice but to shoot his brother in the back. Afterward, Roy is executed. The British attack gets off to a successful start.

Gracious sakes!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

All settled

April 22, 1931 - Came back to Wayne this morning.  Don Cunningham spoke to us in chapel this morning.  Aunt Mildred went down to Dennis' tonite to wash woodwork.  I went to Aunt Mary's and asked her about staying there.  She said it was all right.  I took some cutwork lessons from Mrs. Smith this afternoon.
April 23, 1931 - Mrs. Smith went to Carroll this afternoon.  Mrs. Yaryan and Wayne Evans came after her.  Mrs. Alvin Anderson left her little baby boy with Aunt Mildred while she did some shopping.  I got to see the twins.  They're about 2 1/2 years old and are the most adorable little girls.  The family went to a card party tonite.
April 24, 1931 - It seems funny without Mrs. Smith here.  The house looks funny, curtains and shades are down.  Aunt Mildred took looney over to Martichang's this afternoon.  I went with Aunt Mildred to wax floors in the new home this evening.

I swear it says "looney", lower case, so likely not a nickname for someone.  I thought maybe it was supposed to say 'honey', but I looked and looked and I still get looney.  Maybe it's a subliminal remark about myself.

Aunt Mary?  So Mrs. Smith was a boarder like Grandma and had to leave since Uncle Chris and Aunt Mildred moved?  I am learning that I don't know much about Grandma's college days, that's for sure.  Nice to know her living arrangements were settled rather quickly.

I do not recall when I last featured Bumps in a photo, but here he is in his little dog, one foot in the air glory.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Good thing it was a fun birthday

April 19, 1931 - I ironed my dresses this morning.  It rained this afternoon.  Marie and Clifford, R.K., Dora and George and Uncle Hans were here this afternoon and for supper.  Us kids went out to the farm after F.S.  Ola and Annie, Mr. and Mrs. Schellenberg and Dora and George were here this evening.  Mother was real glad when she found out I'd invited them all her for her birthday.  Us kids had planned to go up and see Bernice Ordway a little while this afternoon, but the rain stopped us.
April 20, 1931 - I came back on the train this morning and had to miss Nature Study.  Aunt Mildred told me they're moving the last of this week.  They're taking a 3-roomed apartment at John Dennis'.  I'll have to find another place to sleep, I guess it'll be with Aunt Mary Riese.
April 21, 1931 - Cold again today.  I went home on the train this evening to talk things over with Mom.  I talked to Loretta and Florence a real long time.  Ray was working on a thesis of some kind for Economics.  I got my Algebra and then went to bed.  Martha was operated on today and is getting along alright.  Hans fell off a mule and tore the ligaments loose in his arm.

Forgive my saying so, but telling a young student on Monday that she won't have a place to stay come Friday seems a bit, well, rude.  Maybe the new place just fell in their laps and they had to move quickly, but with limited information it seems wrong.  Obviously, Grandma recovered at some point; my guess is fairly quickly.

And then we have a report of some surgery and torn ligaments caused by a mule.  I hope I have something more uplifting to report in my next post.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Leo and Mamie

April 16, 1931 - The weather is just gorgeous today.  Aunt Mildred didn't have time to come home for supper.  Washed my hair this afternoon.  Ralph came about 7:30 and we went to the play at Louise Lautenbaugh's school.  It was real good.  Herman Bogins played his part real good.  Edwin and Florence came home with us.  Martha, Meta, Willie and Hans were there, too.  Edwin is going to take Ralph's care home and wash it.  It needs it!
April 17, 1931 - I did the Saturday work up today, so I wouldn't have to stay tomorrow.  Schellenberg's were in Wayne this afternoon.  Momma was with them and so I went home that way.  Ray and I went to Hoskins tonite to Mamie and Leo Jensen's chivari dance.  I didn't care much about going but I had a pretty good time anyway.  All the Carroll kids were there.  I saw Tommy Morris for the first time in ages.  He's still the same old Tommy.
April 18, 1931  - Cloudy.  I cleaned up the house today.  Went with Ray to Annie's this noon and had dinner there.  We got the spread at the post office and looked at it.  I sneaked it into the house and put it on her bed.  She was glad and surprised.  Martha, Edwin, Ralph, Florence and I went to Norfolk tonite to see Aunt Mary.  Alice and Raymond were there.  Aunt Mary's going home tomorrow.  We had fun down town before we went to the hospital.  Running away with the car, hunting bums, buying candy and salted peanuts and chasing bums.  Martha stayed all nite with me.

Seems there has been a bit of a dry spell with dances, so I am glad Grandma got to squeeze one in.  And it was Leo and Mamie's dance.  Oh, if I could have a photo of them in 1931.  I only knew them as cute little old people.  I didn't know them well, but I found them to be really special.

Since Grandma underlined the word "bums", I am hopeful that they weren't really hunting and chasing people, but something else entirely.  Unless someone else knows what that might have meant in 1931, I guess I'll never know.

I do not know who all is in the photo, and it may have been high school senior skip day, but I thought it was a neat photo.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Well, I'm confused


April 13, 1931 - Annie took me to see the board members of District 63.  Margaret Miller is very low.  Went to Grandma Petersen's funeral this afternoon.  There was a large crowd.  Uncle Nels, Andrew, his wife, and Jim Anderson, and Alvina Nelsen (Howard's mother) were here from Washington for the funeral.  Came back to Wayne with Uncle Chris.  Aunt Mildred is working at Jones Book Store during their closing out sale.  I went to bed early!
April 14, 1931 - We took a field trip in Nature Study.  I went up to Tillie's room for a little over an hour.  I talked to Jane a few minutes this afternoon in the Ad Building.  Dennis', McNutt's and Petersen's were up here this evening and played cards with Uncle Chris and Aunt Mildred.  I went to bed early.  Wrote letters tonite asking Uncle Hans', Aunt Emma's, Dora and Marie to come Sunday for Momma's birthday.
April 15, 1931 - Dr. Conn spoke in chapel this morning concerning his trip to California.  I went down town this afternoon and bought some things at Jones Book Store.  I went down to Aunt Mary's tonite.  Uncle Pete is going away tomorrow (goes to Winside, leaves there Friday for Hot Spring).  I got home at 12 o'clock. Aunt Mildred had to work tonite.  I sent the order for Mom's bedspread today.

Here is my confusion; who is Andrew, and should Jim Anderson be Jim Andersen, and who is Howard?  I am guessing they are all Andersen/Petersen people since it was Grandma (Kiersten) Petersen's funeral.  I found am Elsie Alvena "Alvina" Petersen that married and then divorced a Christensen who was Kiersten's daughter.  But she didn't have a Howard for a son, nor does it appear she married a Nelsen.  Nels Petersen was Kiersten's brother and he had a son named Andrew.  Oh, and Nels had a daughter Elvina that married a Nelsen.  Tada!  It pays to look before one types, but then I lose my train of thought.  Well, but I don't see that Alvina had a son named Howard.  I am back to confused.

And who are the Dennis's and the McNutts?  Who is Margaret Miller?

On a totally different note, I found out today that Hugo Boock's nickname was "Hook".  Makes sense -- H. Boock, say it fast, equals Hook.

Above is Kiersten's obit (sorry it is difficult to read, the scan was all I had) and a photo of her in her later years; perhaps as Grandma would have remembered her.  The littles in the photo are some of her grandchildren.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A sad time and a punk time

April 10, 1931 - Went home on the train this evening.  Florence S. met me at the depot.  We waited for my pictures but they didn't come.  Grandma Petersen died today.  Momma and Ray went to Norfolk with Dora and George.  Dora, Mom and Ray went to see Aunt Mary Kahler.  She's been at the Verges Sanitarium, she has heart trouble.  Ray got his graduation clothes.  I went to Ella and Herman Willers' chivari dance tonite with Leo Jordan.
April 11, 1931 - I slept late this morning.  Momma laid around all day, not feeling good.  Went down to Florence's this afternoon.  We got my pictures.  They were all good.  Went out to the farm with Florence this evening.  We went to Hoskins to the dance with Ed and Mr. Schellenberg.  Florence and I came home with Edwin and Ralph.  We went up to Martha's and saw her pictures.  I stayed with Florence at the farm tonite. We had a punk time at the dance.
April 12, 1931 - Ray came at 9 o'clock and took Florence and I to Annie and Ola's.  We had dinner, then Ralph and Edwin came and we went to Norfolk to see Aunt Mary.  Alice and Raymond went along.  Florence and I stayed in town at Schellenberg's while the boys did the chores at Ehlers'.  Went up to Uncle Hans'.  We had lunch and played cards.  We were real tired.  I stayed at Annie's tonite.  Got in the house just as the clock struck twelve.

I am not sure I have heard the term "punk time" before.  Perhaps I lead a sheltered life.

Let's see, the Grandma I know would not have said "not feeling good" nor "took Florence and I".

Was Schellenberg's an eatery?  I see that name popping up every now and then but haven't asked yet.  Also, I have heard of "chivari" dances -- my spellcheck doesn't like that word but does not have a replacement for it.  Does anyone know the correct spelling and what it means exactly?  (I am just full of questions lately.)

Regarding the Welsh Church mentioned in an earlier post -- I looked through the Wayne County history book (albeit somewhat quickly) and did not see such a church name.  Perhaps it was not the official name and I can find it if I read something other than the paragraph headings.  But, it is late and I have to take care of the critters so . . .

The photo, I am pretty sure, is Ola and Annie.  I am guessing a wedding photo.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

It's genetic

April 7, 1931 - Real warm today.  We had a field trip in Nature Study.  Walked down town with Jane and Florence J. this afternoon.  Mailed a letter to Loretta, too.  Saw Miriam Bracken and Tillie and walked around with them until 5:30.  I was tired after that long walk.  Wrote a long letter to Mayme tonite.  Aunt Mildred had her hair cut today.  Tillie said today that Ella and Herman Willers are going to give a chivari dance in Pilger Friday nite.  I hope I get to go.
April 8, 1931 - Miss Schemel spoke in chapel this morning about the University of Paris and student life there.  We had a terrible dust storm today.  Aunt Mildred went to Sioux City with Mrs. Gifford.  Tillie and I went to Lutheran Club tonite.  Rev. Olson of Wausau spoke concerning Mormonism.
April 9, 1931 - Talked to Jane and the girls in Ad. Hall tonite.  Stamped the pillowcase tonite to embroider.  I am making my first attempt at cutwork.  I finished the buffet scarf of Mother's that I started about four years ago.  Aunt Mildred and Uncle Chris went to Forrest and Hattie's for a card party this evening.

Allllllright!!!  It is genetic that I start projects and do not finish them for, well, yes, years.  I am soooo glad to know this. 

I found a number of photos that looked to be of Grandma and her college friends, but it is hard to be sure.  This one had names on the back, but I learned from looking at some of the other photos that the names were not necessarily those of the people in the photos, but instead those that wanted or were going to be gifted prints.  This is because there would be more names than people in photos, for instance.  So, this photo may or may not have Mayme, Edna, Tillie and Carrie in it.  One thing I do know for sure is that there are some serious finger-waves going on.  What did Grandma call her hair a few posts back? -- grand and glorious?  I think the photo bears that out.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Underwear and kerosene and sandwiches

April 4, 1931 - Mended and washed my silk underwear this morning and Momma and I cleaned up the house.  Annie and Ola wanted to go to Norfolk today but we couldn't because Momma was baking coffee cake.  Martha, Florence, Edwin, Hans and Ralph came up tonite and we played pinochle rummy.  We girls played against the boys and won the first game and they won the second.
April 5, 1931 - Easter Sunday.  We went to church this morning.  The church was filled.  Uncle Hans, Lillie, Sophia, Ralph, Edwin, Hans and Willie were here for dinner.  F.S., M.B., R.K., H.B., E.B. and I were all down to Schellenberg's this afternoon.  Took crazy pictures, etc.  All went up to Uncle Hans', had supper and went to the Welsh Church this evening.  We thought there'd be an Easter program but there wasn't.  After church we went to Uncle Hans' and played cards! (P.R.).  Orville drank kerosene today and was pretty weak this afternoon.
April 6, 1931 - Visited school this morning with Florence.  Went to the church for quilting this afternoon with Momma.  Mrs. Trautwein entertained the ladies because it was her birthday.  I helped her with the lunch.  She served meat and peanut sandwiches, baked beans, pickles, coffee cake with whipped cream.  Stopped to see Grandma Petersen a few minutes.  Ray and Mom brought me back this evening in Ray's "open air bus."

Well, now I am thinking either Grandma did not remember her diaries were in the trunk, or else she completely forgot she mentioned her unmentionables in them.  Ha!  I suppose she wouldn't care that people know she washed her undies.  It is a much better situation than having people think she didn't. 

Now I have some questions:

The Welsh Church?  Was this a church in Winside?

Why would Orville drink kerosene?

Did the meat and peanuts go together on the same sandwiches?

Why was Uncle Ray's car called "open air bus" and was it only a temporary name?

I thought a cute photo of Grandma and Uncle Ray was in order.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Photos of one sort or another

April 1, 1931 - Dr. Lewis spoke in chapel this morning.  He contrasted the conditions of 100 years ago with those of the present day.  The program committee of the Lutheran Club had a committee meeting this afternoon.  It started raining tonite.  Mom called up and said Ray wouldn't come after me because he didn't have his car fixed.  I went to a piano and voice recital this evening with Opal Wingett and Mildred Grier.  I enjoyed it immensely.
April 2, 1931 - Rainy all day today.  Got my estimate grades at the office.  I also found out that my scholarship pays for my certificate.  It makes me feel real good.  Grammar test wasn't so bad but it could have been easier.  I went home on the train tonite.  There were lots of girls that went home on the train.  Ray met me and carried my suitcase up the hill.  Mom, Ray and I went to the movie and saw "Sweethearts On Parade."  Got the Laurel pictures today.  Talked to Florence over the phone tonite.
April 3, 1931 - Washed my hair this morning and went down to Anna Pete's this afternoon and had it cut and finger waved.  It feels grand and glorious.  Mamma and I went down to Schellenberg's tonite.  I had a good talk with Florence.  We all played Pinochle Rummy.  Ed Schellenberg's were there and we had a real good time.

I am not surprised, but I didn't know Grandma went to college on a scholarship.  Good for her.  And I am really glad her hair felt grand and glorious!

The photo is from Sweethearts on Parade -- I couldn't find a photo of a poster.

I don't know that Grandma mentioned when she mailed her film, but the Laurel pictures were taken on March 22.  I am impressed with the film processing and the mail service of the time.  Not bad 1931, not bad.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


March 29, 1931 - I got up late this morning and had to build a fire, of course.  Had breakfast and dinner.  Laid around all afternoon waiting for those kids to come but they didn't show up! Brr!  I was peeved.  R.K., F.S. and E.B. came here tonite but I asked R.K. to take me home a few minutes, 'cause I wanted to get some things from home.  We had a gloryiferous time going and coming.  Went over the new highway and was it bumpy!  I counted 70 bumps and then quit.  Talked with Mom about an hour, while the kids played "mill".
March 30, 1931 - Warmer today but still cloudy.  Talked to Jane this afternoon.  She walked down town with me.  Saw Hattie in at The Golden Rule.  Hugo Berg and his mother were up here this evening.  While Hugo played and Aunt Mildred sang, Uncle Chris helped me with my Arithmetic.  I went to bed about 11 o'clock, I was sleepy.  Went up to Wilma and Tillie's room this morning as usual.
March 31, 1931 - Warm and like spring today.  Went up to Tillie and Wilma's room this morning.  We got out of Rural School Management early today.  Ironed this noon and after school.  Went with Mae Beckenhaur to a piano and voice recital in the auditorium this afternoon.  Arlowynne was here for supper.

I am not surprised to read that Grandma counted the bumps in the highway for a while.  I am not sure which cat it was, but somebody's cat sat on Grandma's lap and kneaded like cats like to do.  Apparently it was a really good kneader, so much so that Grandma counted each knead.  She ended up with quite a big number, but I forget now what it was and whether or not Grandma gave up after it got a bit ridiculous.  For some reason, I count the back-and-forths when I am sawing.  (There has to be a better term for each mini-cut while sawing, but I can't think of it.)  I did it just last night while I was cleaning up the fallen tree mess in the goats' pen.  I didn't plan to, just found myself counting, branch after branch.

There they are, the one little escape artist and his brother; the reasons I had to cut up the fallen tree and re-arrange the fence a bit.  Goofy goats.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Who is Grubby?

March 26, 1931 - Nature Study test today.  It started raining this morning and turned into snow tonite. It acted like a regular blizzard.  Stayed up until 12 o'clock tonite working on my Nature Study notebook.
March 27, 1931 - Woke up at 6 o'clock this morning and worked on my notebook in bed.  I called Mom up this afternoon and told her I couldn't come home because the folks are going away tomorrow.  Aunt Mildred asked Grubby and Pete over this evening.  Pete and I played against Grubby and A. Mildred.  We played 500 and lost 5 games out of seven.  Had lunch when Uncle Chris came home.  Ray's car is on the blink.  "A valve head blew off and poked a hole in the piston."  That's what they said happened, can't prove it by me!!!!
March 28, 1931 - We got up late this morning.  I helped Aunt Mildred clean up the house.  They left this afternoon for Louisville at about 5 o'clock.  I made candy this evening and Mrs. Smith and I played cards.  Ralph called up about 8 o'clock and said he, Florence and Edwin would be over this evening.  They came and we played pinochle rummy.  Florence and I played against the boys.  Gee we had lots of fun.  Florence said if Martha came to see her tomorrow they might come over.  I hope they do.

Does anyone know who Grubby and Pete are?  Sounds like a good name for a play or a comedy duo or a cartoon or something.

I missed posting last night as I stayed in Lincoln late to go hear Dane and his group sing downtown.  A very nice performance.  Dane's fan club included Mom, Dale, Lynn, Kyleah, Allison and myself.  Nancy and Wayne couldn't find a parking space and were not there.  Kyleah was late and missed the entire performance so Dane asked his friends to sing one more song.  They went outside since another group was going to be performing inside where they had been.  The one song was such a hit, they decided to do another.  Great fun.  Grandma would have enjoyed it to be sure.

Kyleah was much happier after that special performance than she looks in this picture.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Wayne County

March 23, 1931 - Rainy and misty all day.  Went up to Tillie and Wilma's room as usual.  An entertainment at the school auditorium tonite but it was so cold and snowy I didn't go.  Aunt Mildred and I popped corn.  Then played cards with Mrs. Smith.  I went to bed quite early, for some reason I was tired, but I don't know why! [At the bottom of the page in handwriting different from Grandma's:  "In the morning, down the stream of time, goes your old friend in a watermelon rind." - M.S.]
March 24, 1931 - Really rained today.  Studied and went to be early again tonite.
March 25, 1931 - Helped Aunt Mildred get ready for her Larkin Club party.  This evening Mrs. Smith and I played 66 and 500.  I tried to study but failed.  Helped Aunt Mildred get the lunch ready.  After everyone had gone we did the dishes and straightened up the house before we went to bed.  Went to a piano and voice recital this afternoon.  Arithmetic and Algebra tests today.  Went to Lutheran Club tonite with Tillie.  Dr. Phelon spoke about his experiences in China.

I don't have anything to add to Grandma's words here, so I'll resort to using some tidbits I read in the History of Wayne County book I found recently.  I have only skimmed it so far, but I see that Henry Langenberg had the last herd of buffalo in Wayne County, kept somewhere near Hoskins.  Of the first four Wayne County Superintendents, three were women and one looked like she could have been a movie star.  The first county seat was LaPorte, a town I have never heard of.  I haven't found where the town was, but the cemetery which I suppose was fairly close, was six miles southeast of Wayne.  There are some depressing stories of deaths by freezing and fire and murder, but I won't share those.  I'll read more to find something interesting and upbeat for a later post.

The photo is Winside's Main Street, but I do not know when it was taken.  What a nice, wide, muddy street!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Not an English teacher yet

March 20, 1931 - Ray came after me tonite after school.  He stopped at Uncle Charlie's to get those electrical books that U. C. is giving him for a graduation present.  But U. C. wasn't home.  I went down to Florence's this evening.  We had a real good talk.  Mom went to G. P. tonite and I stopped in there for her on my way home.  Coming home this afternoon Ray and I watched them working on the new highway east of Winside.
March 21, 1931 - Worked like the dickens today.  Cleaned up the house, washed out my clothes, ironed, and frosted cakes!  All the kids came, Florence S., Ralph, Loretta, Hans, Martha, Edwin, Willie, Lillie.  Mom and Grandad played P. Rummy, too.  Made just three tables.  Had sandwiches, salad, pickles, coffee, jello, cake.  It was 4 o'clock before the kids left.  Ralph and Edwin took Florence and I to Wayne tonite.  It was five before Florence and I went to sleep.
March 22, 1931 - Got up about 11 o'clock and had breakfast.  Did the dishes.  A. M. and U. Chris left about 2:30 for Wakefield.  R.K. and E.B. came about 2:30.  I drove the car.  We followed the Highway to Coleridge (from Laurel we went to Dixon and back to Laurel.  Stopped east of L. by R.R. and took pictures.)  From Coleridge followed cow trails.  We teeter-tottered, went down slippery-slides, picked up rocks, picked pine bouquets.  Finally we came to Hartington.  Had a hamburger.  Florence drove home.  This has been a glorious day.

I believe it is "Ralph and Edwin took Florence and me to Wayne . . . " but I am only pointing that out so Grandma knows that I know how it should be. 

I think G.P. on March 20 is Grandma Petersen, but it is just a guess.  I also had to guess on a few of the names of the kids that came on the 21st.  Grandma's handwriting left just a tad to be desired.  Plus, I am typing this in a dark room and using the light from the next room to read.  I need to get a good lamp to put on or near my desk.

I just realized Grandma hasn't been to a dance or a movie for a while.  I wonder what is up with that.

I know the photo isn't from 1931, it isn't even from the 1930's but I really like it.  And Ralph was mentioned in this post, and the photo is from a Kahler reunion.  So, it all fits.  I think it was a Kahler reunion anyway . . .