Monday, October 31, 2016

Mrs. Behmer

Mon., October 16, 1933 - I pressed my dress this morning.  Mayme came at 5 minutes before 12.  I told her about the assignments.  Ola came about 12:40.  The church was full when we got there.  There were many flowers.  I went out to the cemetery with Leo and Gerald.  Ola brought me to Behmers before supper.  I went to bed early.
Tues., October 17, 1933 - Acted rather rainy this a.m.  I guess the kids got along all right with Mayme yesterday.  They had some wild tales to tell, but as Mayme said in the note she left, "Forget 'em."  We're walking home again from school this week.
Wed., October 18, 1933 - Windy all day.  Received a card form Lydia W. asking me to spend the weekend of Oct. 27 with her.  I don't think I can because of lodge.  The kids dug out a swing apparatus from the attic today and put it together.  I darned some hose this evening.

Since Grandma says "we" are walking home, does this mean she is staying at Behmers' and one of their kids is a pupil?  No disrespect to Grandma, but I'm not so sure I would want to be at school all day with a teacher and then spend home time with her, too.  Unless I was in the lower grades and then that would be fabulous!

We had a substitute teacher, Mrs. Behmer.  Same person that Grandma was staying with?  It was Ann, I think.  I also think substitute teachers of students of any age are growing angel wings quicker than most folks.  Even in Winside in the 70's when I was going to school, kids tried to always get one over on the subs.  Did not listen worth a hoot most of the time.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Another funeral

Thurs., September 7, 1933 - The Nurnbergs told us this morning about what they had seen at the circus.  Ronald was absent all day.  I finished making out the order for books and supplies.  Either Mr. or Mrs. Behmer will come after us after school and will keep on for some time.
Sat., October 14, 1933 - Mother and I washed clothes and cleaned the house.  I ironed my clothes this afternoon.  Went down town at noon and ordered flowers for Mr. Lautenbaugh.
Sun., October 15, 1933 - Mother and I went to church this morning.  I went up to Lautenbaughs' this afternoon and was there until 5:30.  Alma doesn't have to teach this next week.  Wednesday they're going to Sioux City to pack furniture and move to Winside.  Howard brought me to Behmers tonite.  We stopped at Ola's a few minutes.

In peeking ahead, I can see that the flowers are for a funeral, probably Mr. Lautenbaugh's as Grandma would more likely be getting flowers for the funeral as opposed to ordering some for a surviving spouse.  An online search did not help me to make sure.

Grandma took a break from her diary for a little over a month, much like I took a month's break from posting.  Hopefully, both of us can get back on track now after our hiatus.