Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Trinity Lutheran Church

August 12, 1932 - We had 4 inches of rain last nite.  1,000 feet of track was washed out west of town.  Mom, Ray and I went over to the church this morning and cleaned it.  Got my books today and like them very much.  Cloudy all day.
August 13, 1932 - Still cloudy and foggy.  Cleaned up the house.  Rev. Most was here this afternoon to get a list of those that were at the League Social Thursday nite.  Ray, Alma L. and I went to Wayne this p.m.  I took my fair work to Miss Sewell and Ray got his license transferred.
August 14, 1932 - To S.S., didn't stay for church because it was in German.  Read this afternoon.  Ray, Mom and I were out to Annie's a few minutes but they weren't home.  The weather finally decided to clear up this afternoon.

Well, there are definitely things I didn't know about my little hometown church.  According to the 1942 History of Winside book, the original name of the church was Dreieinigkeit Duetsche Evangelische Lutheriche Kirche.  This was changed to Evangelical Trinity Lutheran Church while the aforementioned Pastor Most was pastor.

The lot was purchased by John Dimmel for $50.00 and donated to the cause at an undetermined time after the church was organized in 1901.  The contractors that built the church charged $109.00 for their labor.  An organ was purchased sometime after Rev. Moehring became the pastor in May of 1919.

As late as the 1920's, Rev. Laursen from Laurel came periodically to preach in Danish.  He also preached in Laurel and Pilger.  Soon after the first world war, services were conducted every fourth Sunday in English and gradually changed to every other Sunday.  Once the services went to English almost entirely, Good Friday services were still conducted in German.

Sometime between 1925 and 1930, the church was moved back 20 feet from the sidewalk and the basement was put in.  Also constructed was the vestibule and the stairway to the basement on the south side of the church.

I don't know that Dale looks at this blog, but if so, he will appreciate that I used an old photo of the church instead of one after it was "ruined" by the addition on the front.  Architects . . .what can you do?

Friday, March 20, 2015

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

August 9, 1932 - Ray went to get the Chevie this a.m.  This p.m. Ray and I went to Pete Olsen's.  We had supper there.  After supper Walter, Howard, John J., Mildred and Raymond came over.  We danced to the phonograph in an upstairs room.  Stayed at Andrew's again.  Bertha Meierhenry and Russell Pryor birthday.
August 10, 1932 - Went down to Nelsen's this a.m. and had dinner there.  We left Andrew's at 1:10 and got to Winside at 4:30.  Mom, Ray and I went out to Pryor's a few minutes.  We got a pail of crab apples.
August 11, 1932 - Walter C. brought the ice, milk and cream this p.m.  Ray and I made the ice cream.  There were 35 at our social this evening.  When it began to rain we went to the church basement and played games.  The Walkers and Wittlers went home before lunch because of the rain.  Most of the town kids went home barefooted.  Ray and I did.  Hazel Meierhenry birthday.

I messaged on of our cousins I found through ancestry.com to find out if he could tell me who these people are but I have not yet heard back.  I will mention it when I do.

Here we have rain spoiling things again.  I peeked ahead in the diary and there was reason to be concerned.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sounds like a fun trip so far

August 6, 1932 - Left at 2:30 this morning and got to Nelsen's at 7:00.  They were all in bed.  Rained all the way.  Went up to see Uncle Nels' and over to Mildred's this p.m.  Ray, Howard, Walter and I went to the free movies at Kennard tonite.  Watched at the dance awhile and then out to Andrew's birthday party.
August 7, 1932 - We went to look at a Chevie coupe this a.m. that Ray might get.  It seemed to be pretty good.  This p.m. we went to see Aunt Sophia and Jimmie's.  Had supper at Jimmie's.  I went to the Leap Year dance at Bennington with Walter.  Ray and Howard and 2 girls and Ray's Ford.  Stayed with Mildred tonite.
August 8, 1932 - Up at 9:00 and over to Nelsen's at 9:30 to go to Omaha.  Mildred, I and John Johnsen went with Walter, and Ray and Howard went in the Model T.  Mildred and I went thro' all the 10 cent stores.  Went to the Orpheum this p.m. and saw Ralph Graves and Jack Holt in "War Correspondent."  Also some good vaudeville.  We both stayed at Andrew's tonite.

I can see that happening to some of us -- leaving o'dark early to get somewhere and then find everyone asleep.  I know that some times, back in the day, people went out and about visiting without forewarning the folks they were going to visit.  I wonder if that happened here, or with a trip that far away if any notice was given.  It wouldn't have been in writing in this instance since it appears the trip was thrown together pretty quickly.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Going on a trip

August 3, 1932 - Dora and George are thinking of moving to Blair.  Annabelle and LeRoy were here this afternoon while Annie and Ola went to Mr. Beuthein's funeral.  Ray was in awhile this evening.
August 4, 1932 - Dora, George and Aunt Lena were here for breakfast and dinner.  Aunt Lena is helping Dora pack.  I washed and finger-waved my hair this morning.  Ray was here a few minutes this evening.  It rained quite a bit and the wind blew pretty hard tonite.
August 5, 1932 - Mom and I worked on some of my winter dresses today.  I ordered a set of books from an agent.  Ray came in about 3 o'clock and said we could go to Washington.  It got pretty late before we were ready, so we decided to wait until tomorrow morning.

A bit of a family trip before school starts.  That rings a bell.  I still remember going to Adventureland in Des Moines before Mitch started kindergarten.  He was sporting a green cast from having broken his arm goofing around on the basement steps.  We wanted to do the water ride together, but Anna was too small (barely a year), so we stood in line for quite a while, hoping someone would hold her for us once we got near the front of the line.  Sure enough, some young employee volunteered and, if I recall, Anna either slept through the whole thing or didn't make a peep.  If this photo is from Grandma's birthday in 1995, it's pretty close to our big trip.

Monday, March 2, 2015


July 31, 1932 - Cloudy and several good showers during the day.  To S.S. and church.  Alma left right after dinner for Sioux City with Kenneth Ramsey.  I spent the rest of the afternoon reading.
August 1, 1932 - Dora and George came back last nite.  Had a few nice showers early this morning.  We made 15 glasses of blackberry and apple jelly.  Ray came in this morning and then went out to Ola's.
August 2, 1932 - We canned 9 pints of apple and blackberry butter, and made 2 glasses of apple jelly and 23 glasses of apple and chokecherry jelly.  Peggy and Gordon came up this morning and again this p.m. Arnold and Lydia came tonite and we went to League at Ruth Jochens.

I haven't heard of making glasses of jelly.  Are these not canning jars, but glasses of some kind with wax on top to keep the jelly fresh?  And since I'm asking questions, who are the littles in this photo?