Monday, November 14, 2016

There she goes again

Sun., October 22, 1933 - To S.S. and church this morning.  Talked to Verna Nelsen and Carrie Hansen about the entertainment at lodge this Friday nite.  Slept and read and acted foolish with Mom.  Howard and I went up to Uncle Hans' a little while this evening.  I
Sun., October 29, 1933 - I was lazy this morning and didn't go to either S.S. or church.
Mon., October 30, 1933 - The Nurnbergs brought 4 large pumpkins to school this morning.  They made jack-o-lanterns out of them today.  The kids have been making masks to wear during the Halloween party tomorrow.

Now, not only is Grandma missing some days in her journal, she is stopping mid-sentence.  I wonder what or who has her so distracted.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Grussfather in the news

Thurs., October 19, 1933 - Windy this morning.  Bruce said today, "I can't know that word."  I laughed to myself, I did.  This evening I changed from sheets to a blanket on my bed.  It is going to feel pretty good.  Mrs. Behmer and I talked about recipes tonite.
Fri., October 20, 1933 - Windy again today.  Ola and Annie came after me this evening.  We stopped at Wittlers and I told Lydia I couldn't spend this next weekend with her because of lodge.  We were at Meta and Lyle's until about 10:30.  After 11:00 before Mom and I finally went to sleep.
Sat., October 21, 1933 - On my way from getting the milk this a.m. I stopped in to see Alma.  They were busy getting moved in.  Washed my clothes and cleaned up today.  This evening Mom, Alma, and I went down town.  We were home at about 10:30.

With nothing particular to say about Grandma's goings on, but wanting to get a post, well posted, I will share an article about Grussfather.  I should do it in December closer to his birthday, but I know myself well enough to fear losing it before then.  So, here it is from The Winside Tribune via the December 26, 1943 edition of The Nebraska State Journal out of Lincoln, Nebraska.  I think it was part of a section with articles from around the state:

     Observed 91st Birthday

     Ola Brogren was 91 years old Dec. 11.  Is "old" the correct word? -- Not with Mr. Brogren.  He lives in the north part of town on four lots of farm and garden plots.  He raises small garden truck but his main crops are corn and potatoes, which he tends entirely with a hoe.  At harvest time, he digs his potatoes and always sells some as he raises more than he and his daughter, Mrs. Anna Andersen, can use.  He picks the corn and shells it on a hand corn sheller.  A week ago he began cutting down a fairly large tree.  In three and a half days the tree was cut down, sawed into stove lengths, split and in the wood house.  That night he complained of a stiffness in his arms and shoulders, "On account of change in the weather" so he explained to Mrs. Andersen.

     For relaxation from his heavy work, he does jig saw puzzles.  The reporter found him, seated at a small table with the pieces all sorted as to colors.  "There will be a couple of bears in this picture when I get it done" he said, and from the looks of things, he is as interested in jig saws, as he is in corn and potatoes.  We would like to say "Hats off" to this grand old neighbor, who has been in and around Winside for 52 years, and who recently celebrated his ninety-first birthday.

Even though Grussfather was Grandpa's grandfather-in-law, I would say from this article that they had much in common.  I still somewhat marvel over his hands in this picture -- it is clear he did more hard work than jig saw puzzles.  But it is nice that he took time for both.