Monday, December 31, 2012

Potatoes coming up

"May 7, 1995:  To church -- Confirmation and the church was full.  In p.m. Greta took me to Memphis Prince's 80th birthday open house in Lee & Rosie's party room.
May 8, 1995:  Howard found three potatoes coming up.  Beverly N. took me to Legion Auxiliary meeting.
May 10, 1995:  Ladies Aid Pentecost breakfast.

It seems somewhat fitting, for me anyway, that church and potatoes are the main themes of this particular post.  Once upon a time, I think I could have started my own religion around potatoes.  Somewhat unfortunately, I have always loved them -- fried, baked, mashed, you name it.  But, I managed to move on and potatoes no longer take the front and center place they used to.  Growing up isn't all it's cracked up to be sometimes.

Here's a photo of Grussfather and Tanta Emma.  Was she always sassy like that?  Love the photo and what I see as a fun expression on her face.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Quilts and cards and dining

"April 28, 1995:  Nancy called this a.m.  They got home late yesterday p.m.  Had a fine time.  April was a cold, cloudy, rainy month -- more cloudy days than sunny days.  Farmers haven't been able to do any field work.
May 1, 1995:  Sewed the binding on the quilt Arlene brought.  Worked on spider quilt all week.
May 4, 1995:  TOPS ate at Geno's in Wayne.
May 5, 1995:  Pinochle Club at Laura's.  Arlene played for Laura and gave me a ride."

I have been poor about posting proper quilt photos, so here is one of a spider web quilt -- as per the note on the back.  I am guessing that is the same as the "spider quilt" Grandma mentioned.  There were several quilt photos taken the same day as this one with the holders in back sometimes visible, sometimes just their feet.  This one has a garden hoe showing on the side but no human body parts at all.  You just never know what you'll get with our family photographers.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Tilling and quilting

"April 23, 1995:  Greta took me to Werner Mann's 50th anniversary celebration at the auditorium.
April 24, 1995:  Arlene R. came with a quilt to be bound.  We basted around the outside of it.
April 27, 1995:  John took Howard to Norfolk and Howard bought a new Huskee tiller.  He had been using Lila H.'s since she moved to town.  Now that Jim is out of the service, he needs it.  $529.00 + $31.74 tax = $560.74.

Well, the quilt is one of Arlene's but the date on the back says 1993, so I'm close but with no cigar.  It is a lovely quilt, me thinks.

I still like how Grandma recorded the cost of things Grandpa bought or needed, but not so much her quilting supplies.  There were doubtful good, solid reasons for that but I still like to smile about it.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

We're back

"April 18, 1995:  Lester took me to Pierce to Dr. Voss.  He prescribed some different medication to take down the swelling in my feet and legs -- Have had it since last week of March.
Apri. 20, 1995:  Tom, Merilyn and Nancy left in evening to go to Laughlin.
April 21, 1995:  I had Pinochle club -- Arlene R. played for me.
April 22, 1995:  Greta took Howard and me to auditorium for Rodney and Claire B.'s 25th wedding anniversary -- had a lovely dinner and then a social time -- also a short program."

You may have noticed my absence.  Let me summarize the reasons why there have been no posts as of late.  In no particular order:

1.  Having to actually work at work.  I don't know how long I can keep this up.
2.  Lack of electricity for approximately 36 hours.  Lots of busy activity during those hours to stay warm and keep snow melted to keep critters hydrated.
3.  Decided lack of consciousness after electricity came on and I could sleep without having to get up every hour to feed the two fires.
4.  Lack of motivation.

I am not complaining about all the power-off activities . . . it just all seemed to really sap my energy stores.  I am still having to work at work (sigh -- just kidding) but will endeavor to keep at it.

As for 1995, I don't have much to add other than I didn't realize hosting Pinochle Club was so time-involved that the hostess didn't even get to play cards.  But, the point is to visit with friends and have fun, so the actual playing of the cards was probably not all that critical.

Here's a goofy photo of Nancy and Merilyn in their reflection in a vehicle.  Pretty darned silly, which means of course, a picture had to be taken.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Got the FEVR

"April 12, 1995:  Missed WELCA - getting ready for FEVR Fest at Hooper tomorrow.
April 13, 1995:  Dale and the kids came to Greta's last night.  We left at 8:30 for Hooper.  Pupils from Cedar Bluffs rode the train from Fremont to Hooper for a pioneer or frontier life presentation. A most enjoyable day.  Home by 4:30.  I talked and showed quilts, etc.
April 14, 1995:  Howard planted potatoes.
April 16, 1995:  Easter Sunday -- Helen asked us for dinner -- Greta and Dorothy Jo there, too."

If I remember correctly, FEVR stands for Fremont Elkhorn Valley Railroad but I am open to correction if that isn't the case.  I remember when a bunch of us went one time well before 1995.  Mitch wasn't born yet, so it was the late 1980's somewhere.  That was when the robbers on horseback overtook the train, forced it to stop, and then ran off with our conductor.  All in good fun.  I rather wished I could have been one of the robbers riding hell bent for election on a horse alongside the train -- looked like a great time.  It's also a bit of a fun time trying to get people not from Nebraska to pronounce Hooper correctly.

Here is one photo from that very day in the 1980's, not 1995.  As you can maybe see also along were Rick, Nancy, Aunt Irene and Lester.  Also Mom and Dora and Dorothy Jo and myself.  I hope I didn't forget anyone.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Vacation in Lincoln over

"April 8, 1995:  I did up all the washing.  Nancy came for me -- was after 6:30.
April 9, 1995:  Palm Sunday.  Couldn't get my shoes on this morning -- so wore my house slippers to Bill's.  Tom rode with Nancy and me.  Had our family Easter dinner today.  Afterward a family baby shower for Alicia.  Lora's folks were there.  At 4:30 left for home -- raining most of the way and from Wayne on home it was freezing on the sideview mirrors and bug guard.  Home by 6:45.
April 10, 1995:  Sleet and rain all day.
April 11, 1995:  No power for several hours in p.m."

I have been calling Grandma's trip to Lincoln a vacation, but with all the chores and running around doing this and that, it wasn't overly restful I don't believe.  I do believe, however, that she had a good time.  Time spent with family was always good as far as Grandma was concerned.

Like a lot of events, I am not recalling this baby shower but I am guessing I was there.  Seems I should have been keeping a journal of my own all these years.  I am doing it now, but . . .

Speaking of family, here is Grandma Anna at a Kahler reunion.  I absolutely love this photo.  I can't explain why but I do.  I do think Grandma Anna is looking very nice in that dress.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Vacation in Lincoln, Part 2

"April 5, 1995:  Rick here in p.m. to play Yahtzee.  Dale and family came at supper time with chicken and rest of supper -- really good.
April 6, 1995:  Finally managed to get my shoes on.
April 7, 1995:  Mary, Rick and Mitch took me to Sears to do some shopping.  Afterwards we went to Boston Market for special chicken, etc. -- my treat.  Jeff M. stayed at Tom's Wed., Thurs., and Friday night."

Good thing Grandma liked chicken.  Speaking of Grandma, here's a photo of her with some young man none of us recognize. Why on earth she is standing on a pile of dirt and he is standing on a concrete block when there are perfectly good steps next to them, we'll never, ever know.  Nice coat.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Two babies in one day

"March 31, 1995:  Finished Alicia's quilt.  Merilyn came home in p.m.
April 1, 1995:  Merilyn feels good.  Nancy came after me in late afternoon.  Tom grilled steaks for us for supper.
April 2, 1995:  Jayson, Lora and Alicia stopped to see us in p.m.  After they left Nancy and I went to see Doug, Dana and new baby Madison Marie -- then over to Tom's.
April 3, 1995:  My feet are so swollen I can't wear my shoes.  Tom worked late."

It's very irritating that work is keeping me busy as of late (no post yesterday) so I am doing this semi-first thing in the morning to be sure I get it done.

1995 was the year for girl babies, I guess.  Nothing wrong with that.  And Grandma got to see two in one day.  Nice!  Also nice that Merilyn was doing well.

I couldn't resist adding this photo of another girl baby.  Isn't she just precious?  :-)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Vacation in Lincoln, Part I

"March 27, 1995:  Tom came for me in late afternoon.  We went to Misty's -- met Merilyn there -- for prime rib, then to their house.
March 28, 1995:  Up early and at the hospital by 6:00.  Merilyn in surgery from 7:30 to 10:30 and in recovery room over an hour.  Tom took me back to the house about 3:30 -- he went back in evening to see Merilyn.
March 29, 1995:  Started hand sewing the binding on Alicia's quilt.  Tom worked all day and visited Merilyn in evening.  Did the washing.
March 30, 1995:  Rick came over in p.m. and we played Yahtzee.  Nancy came in evening.  Had pork chops according to her recipe."

I am guessing it was Grandma that did the washing on the 29th, not Tom.  Just an educated guess.

Thankfully, Grandma had a much smaller quilt to sew the binding on this time.

I guess I haven't yet commented on Merilyn's surgery.  I am guessing it was her back -- I don't believe Grandma says one way or the other.

Not sure when I would otherwise use this photo of Taffy, so I am doing it now.  This was 1988.  He is looking fabulous, as always.  I recall he had some visits up to Winside from time and time, and of course alerted Tom and Merilyn to the kitchen fire back whenever that was.  I always liked how he knew the tricks he was taught and had always done them in the same order.  The end result was that by just telling him to "sit", he would automatically start with sit and go through his whole repetoire in a matter of seconds.  Fun dog.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Busy times and another new baby

"March 24, 1995:  Went to Wilva's in a.m. and Pinochle Club at Marie H.'s in p.m.  Won 1st prize.  Rick and Mitch came in p.m. to Greta's.  Madison Marie.
March 25, 1995:  Busy day getting ready to stay in Lincoln.
March 26, 1995:  Left about 7:45.  Mary was at Columbus for a meeting of day care leaders, so we had to go that way to get her.  Greta left Howard and me at Nancy's and then went to Dale's.  Went to the church at 1:00 for Alicia's baptism -- then to Jayson's for a no-host dinner.  I went home with Nancy -- Tom and Merilyn came and we had pizza and then played Rummi-Cube."

Grandma was so busy, she only had time to mention the name of the new baby but she gave more details in later days.  Those will be coming up soon enough.

I am pretty sure I had a fun time in Columbus.  I think this was the convention when someone fell in the pool quite accidentally, of course.  The group I was associated with from Lincoln were a fun bunch of gals.

And here is a photo of Tom and Dale and myself, for no other reason that we are all mentioned in Grandma entries.  Plus we are pretty cute -- all of us.

Monday, December 10, 2012

More quilt stuff going on

"March 19, 1995:  Greta took me to church.  I talked to Nancy.  I'll be staying in Lincoln from next Sunday -- the 26th -- until Palm Sunday.  Merilyn will have surgery the 28th.
March 20, 1995:  John and Helen took me to Pierce to Dr. Voss to have my prescription renewed.  Sewed binding on Alicia's quilt.
March 21, 1995:  Baked peanut butter and ice box cookies.
March 22, 1995:  Sewed binding on Merilyn's quilt."

Now, I have not made a full-sized quilt ever.  But I think I would probably want to take a beating before I was able to finish doing the binding.  I am assuming Grandma is talking about hand-stitching the binding down as the final step in finishing a quilt.  First, I am too picky and would fuss and stew over each and every stitch ("Should I go over to the right an extra millimeter, or is this okay?).  Second, I don't do well doing any one thing for as long as that must take.  Well, I guess that isn't true since I don't mind crocheting for long periods of time.  But with crocheting you can see progress by just holding it up quickly.  With a quilt, it just all looks the same, I imagine until suddenly, poof!, you are to where you started.  I don't think the four corners would be progress enough to keep me going.

Enough about me and my quirks.  Here's a photo of Mom undoubtedly smiling about her future daughter's borderline insanity.


"March 13, 1995:  Snow just about all gone.  Went to Legion Auxiliary -- Audrey Q. took me.  Jenny called after I got home.  Dora died today.  The funeral will probably be Friday.
March 14, 1995:  Carol J. took me to Scholarship Foundation meeting tonight.
March 15, 1995:  Busy Bees met at Ruby R.'s.
March 16, 1995:  Audrey Q. brought me some material, etc. from Bess Leary.  Finished the brick patterned quilt top.
March 17, 1995:  Greta, Helen, Howard and I went to Dora's funeral in Fremont.  Left at 11:00."

As I said in an earlier post, I wish I knew more about Dora's life and adventures.  Like most everyone else in our family, she always had a smile on her face and in her heart. 

Friday, December 7, 2012

A new baby!

"March 8, 1995:  Jayson called.  They have a baby girl -- Alicia Kaitlin born at 11:03 a.m. -- weight 7 lb. 14 oz. and 20 1/2 inches tall.  Finished piecing the Rail Fence quilt top and started putting together brick quilt pattern.  Pieces were cut several years ago.  Cold and icy -- didn't go to WELCA.
March 10, 1995:  Warmed up -- Club at Ida's.  Arlene R. took me.

Well, I was unable to lay hands on a baby photo of Alicia last night.  She was a cutie, though.  Still is, even though she is now all but grown up and ready to graduate at the end of this school year.  It's crazy how time flies.  Oh and Grandma didn't mention Lora by name, but since she did all the hard work, I've included her in the labels for this post.  It seemed only right.

Here's the only photo I had ready of Alicia.  She's the one on the yellow looking at Grandma.  Very cute!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Keeping warm

"February 28, 1995:  Finished piecing Jayme's Storm at Sea quilt top.  Still must sew on the border strips.
March 1, 1995:  Started putting together my third Rail Fence quilt.  Went to Wilva's for a permanent.
March 4, 1995:  Helen came in p.m. to play Scrabble.  In mid-afternoon, started a freezing drizzle -- by Sunday morning a skiff of snow over the ice.  Sunday night started to snow -- snowed most of Monday -- at least 10 inches.  No school Monday or Tuesday.
March 8 and 9, 1995:  8 or 10 degrees above in morning.  Below zero at night."

Brrrr!  I am so happy to have a furnace (and several quilts, for that matter) to keep warm with when days and nights get like that.  I know I would have been proficient at building and keeping a fire going back in "the old days" but I don't know that I would have been happy about doing it.  Of course, if I knew nothing else it would not be that big of a deal, right?  We have one of those outdoor fireplace chimney-shaped things.  I think when it starts to getting really, really cold at night that I will make a fire in there for the cats with all the little branches that fall off of the trees.  I also have a brush pile that I can pilfer smaller pieces of wood from.  The bigger logs go in the house for the people's warmth.

Here's a quilt I tried to call a Rail Fence once, but I think Mom said Grandma called it a brick variation or something.  (I really need to write things down or else read my own blog every now and then to remember this stuff.)  In any event, a quilt for your viewing pleasure.

P.S. I  am now caught up with my posts.  Whew!


"February 24, 1995:  Pinochle Club at Leona's.  Arlene R. was a guest and gave me a ride.
February 25, 1995:  Nice and warm -- hung bedding on line.
February 26, 1995:  Our spring weather is over -- not above 32 degrees today, drizzle and icy tonight.
February 27, 1995:  Cold and foggy."

Hanging bedding on the line -- I am rather nostalgic about clotheslines.  There is something about all those colors fluttering in the wind that is somehow soothing and hypnotic.  (However, where I live now, on the wrong day, my fluttering colors would snap free and end up near Wahoo in a matter of minutes.)  As a kid it was fun to run down the length of the lines with arms outstretched, making contact with the longer stuff on either side of you.  I remember Judy, my babysitter in Norfolk, taking an old sheet or blanket and putting it over the line and then staking down the edges to make a tent for her kids and me.  We had a blast, and with no electronic gadgets to entertain us, imagine that.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Tropical heat wave

"February 19, 1995:  Greta, Dorothy Jo and I were at Helen's on p.m. for her birthday.
February 20, 1995:  Carl Troutman died today.
February 21, 1995:  Very warm today.  Norfolk had a record 74 degrees!!
February 22, 1995:  Helen and I played Scrabble.  Arlene brought the sampler quilt -- is real pretty."

My brain is in post-lunch shutdown and I can't think of anything to add to this entry.  I would whine about how great it would be if it were 74 degrees now, but it's been tame enough that I would appear unreasonable.

So, I'll just add this photo of a young and very serious Aunt Helen with Aunt Irene and Aunt Clara.

What trip?

"February 15, 1995:  Busy Bees met at Charlotte's today.  Howard took me -- was warmer in afternoon.  Tom called this evening -- they had a good trip.  Bought a condominium in Laughlin.
February 16, 1995:  TOPS held open house this p.m.  Visitors were Kris M., Betty M., RoseAnne J., Audrey Q., Lois M., Melissa D.  Had a good lunch.
February 18, 1995:  John and Helen came back in late afternoon.  Visited John's family, Marjorie and Shirlee."

Well, so far as I can tell reading backwards, Grandma hadn't mentioned that Tom and Merilyn were even taking a trip.  Seems they went to Laughlin, say my excellent powers of deduction.  I think Tom and/or Merilyn rather scoffed at calling the place a condominium, though.  Said it was just a teeny apartment.  But I think they enjoyed it.

I found this on wikipedia about Laughlin.  See if you can figure out which part I find somewhat depressing:

"Its name comes from Don Laughlin, an Owatonna, Minnesota, native who purchased the southern tip of Nevada in 1964 (informally called South Pointe). At the time, Don Laughlin operated the 101 Club in Las Vegas. He opened what would become the Riverside Resort, offering all-you-can-eat chicken dinners for 98 cents, 12 slot machines and two live gaming tables, along with eight motel rooms (although four of the rooms were occupied by Don Laughlin's family). He wanted to call the community Riverside or Casino, but the post office opted for Laughlin instead.  Laughlin is the third most visited casino and resort destination in the state after Las Vegas and Reno, and is one of the top five destinations for American RV enthusiasts."

Nice.  I am older than a town, albeit an unincorporated one -- that part was earlier in the article.  As a side note, the kids and Nancy and I went to Owatonna, Minnesota on one of our trips.  There is an old building being used as government offices that was once part of an orphanage there.  They had lots of photos and articles and other information in the hallways about the orphanage.  Very interesting.  Appropriately, here's a photo of Mitch and Anna outside that very place on that very vacation. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

New stuff and old stuff

"February 12, 1995:  Greta took me to church -- Jr. High youth held a casserole and dessert dinner.  We stayed for it -- some delicious food.
February 13, 1995:  Ladies started quilting my sampler quilt today.
February 14, 1995:  Cold, windy and some freezing rain.

Since Grandma didn't give me much to work with there, and because I am getting to the end of this particular journal, I am going to use up some of the extra stuff she wrote down in this book.

Nov. 7, 1969:  Greta and Lester married at Madison
Sept. 1971:  They moved to Winside from Norfolk to small house in east part of town
Sept. 1972:  Greta started working at the bank
August 1973:  Moved into present house
April 1976:  Lester sold his truck
May 1976:  Sonny and Jeff moved in
May 1980:  Mary moved to Lincoln
April 1984:  Lester retired
November 1985:  Had house sided
April 1987:  Got Button
August 1987:  Bought house next door
July 1991:  Fuzzy joined family
August 2003:  Greta to retire

I will let Mom inform me if any of that is incorrect.

(Don't tell Bill, Nancy or Tom but the only other list of any one child's life events is this short entry:

Bill & Jenny
Swedeberg 1971
Wahoo 1974)

Here's another photo that I don't think I have used and don't know when I might, so here it is.  At first I thought it looked like Grandma Anna's hose had fallen down around her ankles, but in looking at her footwear (what kind of footwear is that anyway?) it may be that she was wearing socks; something I never remember her doing.  She looks a bit weary with all those grandkids (well, kids too) hovering around.  I confirmed with Nancy that one of the blond little girls is Kendra, Uncle Ray and Aunt Aileen's daughter that died from cancer when she was still a child.  Nancy did not recall where Kendra fell in the birth order, so I do not know which one she is.  The photo was taken in 1956.  Mom, help here?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Keeping Arlene busy

"February 5, 1995:  Spent the whole day marking my 9-patch sampler quilt to be quilted.
February 6, 1995:  Ladies didn't quilt doay -- too many couldn't come.  Worked on Jayme's quilt -- have four rows of 17 rows put together.
February 8, 1995:  Arlene R. was invited to Ladies Aid so she stopped for me.
February 10, 1995:  Arlene R. played for Leona so she took me to Pinochle Club at Ella M.'s.

It looks like I should have started labelling Arlene mentions; she is racking them up with nothing on the label list to show for it.

Lots of quilting going on between the marking and the sewing.  I really don't know if I would have the energy and ambition to do all that in the span of two days.  I think Grandma was driven more than I ever have been to date.

For no particular reason, here is a photo I do not think I have used yet as neither Dorothea (on the left) nor her sister Martha are mentioned all that often.  So I am taking the opportunity to show them here.  I bet they quilted a thing or two in their day.  I love what we can see of their dresses -- the stitching and the lovely collars.