Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A name for a goat

July 8, 2002:  Played cards in evening down in the Party Room.  Bernice came late in afternoon.  She said they would be out of town from Wed. until Sat. and asked me to pick up their daily paper.
July 9, 2002:  Baked three loaves of banana bread.  Mary took me to hair dresser -- this was the last day with Kitty (she graduates) -- next week I'll have Angie.  Dolores here in evening and we played Rummikub.  Took banana bread to Bernice.
July 10, 2002:  Played lazy today. Went to Book Club in evening.  Took the book "A Day with Pres. Kennedy" back and brought home "Sapphira and the Slave Girl" by Willa Cather.

I looked it up and "Sapphira and the Slave Girl" was the last novel published written by Willa Cather.  I read another of her books, title not recalled right now, and in it was a character's name that I thought would be a great name for a goat.  I didn't have any unnamed goats, or any goats at all, at that time so I could not use the name.  Then, when I got two unnamed goats, I couldn't remember the character from the Willa Cather book.  Alas, I was left to keep on with my Andy Griffith naming scheme for the critters -- Andy and Barney for the goats.  I think Grandma and Grandpa would have gotten a kick out of them.

And there they are in their curiousity-filled glory.  I put them in the dog pen this weekend to eat down the weeds and such, and the one on the right spent at least five minutes inspecting a dog leash that was hanging on the fence.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Small world

July 5, 2002:  Bought some groceries at Oberle's and then back to Lincoln.  "Reclined" most of the afternoon.
July 6, 2002:  Still tired.  Dolores came in afternoon and we played Rummikub.  Jean called while she was here.
July 7, 2002:  Nancy came in time for dinner.  She vacuumed and washed floors.  Luayne came about 8:30 and stayed all night.  She came from Alliance.  She was installed as president of the state American Legion Auxiliary on June 29.

How ironic -- I am in contact with someone outside the office often for work business.  She told me that she was retiring in a few months, partly to fulfill an obligation to an organization away from work.  I remembered her previously mentioning the Auxiliary.  Turns out she is currently the vice president and will be president when her term is up.  I mentioned Luayne's name and this lady said she knew her quite well.  It is a small world we live in.

Since Rummikub is so popular, I thought it only fair to have a photo to bring back the memories a bit.

Friday, July 26, 2013

4th of July rolled around again

July 2, 2002:  Dolores came in evening -- played Rummikub.
July 3, 2002:  Mary took me to hair dresser.  Nancy came in evening and I showered.
July 4, 2002:  Nancy and I went to Winside.  Then to Ramon's place for the family picnic.  It was a wonderful day.  There were at least 48 people there.  Norris and Vicki were there.  Also Vicki's parents and her sister and husband.  They had been to Colorado for Dawn's wedding.  Mary, Mitch and Anna were there -- so was Bill.  Stayed at Greta's for the night.

That was a pretty good crowd for the 4th of July.  I still remember very distinctly the picnics out at Uncle Elmer's; mainly the new potatoes, Aunt Myrtle's raspberries, and Dora often bringing a new card game to play.  Due to being a bit of an island, age-wise, I usually hung out with the adults.  I am glad I did since that group has left and is leaving us while the ones younger than I are around to visit with now.

This photo isn't from Uncle Elmer's place, but I am betting it was from some 4th of July.  It never fails to crack me up.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

All four

June 29, 2002:  Called Greta at 8:00 a.m. to wish her happy birthday.  Nancy brought Boston Market dinner.  Then she ironed quite a few of my dresses.
June 30, 2002:  Tom came in p.m. and put the quarter-round down around the vinyl floor covering.  I showered -- he was tired so we didn't play Rummikub.
July 1, 2002:  Bill took me to the dentist at 11:00 to have stitches removed.  We ate at Perkins -- then played some Rummikub.  I played cards downstairs in evening.

I think this is the first time that all four of Grandma's kids have been mentioned in one post.  The import of that is unclear to me.

Speaking of gardens yesterday . . . I harvested my first very own zucchini yesterday.  It looks to be a fine specimen.  There are three or four good-sized cucumbers still on the vine, but if even half of the blooms turn into cucumbers, we will be buried!  Nothing from the yellow squash yet.

And here's the four back in the day.  Such cute little sprouts!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I know the feeling

June 26, 2002:  Felt better today.  Went to Book Club in evening and then to Dolores' and played Cribbage.
June 27, 2002:  Myrtle called in a.m.  Baked a loaf of bread and a pan of sticky rolls.  Ray and Aileen here in p.m.  They came to eastern Nebraska for Jerilyn's wedding.  Tom here for supper -- chipped beef on toast.  He took care of the laundry and washed dishes while I showered.  We each won a game of Rummikub.
June 28, 2002:  Just a routine day.  Tried to sort through a box of "stuff."

Grandma was much better at getting her boxes of "stuff" sorted out than I am, I am pretty sure.  I find it daunting unless I can have every box possible in front of me and room to make piles of this and that and everything.  Otherwise, I end up with a befuddled brain and boxes of "rearranged stuff".  But, I persevere.

And speaking of persevering, I am happy to report that even given our late garden start this year, I spy amongst lots of blossoms, one zucchini almost ready to pick and three or four precocious cucumbers.  As Grandma might say, "Happy day!"

Couldn't resist posting a photo of the kind of garden I aspire to having.  Well, maybe not quite as big but at least as well-tended and organized.  I also aspire to have the intestinal fortitude to thin as needed for proper radish and carrot growth.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pretty sure . . .

June 23, 2002:  Nancy and I went to Mary's church at 10:30 this morning.  After church to Mary's for lunch - a dinner as I call it.  A very good meal and a lot of good laughs.  Nancy took me grocery shopping before coming home.
June 24, 2002:  Bill took me to the dentist -- a 10:00 appointment.  Was there two hours -- had trouble pulling one tooth -- pulled three or four -- I'm not sure which.  My jaw was pretty sore.  Didn't play cards in evening.  Nancy came and made me a malted milk.
June 25, 2002:  Changed my hair appointment to Wednesday at 1:00.  My jaw still sore and I felt rather groggy.  Nancy made me a malted milk in evening.

I am pretty sure this particular lunch/dinner was the one where I had to leave in the middle to go get sour cream for the dessert I was making.  I had purchased sour cream with chives -- not recommended for a peach dessert, I thought.  I left Nancy with simple instructions on what to do with the oven while I was gone.  Well, she veered slightly from my instructions and instead of turning the oven down, she turned it off -- as I remember it.  Or perhaps I just had her take the dessert out of the oven and she thought she was supposed to turn the oven off.  In any event, I didn't notice when I got back and I added the sour cream and whatever else was needed, put the dessert back in the oven, set the timer, and then was shocked when the dessert was cold.  A lot of good laughs is right.  There would have been less of them had I only purchased the right sour cream.  I have never made Peach Kuchen again.

Here is a photo from that very day. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sounds like 2013

June 20, 2002:  Talked to Myrtle -- she came home yesterday.  Tom here for supper -- he took care of the laundry, I showered and then we played Rummikub.
June 21, 2002:  Hot again today -- we've had plenty of hot, dry weather.
June 22, 2002:  I talked to Greta.  Arlene R. brought the other five chickens.  No kids tonight."

We've had plenty of hot, dry weather in the here and now, too.  I don't know if the farmers are getting anxious yet since I don't know how much hot, dry weather the crops need in between rains.  I do know we haven't had rain for quite a spell, but to the untrained eye, the corn and beans along my route to work look okay so far.

Love is in the air here at Whatmore Acres -- I saw the young drake attempting to have his way with one of the females.  Unfortunately, I noticed at the same moment I was pulling the hose away from filling their pool and all ducks scattered.  I didn't mean to interrupt his wooing.  I am guessing he and his potential mate went back to their business after I went in the house.

Here's a not-so-clear photo of Grandpa at a time when it was his business to be concerned with crops and rain and hot and dry.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm still here

June 17, 2002:  Tired and played lazy all day.  Didn't play cards in evening.
June 18, 2002:  Nancy came after work.  I showered.
June 19, 2002:  Dolores here in a.m. and p.m. while new carpeting was being laid in her unit.  Bernice brought my cake pans back in late afternoon.  The cake didn't turn out too well -- she used half and half instead of all cream.  We visited and played a game of Rummikub.  Too tired to go to Book Club.

This blog site is being a bit testy at work, something that may be a good sign that I need to tend to this kind of business at home.  I can take a hint.  Too bad I am drawing a blank on what to write.  But . . . I did get a post done and since I have been so poor about it, I am going to call it progress.

Since Nancy is the only person to tag in this post, she deserves to be the Photo of the Day.  Cute little thing. 

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Never too old to ask Mom

"June 14, 2002:  As usual I played lazy today.  Did fold the laundry and put it away.  Talked to Nancy in evening.
June 15, 2002:  My neighbor, Bernice, called to borrow two round cake pans.  She was baking a special cake for her husband.  Greta called in p.m.  Arlene R. had brought five chickens and Greta wanted to know how to package them.  I told her about our plans for tomorrow so there won't be a Sunday morning call.
June 16, 2002:  Nancy came a little early -- we left here about 7:45.  Went to Dale and Lynn's church.  Dane was an acolyte.  Lynn was at some convention in San Antonio.  After church we went to IHOP --  a special pancake house.  Dale treated us to our meal.  Then Nancy and I did my grocery shopping -- took it to the apartment and took a nap.  Went to Tom and Merilyn's about 2:00.  The kitten is really special.  He walks around the place as if he owns it.  Jeff M. came while we were there.  I was back here about 5:00.  Nancy went right home to rest.

As an over 50-type person, I am glad to see that in 2002 my mom was still asking her mom things she didn't know.  It is supposed to work that way, of course, but I am still glad to read this.

And did Tom and Merilyn ever have a cat that didn't think it owned the place?  They have/had a knack for some real characters, even for cats.  I was telling someone about that rough-and-tumble Keena (sorry, if I am spelling that wrong) just the other day.

Here's Mom learning something about gardening from Grandma, no doubt -- something I am learning now.  Looks like a healthy bunch of something they are picking there.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Don't like one answer, try someone else

June 11, 2002:  Missed hair appointment.  Hot weather.
June 12, 2002:  Nothing much happened.  Attended Book Club meeting -- read an article about the history of the flag to the group.
June 13, 2002:  Called Lois -- Myrtle still in hospital -- not sure how soon she'll be home.  Called Frances C.  She's moving in with Dana and wife.  Called Myrtle after dinner -- she doesn't know when she'll be home.  Has therapy every day.  Tom came for supper.  He did the laundry.  I showered and we played Rummikub.

Did Grandma not like Lois's answer to the question as to when Aunt Myrtle was coming home?  In all reality, it may have been that Lois thought Aunt Myrtle would know more later in the day, but it reads that Grandma maybe didn't like or trust her information and wanted to go to the top.

I think I can speak for the group and say that we had a grand time at Lois's yesterday for the 4th of July gathering.  Not as large a crowd as other years, but sometimes you get to visit better with people that way.  In any event, a fine time was had by all.  And cream pies were present.

Here's a photo from a 4th from the past.  I am thinking 1999 or thereabouts, but I am not sure.  Some were there, some were absent, and some are gone from us.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Judy Garland extravaganza

June 8, 2002:  Started totaling doctor and medication bills for Homestead Exemption.  Mitch and Anna here in evening.  Mary brought a good hamburger and pasta dish.
June 9, 2002:  Finished the search for the bills.  Greta called in a.m.  Nancy came in late afternoon.  She brought Subway sandwiches.  I showered and we played Rummikub.
June 10, 2002:  Watched several Judy Garland shows.  Played Seven-Up in evening.

Well . . . not much there to work with.  I wonder if Grandma stayed up until 2 or 3 in the morning watching Judy Garland.  I know those movie marathons can suck you in and then 'poof!' it is several hours and missed meals later.  My favorite Judy Garland movie is "A Star Is Born", but I admit to not having seen very many of hers.

There's a TV in the photo, but it certainly was not the one Grandma was using.  (I don't think I can bend like that anymore.  At least not while smiling, that's for sure.)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Sad day in the past, silly day in the present

June 5, 2002:  Hair appointment today.  Tom came for me.  Then to Merilyn's office to finish getting the card for cheaper cab rides.  Tom took me to HyVee -- I picked out groceries.  He went to Sam's Club to get me a new long distance telephone card.  Went to Book Club tonight.  Tom didn't stay -- he and Merilyn were planning an evening out for their 31st wedding anniversary.
June 6, 2002:  Had Nancy, Tom and Merilyn here for supper.  We played Rummikub -- Jeff came while we were playing.  I showered while Tom and Nancy did dishes.
June 7, 2002:  Long, lonely, dreary day.  Nancy called in late afternoon -- helped a little."

Poor Grandma.  She sure missed Grandpa a lot, even with the change in locale and routine and new friends and all that.  Hardly surprising, given how long they had been married.  June 7, 2002 was 64 years since their wedding.

On a cheerier -- albeit totally off-topic -- note, I had some fun with the sheep yesterday.

Right before I left to go to Lincoln for Mom's birthday ladies' breakfast (Mom, Nancy, Anna, Bev and myself), I was greeted by one of Frank's ewes that had escaped her confines.  Since I now have a bucket ready near the back door (I am always hauling water to one group of critters or another), I took it and rattled it like Frank told me to do, and sure enough the ewe followed me over to the pen.  Two of the ones already in there heard me and thought they needed to come out, but I managed to get everyewe where they needed to be and off I went.  I did not alert Frank since it is not uncommon for one ewe to get excited and jump the fence, so no big deal.

I came home to find 20 or so ewes out of the pen and just having a grand time all over the yard.  The last I knew we had 6 or 7 ewes with us, but obviously something was up.  My bucket was useless other than as a humorous and very momentary distraction for the ewes.  They went in the coop and tried to eat sweet feed and bird feed, but because they were closing the feed bags by standing on them, that didn't work.  They did manage to scare the life out of my one gimpy guinea and also knock over the brooder box; which is no small feat -- that thing is heavy.  They also momentarily raided the barn and left sheepberries and a couple of small piles all over the grass.  Well, I had to call in the troops (Frank) and he came over with a bucket of corn.  Our phone conversation was a bit funny; here it is paraphrased:

Me:  Frank, it's Mary.  I came home just now and there are sheep everywhere.
Frank:  I know, I opened the pasture gate. [more about the pasture gate in the next paragraph]
Me:  No, everywhere all over the yard.
Frank:  The yard?!?!?!?

Now the pasture is divided with a gate into two parts.  The 6 or 7 ewes were closed in on the one half and I would periodically put the goats out in the other half.  Well . . . Frank brought over the additional ewes while I was gone.  He eyeballed the gate to the goat half of the pasture from a distance away and thought it was closed.  I didn't know he was coming, so I didn't make a point to close it myself even though I normally do.  Because Frank had opened up the gate between the two halves (necessary since the number of ewes had gone up considerably) the ewes did a perimeter check and found the gate open and off they went.

Lesson for Frank:  Never trust the uninitiated.
Lesson for me:  Close the gate no matter what -- it can't hurt.

Now I get to collect extra fertilizer for the rhubarb from around the lawn.  Bonus!

I do not know if the photo for today was from their actual wedding day, or if there was a gathering with cake at a later date.  But a nice photo of a day Grandma surely remembered.