Monday, July 17, 2017

Junk pile? No way

Fri., May 24, 1935 - Clear and warm all day.  Mom worked in garden in a.m.  This p.m. we cleaned up the junk pile west of the house, spaded the ground and made a flower bed.  We fixed the trellis and planted my cactus.  Went to lodge tonite.  Howard brought me home in the "Whoopee."
Sat., May 25, 1935 - Cleaned up the house today.  The quilt came today.  It's going to be a beauty when it's made.
Sun., To S.S. and church.  I worked on my Flower Garden quilt this afternoon.  Went to Hoskins tonite with Howard, Helen, Irene, Bess and Raymond to a dance and play "Look Out Lizzie" given by Elsie Eckert's school.  I don't think it was as good a play as ours.  Hm!

A junk pile by the house?!  Seems impossible there was ever anything like that.  Also, since when did Grandma have cacti outside in a flower bed?  So many questions, but most importantly, what was the "Whoopee"?

I discovered only a little about "Look Out Lizzie".  It was described, depending on where one read, as a comedy-drama, simply a comedy, or a rural farce.  The photo is of a church group, not a cast from Hoskins but I thought I'd toss it in here regardless.  The only Maybee I could find was in Michigan, a village of some 500 folks so maybe (pun intended) it is/was somewhat Wayne County-ish.

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