Monday, August 7, 2017

Scandalous movie poster?

Tues., July 2, 1935 - Up at 5:30 and picked cherries.  Went down town this morning, met Helen, and she brought me up the hill.  Howard took Mom and me to see Mayme tonite.  She's getting better.
Wed., July 3, 1935 - Worked like the dickens.  Baked 5 pies, bread and a cake.  Cleaned the house.  Mom finished some sewing in the morning and I pitted cherries.  Mom and I entertained R.N.A. tonite.
Thur., July 4, 1935 - Down to parade in a.m.  Home for dinner.  Down town again in p.m.  Wandered around in park.  Saw H.I. in p.m., in evening we went to the show, Joe Brown in "Son of a Sailor".

I found there is an actor named Joe Brown and another named Joe E. Brown.  I believe Joe E. is better known.  The plot of the movie from IMDB is this:

     A smooth-talking sailor looking for a quick date meets the granddaughter of an admiral and finds himself in a house full of top Navy officers, along with a couple of spies interested in plans for a new robot-controlled flight system.

Another poster claimed the movie was "a rollicking rib-tickling comedy".  I remember Joe E. Brown from "Some Like It Hot" and I am prepared to believe Son of a Sailor is probably pretty funny.

On another note, it appears those ladies in the poster above are undressed.  Good heavens!

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