Thursday, August 3, 2017

A little monkey

Wed., June 26, 1935 - Finished the ironing today.  Mom went down town early to the free show.  I went down later.  Met Howard at Henry Fleer's store.
Thur., June 27, 1935 - Mom and I went to Norfolk on the train.  It rained practically all the time we were there.  Mom got some things to fix her new eyelet dress and a new white hat.
Fri., June 28, 1935 - Finished basting the border on my quilt and then started on the last part of stitching.  To Rebekah meeting tonite.  Howard and Irene served homemade ice cream and cake.

Yummmm, homemade ice cream!

Because we talked of the Brogren cousins today at lunch, I am including a copy of a photo and little article featuring Terry Brogren from the Lincoln Star on October 29, 1955.  I don't remember if I've used it before, but oh well.

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