Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Ehlers and Reiche

Sat., February 23, 1935 - Lovely spring day.  Mr. & Mrs. Max Ehlers and Clara from Beemer and Mrs. Anna Reiche of Fremont came this p.m. to visit the folks.  Went down town this afternoon.  Early to bed tonite. 
Sun., February 24, 1935 - Didn't go to S.S. or church.  Snowy all day, a real blizzard by nite.  Howard came after me to practice at South school this p.m., had supper at Iversens and then Howard brought me here.
Mon., February 25, 1935 - Cold and windy.  Walkers came after me before I was through with supper.  Howard came home with us and went to Pete's to help butcher tomorrow.

I am drawing a blank as to who the Ehlers and Mrs. Reiche are.

And is our best guess the Pete named here Pete Christensen?

More questions than answers today.

I am short on time and will not check to see if I've used this photo recently.  If I haven't -- enjoy.  If I have -- enjoy it a second time.

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