Friday, April 21, 2017

Another birthday

Tues., February 26, 1935 - Warmer today, thawed some.  To practice at South school with Walkers and Howard.  Put up stage.  Howard went back to Pete's again tonite.
Wed., February 27, 1935 - Warm and thawing today.  Marjorie C. treated with homemade candy for her birthday.  Practice again.  Vaudeville entertainers there tonite.  Howard went to Pete's again.
Thurs., February 28, 1935 - We had mashed potatoes and macaroni for hot lunch.  Dress rehearsal tonite.  Went to practice with Walkers and Howard.

I looked it up and little Marjorie was 7 years old in 1935.  I thought I had a photo of when she was a young girl, but after several days of thinking and looking and finding nothing suitable, I am going with the above photo of the Christensen family; Marjorie, Jean, Pete, Margaret and Allen.  A fine looking bunch.

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